Dimension W Episode 8: Told You They Needed an SUV!

Dimension W’s eighth episode, The Island That Fell into Nothingness, proves I was right: Kyōma Mabuchi should have taken an SUV to the island instead of a sports car! Plus, the island starts to come back to life and defend itself with huge robots. Interested in Dimension W merchandise? Amazon has some interesting picks: What Happened Albert Schumann safely […]

Gate Episode 20: No Expects the Inquisition! And Would You Break That Heart?

In Gate’s 20th episode, we see the effects of Zorzal El Caesar’s Inquisition on his people. We also see the lengths that Sherry Tyueli will go to achieve her mission — and make it to the Jade Palace and the Japanese in residence there. Considering the deteriorating political situation, will Kōji Sugawara allow her entry into the Japanese embassy? […]

Dimension W Episode 7: Mabuchi’s Past and the Coil Sucking Island

In Dimension W episode 7, called The Voice Calling from the Past, Salva-Enna-Tibesti kicks off the Easter Island hunt. We find out about Kyōma Mabuchi’s girlfriend and why she’s not around anymore. Plus: where’s Lwai? Warning: As usual, this review contains spoilers. Please watch the episode first! Then we can have a discussion and you won’t have to live […]

Gate Episode 19: Sister on Sister Combat and Tyuule Springs Her Trap

In “Dangerous Sisters,” the nineteenth episode of Gate, Lelei La Lalena faces off against Arpeggio El Lalena, her jealous older sister — with almost catastrophic results. But that pales in comparison to what Tyuule has unleashed. Interested in buying Gate merchandise? Amazon has a decent selection. Here’re some examples: What Happened Zorzal El Caesar uses his father’s […]

Dimension W Episode 6: A Foreign Prince and a Restless Youth

In Dimension W’s sixth episode, The Wind of Africa, we learn that Mira Yurizaki’s not the only one with a powerful artificial body. And we learn — gasp! — that Kyōma Mabuchi can be nice, but not to Yurizaki. Interested in reading Dimension W? Amazon’s selling these volumes and more: What Happened Salva-Enna-Tibesti, CEO of robot maker Islero […]

Gate Episode 18: Lelei Has a Sister? Sherry Takes Command?

“The Magic City of Rondel,” The 18th episode of Gate, introduces Lelei La Lalena’s sister. Tyuule shows that she’s not ready to give up on her plans for revenge after Delilah’s botched assassination attempt. Amazon’s selling the opening theme that includes a DVD of the opening sequence. You can buy it here! What Happened Yes, Yōji […]

Dimension W Episode 5: What Did I Just See?

Dimension W’s fifth episode, “The Possibilities of the Dead,” solves the mystery of the number coil and the ghosts. I think. Amazon has the pre-release of Dimension W Vol 1 (paperback) novel if you’re interested! What Happened? Mira Yurizaki, trapped in the Dimension W-powered reality, meets Shiro Kamiki, the man who in Yurizaki’s present is (was?) […]

Gate Episode 17: The Dragon’s Nest

In Gate episode 17, Decisive Battle, our errors face off against the fire dragon — in its own lair! You can buy the soundtrack from the first season from Amazon by clicking on this link! Warning! This post contains a lot of spoilers. Please watch the episode first! What Happened Warning: My description of the […]

Dimension W Episode 4: Spooky Coils!

The Mystery Hidden in Lake Yasogami, episode 4 of Dimension W, shows us another way numbered coils can be scary. We also get hints that numbered coils mess with time. Want to read the paper back? You can buy Volume 1 from Amazon! What Happened At Albert Schumann and New Tesla Energy’s urging, Mary sends Kyōma Mabuchi and Mira […]


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