Planet With Episode 3 Review: Are You Sirius and the Allure of Friendship

Quick SummaryIn Planet With episode 3, “Avenger 1,” Souya Kuroi narrowly escapes with Sensei and Ginko Kuroi after Takashi Ryuuzouji himself, the leader of the Grand Paladin, nearly destroyed all three of them. Later, in a dream, he sees the leaders of the two Nebula factions arguing, and a suspicious character seems to be a confidant of the Sealing Faction’s leader […]


Black Bullet Episode 4 Review: A Steady Hand and Lost in the Dark

Quick SummaryIn Black Bullet Episode 4, “Black Bullet,” Rentarou Satomi and Enju Aihara trust the Initiator Kayo Senju to hold off a wave of Gastrea as they plunge forward in pursuit of the case — and of Kagetane Hiruko and his Initiator daughter,  Kohina Hiruko. After his disastrous showings against Kagetane in the past, does Rentarou have any hope of victory? And even if […]

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Caligula Episode Guide

Episode 1: When you lose your composure, you cannot reach the truth or realityCaligula Episode 1: Garbled Lyrics and a Glitch in the MatrixIn Caligula episode 1, “When you lose your composure, you cannot reach the truth or reality“, Ritsu Shikishima is a bright high school student who’s intensely interested in psychology — even though his friends don’t get […]

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Record of Grancrest War Season 1 Cour 2 Episode Guide

Episode 13: To the HomelandRecord of Grancrest War Episode 13: The Liberator Returns and a Lukewarm ReceptionIn Record of Grancrest War Episode 13, “To the Homeland,” Theo Cornaro, Siluca Meletes and their party arrive in Sistina to find a less warm reception than they had hoped. Pederico Rossini and his sons have trapped the islanders in a powerful web of greed, […]

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4 Ecchi Series with Unexpectedly Engaging and/or Complex Plots

IntroductionWhat do you think of when you think an ecchi anime series? Your list probably includes pantsu, falling towels, unexpected exposures in the bath, and lots of bouncing breasts. What your list probably doesn’t include is an engaging, complex plot, possibly with fascinating and/or deep social commentary, and genre-leading realism!  Yes, I said fascinating and/or deep […]