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3 Favorite Moments from Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 4

Which Were My 3 Favorite Moments from Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 4?

Karyl’s ring to rule them all, the face of an old friend, and Pecorine’s worst fears. What were my 3 favorite moments from Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 4, “The Budding Detective ~Mirror Glaze on the Mind~”?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

3 Favorite Moments from Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 4

Third Favorite Moment: Karyl’s Tragic Ring

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 4: Karyl thought the gift conveyed affection. Poor Karyl.

Seeing Karyl almost tearful with joy, knowing that the gift’s intent was anything but her joy, really hurt. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I’ve come to really like the four main characters in this series: Pecorine, Yuuki, Kokkoro, and, of course, Karyl. As I look back across all of the series I consider my favorites, it’s that affection for the characters that sets them apart. Because once I start caring for the characters, I feel invested in what happens to them. 

Here’s a good case in point. Just before this episode’s midpoint, Karyl was in the presence of Kaiser Insight (I hope using that name isn’t a spoiler – it’s what Anilist shows as her name). Karyl knelt admiring a pretty ring that Kaiser Insight had just given her. Karyl seemed so happy to have received such a gift because she took it as a sign of favor. And Karyl desperately wanted to be the object of Kaiser Insight’s affections.

We know that Karyl’s being used. It’s like seeing a friend being used — it hurts! Seeing the smile on Karyl’s face (09:22), knowing the ring is not a gift at all, felt tragic. Not only because I knew nothing good would come of it, but also because I knew how hard Karyl will be on herself when she learns the truth. That’s really effective writing!

Second Favorite Moment: The Face of an Old Friend

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 4: Metamorregnant hid her disappointment well.

I’d only just met her, but I already sympathized with her. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The tragedies keep rolling in this episode! Kokkoro noticed a glowing butterfly near them, but before she could say anything about it, the butterfly morphed into what looked like a young woman with pink hair. She introduced herself as Metamorregnant. Seeing how freaked out everyone was, she acknowledged graciously that it was natural, given her entrance. She asked Yuuki to introduce her to the group.

When he asked who she was, she appeared shocked, but then quickly realized he had lost his memories. She looked like someone who felt major disappointment but tried, pretty successfully, to hide it.

“I saw the face of an old friend,” she said, looking down (16:42), “so I thought I could ask for a favor.”

That sentiment struck me as so sad. When she revealed that what they saw before them was her body double, and that her real body was trapped in the shadow-besieged golem, I felt even more sympathy for her. I think it’s telling that a show can introduce a character, and using animation and voice acting, elicit such an emotional reaction in such a short amount of time.

Favorite Moment: Pecorine’s Nightmare

Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 Episode 4: Pecorine's nemesis looked smug

Well, someone certainly looks smug. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

We know that Pecorine aches to be reunited with her family and restored to her position. We know this because we saw her collapse at the end of season one while Kokkoro held her as she sobbed. Even now, having seen (and been moved by!) that seen, it’s hard to believe how much pain Pecorine is keeping hidden, given how she normally acts.

And look at that. I’m talking about her like she’s real. 

Anyway, in episode 1, my favorite moment proved that she’s still longing for that reunion. But in this episode, we learned it may be farther away than ever. 

Pecorine had been fighting well against the golem inhabited by shadows. She had struck twice with Princess Strike, one of her most powerful attacks. She was about to unleash the third attack, which looked likely to bring down the golem, when Karyl’s ring activated. Without Karyl’s knowledge, the ring teleported Pecorine deep into her old home, Landosol Castle, right in front of the usurper who had taken her name and her parents’ love.

“Welcome to my Landosol Castle, Princess Eustina,” Kaiser Insight said (21:56).

The expression on Pecorine’s face was simply heart-breaking. And this was yet another sign of how effective the writing has been!

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