Taboo Tattoo Episode 3: Peel Off Tattoos and a Bad Liar

In Taboo Tattoo episode 3, Misery Loves Company, Bluesy Fluesy decides on a tactical retreat; Justice Akatsuka has to defend himself against a possessed friend; Lisa Lovelock grills Bluesy over her house guests; Iltutmish takes delivery of a really, really big sword! If you like Taboo Tattoo, you might like these manga of the same series (plus another anime with […]

Summer 2016 Preview: Funimation Edition

Funimation’s Summer 2016 Season, for me at least, doesn’t offer as many titles as Crunchyroll. But there are three titles that I think have huge promise, and one of those represents the return of one of my long-time favorite shows, D.Gray-man. Here are the four shows that I started watching on Funimation this season! There […]

D.Gray-Man (HALLOW) Episode 105 (a.k.a. Episode 2): Battleground Orphanage and the Enemy Evolves!

D.Gray-Man Hallow’s second episode (also known as episode 105), Lonely Boy, begins with Allen Walker under suspicion for murder; moves on to Yu Kanda, Howard Link, and Allen on an assignment that leads them to an orphanage; and ends with an encounter with an Akuma who has, unfortunately for our heroes, learned to evolve. Interested in D.Gray-Man merchandise? Amazon […]

Taboo Tattoo Episode 2: Fighting on Two Fronts

In Taboo Tattoo episode 2, Surprise Attack, the Selinistan Kingdom falls to a murderous hard-liner; Bluesy Fluesy makes a harsh proposal to Justice Akatsuka; Tōko Ichinose almost becomes a stalker and immediately lives to regret it; and speaking of regrets, Tom Shredfield has plenty when he answers the door. Interested in Taboo Tattoo merchandise? Check out these offerings from Amazon! What Happened […]

Summer 2016 Preview: Crunchyroll Edition

It’s another anime season, and Crunchyroll is at it again. Crunchyroll — those villains! — have launched an all out assault on my free time. How dare they offer such a huge amount of entertainment for such a reasonable price? The pain is real-ish… In all seriousness, Crunchyroll’s Summer 2016 anime season is a lot like […]

Taboo Tattoo: A Chance Encounter Leads to Mayhem and Thirsty Ink

In Taboo Tattoo’s first episode, titled “Tattoo,” we meet Justice Akatsuka, who receives a strange tattoo as a “thank you” gift from a man he saved from a robber. Not long afterward, Bluesy Fluesy begins stalking him. Akatsuka’s day goes downhill rapidly from there. The anime is based on a series of paperbacks. Here are some of […]

Re:Zero Episode 14: I Think It’s Time to Get Serious, Subaru

Beware! Spoilers follow… Though Re:Zero’s not one of the series I regularly review, episode 14, titled “The Sickness Called Despair,” has haunted me since I watched it. If you haven’t seen the series, it follows Natsuki Subaru as he finds himself suddenly in a fantasy world. He was a gamer, so he had an idea of what had […]

Spring 2016 Recap: Funimation Edition

The Spring 2016 season’s all done! Though the number of series I watched this season on Funimation is lower than previous Funimation seasons, there were some gems here, as well as one I just couldn’t bring myself to finish. Here’s my Spring 2016 Funimation wrap-up! By the way, there are spoilers below. Please don’t read this if you haven’t seen the […]

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 12: Biba, Ikoma, and Hozumi – The Curtain Falls

In Kotetsujyo, the 12th and last episode in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress‘ first season, Biba’s plans bear dark fruit; Mumei declares herself Hozumi, but at a cost; Ikoma fights well for a change; and Kurusu gets to (awkwardly) hold Ayame’s hand. Amazon has some great Kabaneri merchandise. Please check it out! What Happened (Spoiler Free) Biba watches […]


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