D.Gray-man (HALLOW) Episode 9: The Order Never Learns…

In Little Goodbye, episode 9 (or 112) of D.Gray-man (HALLOW), Allen Walker tries to resist the Noah that inhabits his body; Yu Kanda takes his fight with Alma Karma to a very dark level; the Millennium Earl tells the truth only to see it rejected, possibly as he planned; Malcolm C. Lvellie makes a move that underscores his inability to learn from history. All of […]

Taboo Tattoo Episode 9: A Blast from the Past – Hello Context!

In Taboo Tattoo episode 9 (called The Past), Justice Akatsuka accepts Wiseman’s offer to dive into the memories of Brad Blackstone (a.k.a. BB). Once there, we get to see BB meet Cal Shekhar, Iltutmish, and even Princess Aryabahta for the first time; we get to see the lengths to which BB is willing to go to learn how to destroy tattoos; and most chilling of all, we […]

Mahiru Inami from Wagnaria/Working!

If you enjoy collecting anime-themed figures, then you know you generally have to choose between budget and quality. That’s why you’ve only seen two reviews from me so far: one for Rory Mercury by Kotobukiya (you can buy it from Amazon here) and one for Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade from Good Smiles Company (which you can buy here […]

D.Gray-Man (HALLOW) Episode 8: Noah Rising

In Awakening, episode 8 (or 111) of D.Gray-Man (HALLOW), Allen Walker’s commitment to Akuma salvation — and salvation in general — is tested by friend and foe; Yu Kanda faces off against a “resurrected” Alma Karma, who’s more powerful than ever — and utterly determined to put Kanda back in the grave; and the Millennium Earl‘s plan comes […]

Taboo Tattoo Episode 8: Death-o-Plenty and Some Actual Plot!

In episode 8 of Taboo Tattoo, Creator, Brad Blackstone (a.k.a. BB) faces off against Cal Shekhar in a battle of singularities against boundaries; Justice Akatsuka has to reach deep down beneath his despair in his fight against the Princess; Bluesy Fluesy again has her relative impotence ground into her psyche; Princess Aryabahta widens the power gap; Tōko Ichinose learns a permanent lesson about love and longing. […]

D.Gray-Man (HALLOW) Episode 7: Piling on the Truth

In D.Gray-Man (HALLOW) Episode 7 (a.k.a. episode 110), The Truth about a Sterile Flower, Yu Kanda relives his decision to do what had to be done; Allen Walker decides he’s seen enough but wasn’t ready for what came next; Alma Karma finds that knowing is not freeing; the Millennium Earl raises the curtain on the center piece […]

Taboo Tattoo Episode 7: A Trap and Blood Flows

In Storm, the seventh episode of Taboo Tattoo, Bluesy Fluesy has her perspective on her role forcibly adjusted; Princess Aryabahta tightens her grip on the fourth ancient site; Iltutmish gets an upgraded frame; Justice Akatsuka finds his back against the wall — and if it’s not in the worst possible way, it’s pretty close. Amazon has some Taboo Tattoo […]

D.Gray-Man (HALLOW) Episode 6: In the Name of Righteousness

In Friend, episode 6 (or 109) of D.Gray-Man HALLOW, we learn the chilling story of Yu Kanda’s birth and lineage; Allen Walker finds it more and more difficult to trust the hierarchy; the viewers learn a new definition for callous; and Road Kamelot comforts Allen — for now. Amazon has some D.Gray-Man merchandise. Check it out! What Happened […]

Taboo Tattoo Episode 6: Secrets of the Tattoos — and Bluesy

In Taboo Tattoo episode 6, Reunion, Brad Blackstone (a.k.a. BB) hurls Akatsuka at a building; Princess Aryabahta takes a long walk underground with her friends; and BB reveals the true, terrifying extent of the power behind the tattoos. Amazon has some tempting Taboo Tattoo books. Check them out: What Happened (Spoiler Free) Brad Blackstone (a.k.a. BB) kidnapped Justice Akatsuka at the end of […]

D.Gray-Man (HALLOW) Episode 5: The Black Order’s Betrayal

In Alma Karma, D.Gray-Man’s 108th overall episode and the 5th episode of Hallow, we learn more of Yu Kanda’s tragic origin; we see how depraved the leadership of the Black Order has been in its treatment of Alma Karma; and worst of all, we learn of the Noah’s plan to use the Black Order’s own sins to […]


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