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5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2021 Week 20

5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2021 Week 20

Welcome to my 5 favorite anime blog posts from 2021 week 20!

Every week I look for posts that celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. I check hundreds of sites, and I can tell you that the ani-blogging community constantly produces a ton of amazing posts. I hope this list helps you find some of them!

Here’s the list of the sites I check!

Anime Feminist

The Feminist Potential of the Lolita Fashion Subculture

There’s a lot I’ve learned about myself over the years. Perhaps the lesson I’ve taken most to heart is that in 99 cases out of 100, I have no idea when I’m wrong. That’s why I’ve evolved a respect for teamwork and honest feedback. Being wrong means I’m wasting time, and frankly, I don’t have an infinite amount of time left on this rock. I don’t want to waste any of it!

Who do I bring this up? Because reading Sarah Alexander’s headline on Anime Feminist stopped me in my tracks. I knew of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita. I knew about the concept of lolis. And neither of those things went along with the idea of “feminist.” Well, remember how 99 times out of 100 I didn’t have any idea I was wrong? This was the 1 time out of 100 that my hulking brains paused and said, “Ugh. Maybe me wrong.” So I read the post, and — no shock here! — I was, in fact, wrong! The idea of Lolita fashion and feminist can be complimentary. I love it when I learn something interesting when I read a post, and in this case, I learned a lot. See what you think!

Check out the post here!

Anime Herald


Some of you might know that I’m trying (again!) to write novels. On one of my other sites,, I’ve been publishing progress updates like this one. In addition to actually writing, I also enjoy creating characters. How I perceived my role in creating characters has changed over time. Back in high school, I wrote for my friends. My target audience was a handful of folks in central Ohio, USA.

Now, though, I’m writing for different audience. Every time I created a character, from the CEO of an Ohio company to a political activist in Peru, I had to ask myself how a reader would perceive that character. How would someone from Australia see that character? How would some from Ghana? From Argentina? Or even Ohio, USA? I want people from all those places, and all the places inbetween, to find a welcoming and realistic world when they read my books.

The nature of human perception unfortunately limits my direct experience to my own body. I can’t change places with people from difference countries and cultures to see how things look from their perspective. The best I can do is imagine how things look to them. Sometimes — if the work has enough artistic integrity — fiction can help. That’s why I liked this post by Keisha Mitchell on Anime Herald. This post celebrates black and people of color (POC) characters in anime. Some of these characters remind me strongly of people I’ve worked beside, so it reinforces my hope that through fiction I can better understand other viewpoints. By doing so, I not only hope to be a better writer, but a better human being! I mean, understanding one another can only help us move forward, right? See if any of your favorite characters receive a mention in this article.

Check out the post here!

Otaku Central

Seitokai Yakuindomo Movie | Movie Movie Movie!

I’m a bit of a humor snob. It’s hard for me to find a comedy that makes me laugh. So if I find one that makes me laugh a lot, I consider it a rare gem. I’ve published three posts that talk about my favorite comedies, and this one being the latest. Now, with all this talk about how hard it is to find a comedy, you might suspect that I’m a closet high-brow type. Or maybe I demand cerebral comedy that uses word play about deep philosophical concepts as the running joke.


Let me give you an example of a series I think is hilarious: Seitokai Yakuindomo. High-brow? No. Cerebral? Not really. Deeply philosophical? Uh, no. This show takes sexual innuendo and elevates it to the level of art. Don’t think that sounds interesting or funny? Well, let me present this post by OOCENTRAL from the site Otaku Central. It talks about the movie Seitokai Yakuindomo the Movie, which took place after the series. This post does a fantastic job of talking about what makes the series and movie so darned funny! If you think you might, just might laugh at this kind of humor, you can find out for sure by reading this article. Heck, the article will make you laugh, too!

Check out the post here!

Shallow Dives in Anime

Re-Dive: The Devil is a Part-Timer: Oh right, that’s why!

Speaking of comedy series, there are times when intelligent comedy gets my attention. I don’t just like risqué humor! I’m a Renaissance man! I like all sorts of comedy! In fact, one of my favorite comedy series is The Devil is a Part-Timer. I liked it so much that I reviewed the series.

Now, you know how these Other Posts to Crow about posts work. I mention I liked a series, and instead of subjecting you to my blathering about why, I do a clever switch to the post I want to celebrate! Good on you for seeing that pattern and anticipating it! It turns out that Dewbond from Shallow Dives in Anime had a perspective on The Devil is a Part-Timer that’s uniquely his! His reviews are always well thought out and balanced, so if he comes down in favor of a series, you know it’s going to be enjoyable! See if you agree with his opinion on The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Check out the post here!

The Spooky Redhead


My Hero Academia season 5 continues its tradition of having an absolute ton of interesting characters. What makes the series stand out is that not only do the main characters like Izuku Midoriya/Deku have a lot of interesting traits. The side characters do, too! In fact, in any given episode, it’s hard to tell the main from the secondary characters given how interesting these characters can be!

Against that crowded background of interesting characters, Mina Ashido/Pinkie stands out. There are a lot of reasons for that. This post by kiri on the site The Spooky Redhead gives us 5 of the things that makes this character so interesting! What do you like about that character? See if this article captures any of the things you like!

Check out the post here!

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