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Summer 2016 Recap: Funimation Edition

I didn’t enjoy very many of Funimation’s shows this season. For whatever reason, only three of them looked interesting to me. And of those three, one went on hiatus! That being said, I looked forward to the remaining two shows — and I even chose one of them to review every week. Here’s my wrap-up of […]


Taboo Tattoo Episode 12: The Kinda Final Battle – I Think

In Taboo Tattoo’s final episode, The Deciding Battle, Princess Aryabahta’s sisters get a terrible headache; Justice Akatsuka learns a valuable life lesson about revenge; Bluesy Fluesy has terrible luck with prosthetics; and Tom Shredfield steps forward as the show’s pivotal character. Look. I’ll be up-front and honest with you. This is going to be a negative review. I […]


D.Gray-man (HALLOW) Episode 10: Lvellie’s Fury, Allen’s Shackles

In D.Gray-man (HALLOW) episode 10 (or 113), Sinner in Despair, Malcolm C. Lvellie extracts a terrible revenge for Allen Walker not brining Yu Kanda and Alma Karma back from the hidden place; jealousy ferments among the Noah, both at Road Kamelot’s relationship with the Millennium Earl and the Earl’s relationship with the Fourteenth; a Church Council carefully ignores all evidence contrary to their […]


Taboo Tattoo Episode 10: A Year Passes but No One Learns…

Letter of Challenge, the tenth episode of Taboo Tattoo, shows how much Justice Akatsuka‘s capabilities can improve with intensive practice and guidance from the memories of Brad Blackstone (a.k.a. BB); shows the furor that Princess Aryabahta’s overly-sexualized and condescending challenge video has on Akatsuka, Bluesy Fluesy, and the team; and, finally, shows that the American military […]