We’re a CDJapan Affiliate!

​Crow’s World of Anime recently became an affiliate of CDJapan! They have a great selection of anime-related merchandise​, and they sometimes have merchandise that outlets in my region (United States/North America) can’t get. They also offer specials and bonuses during some first releases. You can their take on why you should shop from them here.I […]

Dies irae Episode 9: Riza’s Reckoning and a Blur of Secondary Characters

Quick Summary In Dies irae Episode 9, “A Mother’s Sins,” Riza Brenner reflects on the two sons she gave birth to in years past. She hopes her secret remains hidden, but Valeria Trifa has considerably different hopes. Kasumi Ayase is unconscious in the hospital that’s about to open as a swastika, and Ren Fujii is trying to defend her against Riza’s […]

Dies irae Episode 8: Deadly Dancing and the Sonnenkind Bloodline

Quick Summary In Dies irae Episode 8, “Promise,” Ren Fujii and Erii Honjou come to an arrangement for mutual support while Marie shyly chose suitable attire. Rusalka Schwägelin demonstrates what happens when a swastika opens — and it involves killer dance moves. Literally. Kasumi Ayase meets a taser and ends up in a closet. Who would treat her so poorly? And why? Finally, what the […]

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 8: Boredom’s Price and a New Familiar

Quick Summary In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 8, “Let sleeping dogs lie,” Elias Ainsworth attacks Cartaphilus’s preying mantis familiar in retaliation for it striking down Chise Hatori. Can Elias best the chimera? Can the man who’s also a church grim retrieve Hatori from the edge of death? With Hatori so injured, who will call Elias back to his previous […]

Dies irae Episode 7: Terrible Dancing and Memories of Daddy

Quick Summary In Dies irae Episode 7, “Swastika,” Marie sinks into the deep, deep water only to awaken in Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich’s arms. They’re dancing as his minions play a waltz. She is understandably confused. After all, it’s hard to reconcile a spear through the heart one moment with a formal ball the next! Later, Ren Fujii regains consciousness as […]

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 7: The Black Dog and The Rage of Thorns

Quick Summary In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 7, “Talk of the devil, and he is sure to appear,” Elias Ainsworth takes Chise Hatori to work on the third and last errand from the Church: investigate a huge shaggy dog. They arrive to find police on the scene. Someone’s been killed by a creature with teeth and fangs. Can […]

Dies irae Episode 6: The Bad Boy Shines and the Wrong Kind of Cleavage

Quick Summary In Dies irae Episode 6, “Golden Beast,” Shirou Yusa and his pistol go head to head with Wilhelm Ehrenburg and his vampiric spikes. Can a normal human like Yusa hope to compete with Wilhelm? Kei Sakurai insists that Ren Fujii come quietly, and of course he insists otherwise. He seems like an even match for her until Valeria […]

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 6: Renfred’s Relief and the Faerie Queene

Quick Summary In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 6, “The Faerie Queene,” Mikhail Renfred again taunts Elias Ainsworth for putting Chise Hatori in danger. Plus, despite having his own uses for the corruption that Hatori cures, he’s visibly relieved that Hatori is unharmed after she completed her mission. Concern for Hatori? Some other nefarious purpose only a sorcerer would understand? Exhausted […]


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