Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 18: In which Tanjiro Dispenses Good Advice

Thanks for visiting our collaborative review of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba! It’s Irina’s week (from I Drink and Watch Anime!) to host the post. If you’re the impatient sort, please feel free to jump right to the full review on I Drink and Watch Anime. Tanjiro and Inosuke really have their hands full with papa spider demon. So much so that I […]

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Review: To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Episode 05 – Best In Show

Quick SummaryIn To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Episode 05, “Gargoyle’s Judgment,” Hank Henriette and Nancy Schaal Bancroft rush to another town because Liza Renecastle has intelligence that Cain Madhouse  was the likely culprit in a string of recent murders. When Hank examines the latest victim, though, he sees massive claw marks quite unlike anything Cain was capable of inflicting. Does that mean […]


Review of Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 04: Ikki’s Poker Face and Stella Takes a Stand

Quick SummaryIn Chivalry of a Failed Knight episode 4, “The Worst One IV,” Stella Vermillion, Shizuku Kurogane, and Alice Arisuin easily win their first matches. Ikki Kurogane tries to put on a calm, brave face, but his first opponent, Shizuya Kirihara, not only has powers that are the least susceptible to Ikki’s attacks. He also mercilessly taunted Ikki last year […]


Review: Fire Force Episode 3: Is That a Regulation Uniform and Cracks in the Lie

Quick SummaryIn Fire Force episode 3, “The Rookie Fire Soldier Games,” preparations are underway to start the rookie games. Shinra Kusakabe sees the captain of fire company #1 and remembers him from the conflagration that had killed Shinra’s mother and little brother. But the captain brushes him off. Between the competitiveness of Arthur Boyle and Tamaki Kotatsu (from […]


Review of Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 03: Errant Whipped Cream and Falling with Style

Quick SummaryIn Chivalry of a Failed Knight episode 3, “The Worst One III,” Stella Vermillion tried to work up the courage to ask Ikki Kurogane on a date, but Ikki’s sister Shizuku Kurogane beat her by seconds. Along with Shizuku’s roommate Alice Arisuin, they go to the mall for what they hoped would be a carefree day of shopping. What they didn’t […]