Fall 2015 Recap: Crunchyroll Edition

The Fall 2015 season is just about wrapped up! It’s time to look back at the Crunchyroll series I said I’d follow and see if the series I picked to watch were enjoyable! Warning: Minor spoilers ahead! The Asterisk War Quick Summary: Amagiri Ayato transfers to Seidoukan Academy, where he meets and befriends Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld. They […]

Concrete Revolutio Episode 13: The Concrete Hits the Fan

The thirteenth episode of Concrete Revolutio, “Riots in Shinjuku,” cements Jirou Hitoyoshi’s decision to leave the Superhuman Bureau. If you’re interested, you can buy the introductory theme from Amazon! Buckle your seat belts. A lot went down in this episode! Be warned: there are spoilers below! What Happened The Strange Power Risk Management Office has finished their police-commissioned investigation. They […]

5 Funny and Light-Hearted Anime Series

Do you ever just want to sit down and watch an anime that makes you smile? A show that helps you laugh and push the world back to arm’s length? Here are five shows that are my go-to series to refresh me through humor or big-heartedness. Servant x Service Lucy Yamagami, Yutaka Hasebe, and Saya Miyoshi start work […]

Concrete Revolutio Episode 12: Why Jirou Left

The twelfth episode of Concrete Revolutio, Hakko Superhuman Crash Incident, shows us the gut-wrenching betrayal that drove Jirou Hitoyoshi out of the Superhuman Bureau. Want to cosplay as Kikko Hoshino? Amazon’s selling a great-looking version of her uniform. SPOILERS FOLLOW! More so than usual! What Happened In the show’s past (December, 42nd of the Shinka era), during a […]

5 Female Anime Characters I’d Fight Beside Any Day

Imagine you’re transported into an anime world and have to fight some nasty villains (of course, I’d look like the Chibi Crow on my banner in an anime world — not exactly intimidating!). Given the opportunity, here are 5 female anime characters I’d choose to fight beside me.* Of course, they could bring along their […]

The Asterisk War Episode 12: Clash of the (Lux) Ogres

In The Asterisk War‘s 12th episode, The Gravi-Sheath, Amagiri Ayato and his partner Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld go head to head with the Urzaiz sisters Priscilla and Irene. Into cosplay and want to go as Ayato? Amazon’s selling a mock-up (not the real thing!) of the Ayato’s Ser-Versta. You can order the Ogre Lux here! What Happened Priscilla and […]

Concrete Revolutio Episode 11: The Sword and the Sub

The eleventh episode of Concrete Revolutio, “Justice / Freedom / Peace,” features a character cutting the United States submarine Antares in half, lengthwise, with a sword. While he suspended the submarine in midair. By himself. Want to cosplay as Kiko Hoshino? You can buy her regular outfit at Amazon! What Happened? A brown-haired young man runs past […]

The Asterisk War Episode 11: A Very, Very High Price

“Power and Its Price,” the 11th episode of The Asterisk War, shows us the price an Ogre Lux can impose on its user. Amazon’s selling an attractive mouse pad showing The Asterisk War’s main characters. You can buy it here! What Happened In between matches, Claudia Enfield expresses how happy she is to finally get some private […]

5 Anime Series to Convert Anime Holdouts

There have been times I wanted to share my love of anime with others. And there are times when those “others” don’t want me to share that love. Should I leave these people in peace, ignorant of the joys of anime? If I do that, what will I talk to them about? I’m kinda dull […]

Concrete Revolutio Episode 10: Time and Time and Time Again!

Concrete Revolutio’s 10th episode, Mirage of Destiny, served as the obligatory time-travel episode. Of course, it wasn’t content with a simple time paradox! What Happened Hyouma Yoshimura is preparing to back in the past. The woman helping him prepare explains time period-specific idiosyncrasies like using a pay phone. His mission is to destroy the Advocates of Free History. She […]


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