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Caw Out Award: Most Impressive Show of Bravery in the Face of Despair (Cellular Level Category)

Okay, seriously, Cells at Work was supposed to be this light-hearted educational kind of show. I didn’t expect this level of dramatic tension! Here, Red Blood Cell faces her despair with a calm, matter of fact bravery. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.When I first started watching Cells at Work, I figured it would be a fun little show, […]

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Planet With Episode Guide

Episode 1: Light, Seven FlashesandEpisode 2: Nebula SoldiersPlanet With Episodes 1 and 2 Review: A Cat Sensei and an Amnesiac HeroIn Planet With episode 1 (Light, Seven Flashes) and episode 2 (Nebula Soldiers), Souya Kuroi has a terrifying dream in which he watches his friends fly off in strange flying armor to engage what appears to be an unbeatable […]

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Black Bullet Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Last HopeBlack Bullet Episode 1 Review: That’s an Ugly Spider and the Plight of the Cursed ChildrenIn Black Bullet Episode 1, “The Last Hope,” Rentarou Satomi,  a CivSec officer employed by the Tendou Civilian Security company, gets called in to an infection scene that the police have tried — and terribly failed — to contain. Together […]


Planet With Episode 12 Review: That’s Hitting Below the Belt and a Matter of Perspective

Quick SummaryIn Planet With episode 12, “Behold, The Universe is Filled with Blessings,” Souya Kuroi, Sensei, Ginko, Nozomi Takamagahara, and the assembled Earth/Nebula defenders execute their desparate plan to defeat the dragon. But in war, no plan survives contact with the enemy. Can our heroes stand against such a powerful foe — a foe that won’t even acknowledge its […]


Black Bullet Episode 12 Review: The Fall of Pleiades and the Shot That Kindness Wrought

Quick SummaryIn Black Bullet Episode 12, “Crisis Point,” Rentarou Satomi teams up with a surprising partner — Kagetane Hiruko — to challenge Pleiades. If they can’t defeat that Gastrea, then their forces stand no chance. As augmented as they are, even the two of them fighting together found it no easy task — yet they prevailed. Unfortunately, Aldebaran saw an […]


Planet With Episode 10 Review: A Paw to Paw Brawl and Your Kind Feelings Are Enough

Quick SummaryIn Planet With episode 10, “Karellen and Rashaverak,” Souya Kuroi and Sensei challenge Kogane Shiraishi and the Generalissimo to a fight to determine which Nebula faction decides Earth’s fate: Pacifist or Sealing. Is violence the answer? Or is it a means to communicate? The battle’s so intense that even with their photon armor, Hideo Torai, Benika Takatori, and the other previous members […]


Planet With Episode 9 Review: A Silent Embrace and The People Who Tried to Protect Me

Quick SummaryIn Planet With episode 9, “Messenger of Awakening,”we learn that in the last episode, Benika Takatori was exposed to the sealing field and is now sealed. Yousuke Hitsujitani, distraught at her condition, takes command of the last Sealing Device, which feeds off his despair until it encircles the planet. When even Ginko and Sensei fall to the sealing field, what […]