Dimension W Episode 11: Watching Them Watch Themselves

In Dimension W episode 11, titled The Lost Genesis, Kyōma Mabuchi watches Mabuchi swipe the Genesis coil, but he forgets where he put it. Loser grabs a fifth numbered core but can’t see where Mabuchi put the Genesis coil. Mira Yurizaki continues gentle and supportive of everyone in sight. And the entire cast demonstrates a complete […]

Gate Episode 23: It’s Raining Men!

In Paradrop, the 23rd episode of Gate, the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) begins the operation to free the Jade Palace and the peace-loving senators. Zorzal El Caesar manages not to learn a valuable lesson. Yōji Itami demonstrates his driving skills! Interested in merchandise? Check these out from Amazon! What Happened The political leadership having finally given the go-ahead, […]

Dimension W Episode 10: Oh, That’s What K.K.’s Operation Was For!

In Dimension W’s 10th episode, Resurrected Nightmare, Mira Yurizaki and Kyōma Mabuchi fight — but not with each other! Ruwai Aura Tibesti doubles down. The crazy scientist continues his work behind the scenes! Note: Spoilers below! Interested in reading the books? You can buy them from Amazon: What Happened A large, multi-tentacled robot attacks, and Yurizaki declares that she’ll […]

Gate Episode 22: Pina and Lelei Have A Bad Day

In Gate’s 22nd episode, called The Empress in Slave’s Clothing, Tyuule pushes for her end game. Princess Pina Co Lada gets caught in Zorzal El Caesar’s web of intrigue. Lelei La Lalena defies death to give her dissertation. And don’t forget about the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) paratroopers! Warning! There are spoilers below! What Happened Zorzal’s men […]

Dimension W Episode 9: A New Evil Scientists Appears (Better Late than Never)!

In Dimension W’s 9th episode, The Key to Adrastea, Loser confronts Kyōma Mabuchi over his past. A wild evil scientist appears!. Mira Yurizaki defends Mabuchi! Note: There are spoilers below! Interested in reading the books? You can buy them from Amazon: What Happened Loser is furious. Mabuchi has forgotten everything about the incident, including the death of Loser’s […]

Gate Episode 21: The Empire Strikes Back

In Deadline, the 21st episode of Gate, Sherry Tyueli and Kōji Sugawara come to terms with their decision from last week. Tyuule, though her patsy Zorzal El Caesar, tightens the noose around the Jade Palace. And all the while, Tarō Kanō, the Defense Minister, lobbies to send the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) to aid their diplomats in […]

Dimension W Episode 8: Told You They Needed an SUV!

Dimension W’s eighth episode, The Island That Fell into Nothingness, proves I was right: Kyōma Mabuchi should have taken an SUV to the island instead of a sports car! Plus, the island starts to come back to life and defend itself with huge robots. Interested in Dimension W merchandise? Amazon has some interesting picks: What Happened Albert Schumann safely […]

Gate Episode 20: No Expects the Inquisition! And Would You Break That Heart?

In Gate’s 20th episode, we see the effects of Zorzal El Caesar’s Inquisition on his people. We also see the lengths that Sherry Tyueli will go to achieve her mission — and make it to the Jade Palace and the Japanese in residence there. Considering the deteriorating political situation, will Kōji Sugawara allow her entry into the Japanese embassy? […]

Dimension W Episode 7: Mabuchi’s Past and the Coil Sucking Island

In Dimension W episode 7, called The Voice Calling from the Past, Salva-Enna-Tibesti kicks off the Easter Island hunt. We find out about Kyōma Mabuchi’s girlfriend and why she’s not around anymore. Plus: where’s Lwai? Warning: As usual, this review contains spoilers. Please watch the episode first! Then we can have a discussion and you won’t have to live […]


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