Massive List of Anime Sites

Checked Weekly for Freshness!

Every week, I check a ton of sites, searching for the perfect posts to highlight in Other Posts to Crow About.

Here’s a list of the sites I check!

Like to Read Blogs?

If you’re a reader, I hope that this guide helps you find interesting posts that you might otherwise have missed! There are hundreds of sites out there, and it’s not easy to read all of them all the time! I go through this list of the sites every week to find posts that I think will be interesting to you.

Like to Write Blogs?

If you’re a blogger, I’ve love to know about your site so I can check it out every week! There are only two rules to get on the list:

  1. I have to find the site to read it. Please do look for your site on this list! If you don’t see it, mention your site in the comments so I can add it!
  2. Your post had to have been published during the last seven days (or so).

Note: During my weekly series reviews, I often link to other blogs posting reviews of the same series. The idea is to help readers find content relevant to their favorites series. If you see that we’re reviewing the same series you are, and if we don’t link to your site, please drop us a comment!

Second note: I realized this is an English-only list. I apologize! Maybe I’ll use Chrome’s ability to translate pages the the fly to extend the list to other languages, but until then, please know that I recognize this a deficiency that I hope to remedy!

Without further ado:

List of Anime Blogs

Active Anime Blogs

Inactive Anime Blogs

Sites Moving Away from Anime