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3 Favorite Moments from Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 2

Which Were My 3 Favorite Moments from Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 2?

A squishy fist-clench, the legitimate princess’ charm and power, and reflected light. What were my 3 favorite moments from Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 2, “A Moody Cat’s Hesitation: Antipasto in the Moonlight?”

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

3 Favorite Moments from Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 2

Third Favorite Moment: The Squishy Fist of Respect

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 2: Yuuki impressed Carmina's fan club with his sincerity

Yuuki seems to have struck a chord with the Carmina fan club! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Yuuki has a tendency to accidentally get into trouble. In this episode, he almost fist-bumped Nozomi Sakurai, one of the three idols in the guild/group named Carmina. Which was fine, because she was cool with it. Caught up in the enthusiasm of the moment, in fact. Unfortunately, a shadowy figure observed what Yuuki had done. When Yuuki went out back to wash off the cake on his face (because Kokkoro was worried he’d stain his clothes), he ran into the full wrath of that shadowy figure.

That shadowy figure represented the Carmina fan club, which consisted of many males who thought that Carmina’s songs had saved their lives. None of whom took kindly to some upstart horning in on their territory. So they read Yuuki the riot act and threatened to send him to hell.

Fortunately for Yuuki (or the fan club, or both), Carmina put on an impromptu song in the restaurant. As the fan club listened in bliss, Yuuki said (11:20), “Music… important. Concert… important. Make everyone smile!”

He gave them the kind of grin only Yuuki can give. He also gave them a thumbs-up gesture, his glove still dripping water from him trying to wash off the cake. Astonished, the fan club looked at him.

“Carmina’s song will make everyone smile!” he exclaimed happily, clenching his fist and squeezing out quite a lot of water.

And the Carmina fan-club gained a new, respected member!

Second Favorite Moment: Karyl’s Near Despair

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 2: Pecorine knows how to make Karyl feel at home

I hope Karyl contrasts how she feels with Pecorine with how she feels with Mana Senri. Talk about contrast! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Karyl’s in a dark place for most of this episode. She’s torn between her loyalty and fear of Mana Senri and her love and longing for the belonging she feels with the Gourmet Guild. I this episode, she had to fight beside Christina to destroy shadows who had rebelled when she would rather have gone to Carmina’s concert with her friends. 

Pecorine, Kokkoro, and Yuuki said they would save some food for her. After the shadow battles, Karyl was so exhausted that as tried to walk home, she collapsed under a bridge. In a stupor, she thought she heard someone calling her name. Her guild had come looking for her. Pecorine called out that they had even saved some meat – Karyl’s favorite kind of food! 

Karyl’s exhaustion only made a great mess of her emotions. She tried to tell herself that she was Mana Senri’s “Princess Knight.” But the voices of her guild mates drew closer, unwilling to leave her alone in the dark. Pushing herself to her feet, she met them and tried to put on a brave face, saying they should shut up because they were embarrassing her.

Smiling in relief, Pecorine said (21:51), “Welcome home, Karyl!”

Suddenly, for Karyl, the world got a little more simple. She remembered something that one of the Carmina idols, Tsumugi Mayumiya, had said. Namely, that she wanted to help “for someone else’s sake.” Just as she did at the end of the first season, Karyl felt drawn to Pecorine’s warmth. I really hope Karyl stays close to her friends!

Favorite Moment: Tsumugi Embraces a Supporting Role

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 2: Tsumugi embraces her supporting role

Tsumugi’s obvious serenity helped sell her sincerity. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

It’s common in anime, and frankly in most literature, to see people who want to shine. They want the spotlight. I’m not saying that’s bad. But one of the things I loved most about The Lord of the Rings is that it features the Hobbits. Hobbits, with a few notable exceptions, did not crave the spotlight. 

Tsumugi seems to be like that, and she took an approach that resonated with me. She felt like she could not dance as gracefully as Nozomi or sing as beautifully as Chika. Tsumugi wanted to perform well as part of their idol/guild, but she herself did not seem like she wanted to be the center of attention. Instead, she wanted to help the others achieve that role.

“I love making others shine,” she said (15:48), smiling in a way that made me believe her. 

I’ve seen many anime series where one character was willing to sacrifice their lives for another character. But being willing to work hard, even crafting costumes? Seeing Tsumugi embrace a supporting role just made my heart feel good.

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