Dr. Stone: New World Episode 9 Review

Quick Summary of Dr. Stone: New World Episode 9 In Dr. Stone: New World episode 9, “Beautiful Science,” Senkuu and Gen voiced real doubts that Ginrou could leverage his position on the Perseus to help them regain the mobile lab. Kohaku, though, believed in him. Meanwhile, on the ship, Ginrou was about to behave exactly […]

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xxxHOLiC Episode 4: Favorites

xxxHOLiC Episode 4 – Quick Summary In xxxHOLiC episode 4, “Fortune-Telling,” Yuuko wanted Watanuki to experience a fortune-teller. However, when they arrived at the place of business, Yuuko could tell without entering that the establishment had changed ownership. Going inside to check out who was telling fortunes now, they met a very nice woman who […]