Gate Episode 16: The Dragon’s Pretty Big Up Close!

Gate Episode 16, The Dragon, Once More, shows what happens when Yōji Itami and Tuka Luna Marceau face off with a huge fire breathing dragon. You can buy Vol 1. of Gate anime (appears to be season 1) from Amazon here. Note: As usual, my review contains spoilers. What Happened Delilah is walking through the streets of Alnus singing about […]

Dimension W Episode 3: Numbered Coils Revealed!

In episode 3, Chase the Numbers, we learn what numbered coils are in this episode — and see the enormous danger they present to our reality. Interested in the visual novels? Amazon has them here! What Happened Mira Yurizaki is giddy when she’s paid millions of yen for her role in her first job (last episode). […]

Gate Episode 15: Tuka’s Descent

“Tuka Luna Marceau,” Gate‘s fifteenth episode, shows the lengths to which Yao Ro Dushi is willing to go to save her people. And though I can’t hate her, I am seriously displeased at what she did. Brave enough for a Rory Mercury body pillow? You can buy one from Amazon now! What Happened Akira Yanagida tells Yōji Itami that […]

Dimension W Episode 2: Mira’s First Mission

In “Loser,” Dimension W’s second episode, Mira shows how well she can handle herself on a mission and Mabuchi learns something about numbered coils. If you’re interested in reading the books, Amazon has a whole collection of them here! What Happened Kyōma Mabuchi and his new assistant, Mira Yurizaki, arrive at the museum where a mysterious figure named […]

Gate Episode 14: Well, That Escalated Quickly!

The 14th episode of Gate called The Imperial Capital Quake (the 2nd episode of the second season) gave Sergeant Shoni Kuribayashi a chance to show her hand to hand combat skills. And shot a lot. Like Rory Mercury? You can buy a wall scroll of her from Amazon! What Happened An earthquake strikes the capital. The Japanese Self […]

Dimension W Episode 1: Wow, Gasoline is Expensive!

The first episode, which is called Collector, introduces us to a world where gasoline is almost $100 a gallon and almost all energy comes from Dimension W. All of the nations of the world depend on that energy. What could go wrong? Want to read the paperback version of this series? You can buy it here […]

Winter 2016 Anime Slate: Funimation Edition

Funimation’s Winter 2016 season has some intriguing shows! Here’re the ones I’ll be watching: Dagashi Kashi Kokonotsu Shikada dreams of becoming a manga artist. His father, Yō Shikada, the eighth family owner of his candy shop, wants his son to become the ninth. Kokonotsu adamantly refuses to even consider it. One day, Hotaru Shidare shows up with a request from […]

Winter 2016 Anime Slate: Crunchyroll Edition

The Winter 2016 season’s underway. Here’s what I’m watching on Crunchyroll! Note: There are spoilers sprinkled throughout these descriptions, so it’s best if you watch the first episode of each before reading. Or, if you don’t plan to watch a show at all, maybe reading the description will pique your interest! Active Raid A technology […]

Gate Episode 13: An Earth-Shattering Experience!

Gate Episode 13 (or season 1 episode 1) digs deeper into the empire’s depravity. It also shows that getting to know the down-trodden can be life-saving! If you enjoyed the soundtrack, you can buy it from Amazon! What Happened Working with Princess Pina Co Lada, Koji Sugawara of the Japanese diplomatic team host a garden […]


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