Concrete Revolutio Episode 9: Holy Mackerel! The Show Went There!

Episode 9 of Concrete Revolutio, “End of the Endless Family,” shows the powerful don’t like to be thwarted — sometimes in a big way. Feel like cosplaying as Emi Kino? Start with this costume available from Amazon! What Happened Just after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in what our calendar would call December 7, 1941, […]

Concrete Revolutio Episode 8: Another Brick in the Wall

“Nobody Knows about the Rainbow Knight,” the eighth episode of Concrete Revolutio, explores more of what makes Hitoyoshi leave the Superhuman Bureau. Want to cosplay as Jirou Hitoyoshi? You can by visiting Amazon and buying the costume! What Happened In the future timeline, Jirou Hitoyoshi finds what appears to be a graveyard either or robots or […]

The Asterisk War Episode 9: The Festa Begins!

“Phoenix Festa,” the ninth episode of The Asterisk War, showcases Ayato’s speed. It also showcases the raw power of some of his upcoming opponents. Amazon’s selling T-shirts where you can select the logos of the various schools in The Asterisk War. You can see them here! What Happened Dirk Eberwein and Kashimaru Korona are in the dungeons […]

Concrete Revolutio Episode 7: The Power of Perception

“Go Beyond the Sky and Stars,” the fourth episode of Concrete Revolutio, gives us another hint about why Jirou Hitoyoshi’s split from the Superhuman Bureau — but only a hint. Oh, and we see he has other allies in the future, too. Amazon has a CD of this anime’s opening theme song. You can buy […]

The Asterisk War Episode 8: Socializing as a Weapon

Episode 8, “A Holiday for 2 Part 2,” purports to be the second part of Episode 3! Better late than never, I guess… Amazon’s selling an attractive T-shirt with Ayato and Julis, along with the show’s logo. You can buy it here! What Happened At the end of the last episode, Sasamiya Saya asked Toudou […]

The Asterisk War Episode 7: Kirin Unshackled

In The Asterisk War episode titled “Decisions and Duels,” Kirin breaks free and lives her own life. Amazon’s selling a really attractive Asterisk War T-shirt. You can buy it here! What Happened Amagiri Ayato and Toudou Kirin, having fallen into the storm sewer after the pavement collapsed at the end of the last episode, surface […]

The Asterisk War Episode 6: A Morning Jog Interrupted — by Dragons!

In the sixth episode, “The True Face of the Girl,” we learn more about Kirin and the skills and perceptivity that make her so powerful. Amazon is selling a “high quality” poster of The Asterisk War’s main characters. Take a look! What Happened Toudou Kouichiro, Toudou Kirin’s evil uncle, starts episode 6 by brow-beating Kirin into thinking she is […]

The Asterisk War Episode 5: A Victorious Loss

In “Lightning Blade Speed,” the fifth episode of The Asterisk War, Ayato loses to the number one fighter at Seidoukan — and wins an ally at the same time. Amazon is selling an attractive Asterisk War wall scroll. You can buy it here! What Happened The episode starts with Claudia Enfield representing Seidoukan at a meeting with the […]

The Asterisk War Episode 4: So That’s Who Was behind the Attacks!

The fourth episode, called “Unshackled,” reveals who was behind the attacks. Spoilers Follow! Amazon offers an attractive Asterisk War t-shirt. You can order yours here! What Happened? Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld arrives at the place designated in the letter she received at the end of the previous episode. There, she discovers Silas Norman, one of Lester MacPhail’s lackeys, who […]

Concrete Revolutio Episode 3: Who Has the Right to Claim or Deny Love?

Episode 3 was called “An Iron Couple.” If semi-sentient androids love each other because of their programming, is that any less “real” than humans loving each other due to instinct and neuro-chemical reactions? Amazon’s selling a CD with the intro theme song. You can buy it here! What Happened Detective Raito Shiba would love to investigate a […]


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