Broken Links Page

I recently installed the WordPress plugin called Broken Link Checker. Giving you, the reader, the best experience possible means you should be able to use the links. But sometimes, a site I linked to goes away. If you’re seeing this page, it’s because the link checker brought one of those departures to my attention.

Dear reader, I’m sorry you couldn’t see the post I had linked to. By the nature of my site, I only linked to articles I found uplifting, interesting, witty, or otherwise engaging. This page is the best I could do, short of trying to link to the Internet Archive and its Way Back Machine. If I had more time, I’d do that!

If you were the writer for one of those sites that is no more, I’d like you to know that I miss your writing. I completely get there are great reasons to stop publishing and to stop making a site available. I support your decision to leave 100%. But I’m still sad about it.

Here’s a link back to my main page — I hope you find material there that you’ll enjoy!