Caw Out Awards!

Have you ever been watching an anime and thought, "Wow! That moment was so amazing it should win an award?"

Me too!

Over the years, here at Crow's World of Anime we've given fictitious awards for cool moments like that.  But there're kind of hard to find! so,  we've decided to collect all of the awards we've "given" to shows over the years and put them in one place. We present to you: Crow's World of Anime Caw Outs!

The awards are listed with the most recent first (based on when we reviewed the series). 

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​​Best Romantic Gesture (in Military Form)

It's hard to see, but the little dots making up the flower? Those are troops! Capture from Crunchyroll's stream.

Watching Record of Grancrest War has been a fun ride. Though the show has its pacing problems, it has some genuinely beautiful character moments -- like this one involving Alexis Douse and his the woman he wants to marry, Marrine Kreische (who was his enemy at the time of this award!). She really loves him, but she wanted to keep him out of the line of fire, so she refused to accept his affections. Then he showed her this flower, made up of individual soldiers, to recall the more conventional, less still very romantic, very of the flower he'd had for her out of colored stones. Regardless of what came afterward, this was still a great romantic gesture!

​Man of the Week Award for Supreme Honesty

Thanks to Futoshi's honesty, Kokoro was thoroughly embarrassed! But I like to hope she was a little touched, too. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

​If you watched Darling in the FranXX, then you probably expect it to be a bit risque. Episode 8 was no exception. Squad 13 fought an enemy whose attack ​acted like acid on the girls' clothes. At first, Futoshi conspired with Zorome not to tell the girls and wait to see how far the acid ​would go.  Not exactly ​trust building behavior! Of course ​the girls find out, and when they demanded an explanation and the other boys tried to make excuses, Futoshi summoned his courage and said, "I simply found you amazingly beautiful, Kokoro! Believe me! This is straight from the heart!" He gets the Man of the Week Award for being supremely honest! This is, of course, putting aside the likelihood that Kokoro would have preferred such a ​confession to be made in private!

​​Most ​Understated ​Understatement of the Season

Hatori realizes Elias has lost control of his jealousy. Her response? "That's not good." Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The Ancient Magus' Bride ​strikes again! In episode 18, ​Elias loses control his of jealousy and begins to consume Hatori. That's right -- consume her! When she realizes the danger she's in, does she panic? No! She under-reacts by just thinking, "That's not good." You're absolutely right, Hatori. That's not good at all!

​​Most Awesome Expression of Surpassing Adorableness

​No stranger to the Caw Out Awards, The Ancient Magus' Bride scores another victory. This time, Silky stakes a claim for herself. In episode 15,  she's waiting for Elias Ainsworth, Chise Hatori, and Ruth to  return from the fairy realm. She misses them terribly, as time passes more slowly in the human world. She begins to imagine how happy she'll be when they return -- and ​look at that smile!​ Have you every seen anything so adorable in your life? I hope she's even a fraction of that much happy at winning this award!​​​

​Most Heads-Up and Humane Attack of the Season!

Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

​In episode 3 of Katana Maidens, Hiyori Juujou was desparate. She could only think of one way to defeat Sayaka Itomi: overpower and kill her. Desparation does that to a person! But her friend Kanami Etou stepped in. Instead of trying to kill Itomi, what'd she do? She disarmed the young woman and won her over with a combination of charisma and sportsmanship! Now, ​that's​ the way to win a fight!​​​ In fact: Do you want to win a war? Because that' show you win a war! 

Most Round About Confession of Love (So Far)

Well, she's trying to learn how to express herself! And it's not like Elias would know any different! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The Ancient Magus' Bride Episode 9: Perspectives on Love and Needed Adjustments: Elias Ainsworth says he wants to learn more about humans. Chise Hatori keeps trying to teach him, but let's face it: he's pretty dense. When he says he can't understand why she's pressing for information about him, she blurts out a convoluted confession of affection: "'s not like I'm so disinterested in you that I can bear not knowing about you!" Let's hope Elias carefully considers what she said!

Most Unoriginal Yet Honest Insult of the Week

You know, if you must hurl insults, you might as well hurl award-winning insults like Yusa! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Dies irae Episode 6: The Bad Boy Shines and the Wrong Kind of Cleavage:  Shirou Yusa  is fighting Wilhelm Ehrenburg. The latter's starting to understand that his opponent isn't just any human. Wilhelm asks just who he is, and, earning himself a Badassery-Class award, Yusa answers, “Who knows? Maybe you just suck.”

Moment of Supreme Badassery

This is one of Fujii's best moments. Good timing on his part to earn a Caw Out! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Dies irae Episode 5: An Unexpected Bedfellow and an Emissary from the Past:  The delightful Erii Honjou tries to make a point by holding a loaded revolver to Ren Fujii's head. Does he panic? No! He earns a Badassery-Class award by using his power to slice the pistol to ribbons. If only he would be so decisive the rest of the time! 

Should be Terrifying but is Cute Instead

Riko's in moral danger. This should have been terrifying! But they were so cute! Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Made in Abyss Episode 9: Ouzen’s Warning and Riko’s Stand: Made in Abyss had its terrifying moments. Most of them, in fact! But there were times when it gave us a variety of experiences. In episode 9, Riko was covered in fruit juice, and the neritantans -- kind of a fur ball with feet and a mousey face -- were about to mistake her for a giant snack. They earned their little selves a Cute-Class Caw Out for their adorable battle cry! No doubt Riko was rightly terrified, but I was cuted out! 

Scout-Level Survival Knowledge

First order of business in the wild? Find water! Unless you're in space, in which case air's first... Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Made in Abyss Episode 8: Memory Lane and a Signature Mining ToolRiko and Regu have to survive on their own for a certain amount of time to prove to Ouzen that they're ready to continue their journey. Riko earns a Smart-Class Caw Out for knowing the first order of business was to find water! 

Most Acting Like a Character in a Bad Horror Film

And only seconds after being so smart, Riko dashes off to chase a shiny thing. Riko, Riko, Riko... Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Made in Abyss Episode 8: Memory Lane and a Signature Mining ToolIn the same episode as above, Riko goes from earning a Smart-Class Caw Out to earning its opposite, the Not Smart-Class Call Out, in a matter of moments. Right after deciding they need to find water (Smart!), she sees a red light and dashes toward it (Not Smart!). It's the Abyss, Riko! Whatever it is probably wants to eat you!

Shocking Revelation of the Episode

Drama? In erotic fiction? Wow! Even the writer, Ohnishi, seems impressed! Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Re:Creators Ep 19: A Desperate Charge and a Blaze of Glory: Nishio Oonishi wrote erotic fiction. Nothing wrong with that, of course! But it sets certain expectations, doesn't it? Well, he earned himself a Shocking-Class Caw Out when he revealed that he wrote something that was actual touching: chapter five of Hikawa Hikaru's story where her dear friend dies. Character depth in erotic fiction? What's next? Universal health care in the United States?

Best Way to Break the Tension

Yep, Ouzen made another one cry! Her technique appeared brutal, but in retrospect, she may have been too kind... Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Made in Abyss Episode 7: A Failure of Restraint and Alone in the Dark: During a very intense segment (okay, in terms of Made in Abyss, that could be just about any scene!), Ouzen puts Riko and Regu through a brutal test. In retrospect, it was necessary, but it was painful to watch. One of Ouzen's cave raiders earned a Humor-Class Caw Out by observing, after the test was over, that "Ouzen has made yet another one cry!” It was a perfect way to cap the scene. 

Cool Use of Technology

I present Regu, the human -- err, Relic -- cable car! Needs seatbelts, though... Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Made in Abyss Episode 5: The Purifying Flame and an Ominous Glint:  As Riko and Regu delved more and more deeply into the Abyss, they had to traverse all kinds of terrain. At one point, Regu earned a Smart-Class Caw Out for using his arms as if he were a cable-car. The technique was safe, it was stable, and he got himself and Riko across a chasm without incident. If only the rest of their journey had gone as smoothly!

Most Extreme Contrast of the Episode

Ohnishi might be a solid writer, but as the subject of fanservice? Let's just say the jury's out... freaked out. Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Re:Creators Ep 16: Preparing for Battle and Baiting the Trap:  Nishio Oonishi, the erotic fiction writer from Re:CREATORS, is involved in another award, but this time it's not for him. He just set it up. During the obligatory bath house scene, he accidentally flashed his bottom to the men present. Rui Kanoya even commented that the flash was probably the worst fan service ever. The Shocking-Class Caw Out goes to Yuuya Mirokuji, who happened to walk by a moment later, all rippling muscles, and say, "I’m beat. Crowds of girls follow me wherever I go here." Kinda feel sorry for the guy... Okay, not really!

Understatement of the Episode

Trapped in a multi-dimensional sub-world for 10 objective days? "That's pretty screwed up." Nothing phased Zouroku! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Alice & Zouroku Ep 12: Zouroku’s Authority and Sana’s New FriendsSana Kashimura  was lost in Wonderland, and Zouroku Kashimura went after her. It seemed like they spent under a way there. After they returned home, he discovered that they'd been gone objectively for ten days! He earned himself a Humor-Class Caw Out for saying, “This is pretty screwed up” in his usual deadpan way.

Most Adorable Thing

When it comes to evil laughs, Sana is a complete success -- at being adorable! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Alice & Zouroku Ep 9: The Lonely Witch and Vengeful Queen: Sana Kashimura is really bad at being evil (I don't think she has a mean bone in her body). She holds a grudge against Shikishima Hatori after Hatori had frozen Kashimura's family and friends (even if just for a little while). Kashimura tried to extract vengeance by trapping Hatori's friend Miho Ayumu, but when Kashimura tried to intimidate Ayumu with an evil laugh, the attempt earned the poor girl a Humor-Class Caw Out. Some people just shouldn't try to be evil!

Most Stinging Insult of the Episode

Mirokuji hit Chikujouin with an insult that would have infuriated almost anyone else. Too bad that when it came to words, he was a bit outclassed. Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Re:Creators Ep 9: Her Virgin Heart and the Souvenir BladeMakagami Chikujouin could turn a lie about a lie into a world-changing event. She was probably the most powerful of the Created characters. But she wasn't at all popular among the other Created. To prove that, Yuuya Mirokuji earned himself a Badassery-Class Caw Out when he said that she was "…a laughing piece of skin hanging over a bunch of lies.” Ouch! Of course, she took it as a “cool compliment.” She was scary!

Dry Observation of the Week

Meteora had this amazing ability to put someone in their place -- without them even knowing it! Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Re:Creators: Selesia’s Creator and Magical Slayers: In episode 2, Meteora Österreich  and Selesia Upitiria had only recently come to Earth (well, Earth Prime -- you have to see the series to understand). They're trying to understand how they could travel from a fictional world to the "real" one when Selesia calls one of Meteora's ideas "stupid." In her dry, witty say, Meteora earned a Humor-Class Caw Out by saying, "it’s nothing more than your displeasure at discovering your reason for existence.” Not sure Selesia realized she'd been zinged or not!

Quote of the Week

A Japanese Salaryman, trapped in the body of 10 year old girl, in alternate world WWI, telling the god of that world to stuff it. Gotta admire her courage! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Saga of Tanya the Evil – A New ParadigmTanya Degurechaff  was a modern Japanese man trapped in the body of a 10 year old girl in an alternative history World War I. And the god of that world was mad at her. Being a strong-willed individual, she wasn't about to back down, and she won a Smart-Class Caw Out in episode 9 for saying of that god, "Until I found free-market principles into that piece of shit, I won’t die, no matter what!” Tanya the Evil, taking piety to new heights! 

Quote of the Episode

If the god of that world doesn't intimidate Tanya, why would a mad scientist? Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Saga of Tanya the Evil – A New ParadigmTanya Degurechaff, in the same episode as above (9), had time to lament an insane profession's impact on her life and limb by earning another Humor-Class Caw Out when she said, "He’s a natural-born disaster. He went and got us a one-way ticket to hell.” The price of progress...

Quote of the Episode

As a reward for doing a rare noble deed, Renzo wanted to be, uh, in contact with Kirigakure's feminine charms. Fortunately for him, she ignored his request! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The Blue Exorcist – Mud Wrestling and a Putrescent MillipedeRenzo Shima isn't the most brave or powerful Exorcist. That's not a bad thing; it's just who he is. So it's no wonder that when he did something particularly noble and brave (episode 10), he received praise from the powerful Exorcist Shura Kirigakure. Did I mention he's an adolescent male? That explains how he won a Humor-Class Caw Out by complaining about her praise, saying, "Come on, I deserve more than a pat on the head. Smother me with your rack!” It’s crude, but I laughed.

Harsh Quote of the Season (So Far)

Tatsuma took his father's zing better than I would have! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The Blue Exorcist – Disastrous First Encounter: In an episode 5 flashback, Tatsuma Suguro is terribly worried about his sick wife. His father earned a Badassery-Class Caw Out (through cruel!) by saying, "If Torako doesn’t pull through, find a new wife who is hardier.” Zounds! Badass, yes -- but also smack-worthy! 

Quote of the Episode

Sophie might be a villain, but I have to admire her spirit. Calling the emperor's attendant a manwhore like that -- bravo! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Izetta: The Last Witch Ep 10: A Slight Glimmer of Hope? Sophie might have been one of the villains, but there were times I really admired her. The emperor's top aid tried to mansplain something to her, and she was having none of it. She earned a Badassery-Class Caw Out when she said to him, "A manwhore has no business talking down to me.” I guess being a) dead and brought back to life and b) a ridiculously powerful witch gives one confidence!

Absolute Stupidity (Absolute Stupidity Field)

Azuma, could you possible be any more stupid? The answer's probably yes, but he'd need a running start! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

BUBUKI/BURANKI Ep 18: Casual Cruelty and a Deep MoleAzuma Kazuki was often quite intelligent. In this episode, though, he earned a Not-Smart-Class Caw Out for not one, but two bone-headed moves. First, he decides to go search for his sister -- alone! His friends have tons of combat ability, but he walks off on his own. Second, he accepts a ride from Guy Barville Abeille -- the series villain! Jeesh, Kazuki, get with the program!

Badass of the Season

Mumei calmly jumps out of the protected fortress amid the zombies. She even takes the time to check the wind direction! Not only a great example of badassery, but calm badassery at that! Capture from the Amazon Strike stream.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 2: Breakout and Betrayal! Mumei was by and large a walking example of Badassery. But she earned a Badassery-Class Caw Out for what she did in the second episode. She not only leaped over the wall, then calmly checked her gear — even licking her finger to check the wind direction -- all while the zombie horde approached! But then she took on a Kabane horde by herself! She packed a lot of courage and power in that little frame!

Exceeding My Expectations by the Highest Margin this Season

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash was more beautiful and subtle than I expected -- and I loved it! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Winter 2016 Recap: Funimation Edition:  I didn't review Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, but I really admired it. It earned a rare Sublime-Class Caw Out by being visually stunning and having subtle and deep characters. Even better: its combat was realistic not only during the actual fighting, but in how the characters dealt with it afterward. Wonderful series! 

Awesome Character of the Week

You done good, Shirayuri. You done good! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Gate Episode 20: No Expects the Inquisition! And Would You Break That Heart? Reiko Shirayuri was the ranking Japanese diplomat in the Special Region. Kōji Sugawara, one of her staff, was in a pickle: Sherry Tyueli, a young noble woman, had fallen in love with him and now she begged to be admitted to his residence -- or risk being tortured and killed. But letting her in would mean war! Sugawara did the right thing: he let her in. And what did his boss do? Shirayuri backed him! Nice to see government working for the people!