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5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2021 Week 27

5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2021 Week 27

Welcome to my 5 favorite anime blog posts from 2021 week 27!

Every week I look for posts that celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. I check hundreds of sites, and I can tell you that the ani-blogging community constantly produces a ton of amazing posts. I hope this list helps you find some of them!

Here’s the list of the sites I check!

Anteiku Anime Reviews

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

The beginning of a season is a tough time. For those of us insane enough to do seasonal anime reviews, in the space of a week, we have to decide which series are interesting to us and our readers. If I fill my editorial calendar too soon, I might miss a great series. Wait too long, and I might find out a great series debuted two weeks ago, which makes catching up hard! Spring of 2021 gave me a particularly difficult choice in the form of Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song. Ultimately, I decided I couldn’t review it because of what looked like its philosophical issues. No, seriously. That’s why I decided not to review it.

Did I make the right call? I’m not sure. I still want to make time to watch the rest of the series to see if my fears played out. But I’ll tell you this: The show’s getting some good reviews from bloggers whose opinions I trust. Take this review by Blue Hawk on Anteiku Anime Reviews, for example. This review goes on about the show’s good points. Its art, for example, practically pegged the beauty-o-meter. And that wasn’t all. This review makes me feel even more doubtful that I made the right call. See if what you think!

Check out the post here!


Astra Lost in Space: A Suspenseful Sci-Fi Anime with Awesome Narrative Potential – Anime 1st Impressions (#AniTwitWatches)

I like surprises. Well, maybe I should be more precise. I like pleasant surprises. Surprises like “Hey, your car just dropped its transmission” are not in that category. However, surprises like, “Hey, this show you had no idea was going to debut is an absolute joy to watch!” are much, much better. I hear about most shows before they debut, but once in a while, one slips through. Astra Lost in Space was one such show. I decided to review it after watching one episode, and I’m glad I did!

Rather than me telling you why, please let me direct your attention to Grand Fabulous Tofu King (BiblioNyan)’s post on BiblioNyan. They review not only anime, but other media as well, including literature. So, they have a large and diverse base of experience. It informs and illuminates each review to the point I wonder if I’m reading an anime review or poetry. I mean, how else could I describe a sentence like “The wide-screen shot helps put the fright of total loneliness amid the limitlessness of space?” Evoking a feeling with a minimum of words is a poetry thing, you know? So check out the review and see if you agree!

Check out the post here!

Reasons to Anime

3 Reasons To Watch: HANEBADO!

I know full well that my taste in anime is sometimes, well, not in sync with the mainstream. In particular, it’s common for me to like a series that seems to evoke active hatred in others. Take Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest, for example. I thoroughly enjoyed that series! When I looked around to see how others felt, I didn’t find a lot of love. So I was bummed, but at least I now know twenty ways to say “dumpster fire.” For what that’s worth.

Another series I liked that provoked more than its share of ire was HANEBADO!. It’s not that I disagree with all of the criticism. It’s that details I saw as minor don’t impact how much I enjoy a work of fiction. I mean, no plot written by a human is flawless. If I didn’t learn to overlook the trivial stuff, I’d be a grumpy old man saying everything sucks and yelling at kids to get off my lawn. That said, it’d be nice to find someone else who liked it, just to compare notes. That’s why I was excited to find this review on Reasons to Anime. Not only did it talk about some great reasons to like the show. It also addressed some of the criticisms and suggested that at least some of them might be, well, less accurate than they’d like. See what you think!

Check out the post here!


So, it’s over – Fruits Basket

It’s over. Fruits Basket – The Final is done. I’ve published my review of the final episode. I could make a joke about how much I’m going to miss Saki or Rin. Or how I won’t miss Akito. But you know, I’m not in a joking mood about it. The characters became very real to me. Not only that, but their struggles felt genuine. By the end of the series, I felt like I would almost mourn not seeing them again. It’s not unheard of for a work of fiction to draw me in so deeply. But it’s rare.

I’d like to say something, but I’m not sure what to say. At the same time, I think something needs to be said. So this week, I was on the lookout for other bloggers who might be a little more (okay, a lot more) articulate than I am. I found several, and I actually had to make a tough choice because I didn’t want this post to become A Farewell to Tohru. I chose this post by simplymk from the site SIMPLYMK because it put the series’ ending into an emotional context. I’m not saying that very well, either, so please just go read the article and see what an amazing job that simplymk did!

Check out the post here!


Anime Review 195 Hyouka

I’d hate to be the series that has to follow Fruits Basket, even in my list of favorite posts for the week! The show would have to have engaging characters, a thought-provoking plot, and endearing animation to even stand a chance! The next post I’d like to celebrate talks about Hyouka. Is that series up to the task? Well, it’s from Kyoto Animation. In case that’s not enough of a clue, the answer is…

Well, the answer is I don’t want to give it away, because the point of this post is to introduce you to the work of others bloggers! To find the answer, I’m going to send you to this post by TakamakiJoker Anime Reviews on the site TAKAMAKIJOKER ANIME REVIEWS. It talks about the series from a variety of angles, including the show’s distinctive style. It even talks glowing of my favorite character, Mayaka Ibara. The article gives a great answer to the question I posed earlier — though I suspect you already what it’s going to say! But you probably don’t know how it’s going to say it! Better to read the article to be sure!

Check out the post here!

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9 thoughts on “5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2021 Week 27

  1. TCrow, I watched the first episode of Kageki Shoujo!!, and it seems to have the most promising start of any show this season so far. The two main leads are foils for each other, and one of them is such a ray of sunshine that you wish for her to succeed with every fibre of your being. I think this show will actually address serious issues facing teenage girls and the culture of making it in the acting business instead of bringing up such issues in a very superficial manner like Wonder Egg Priority did.

    1. Based on your recommendation, I watched the first episode. I’d read its description, and though I like stories about the performing arts, I was going to give this a pass.

      Thanks for recommending it! I enjoyed Sarasa Watanabe’s character, especially when she owned her unusual height instead of being ashamed of it. I think you’re right — she’s a ray of sunshine, and it’s a light that Ai Narata desperately needs.

      And if they do address the serious issues you mentioned, they’d make a heck of a team! That could add the extra dynamic elements to investigate those issues in more detail.

      I’m not going to review it (my editorial calendar is already set), but I’m going to watch it! Thanks again for the recommendation.

  2. “If I didn’t learn to overlook the trivial stuff, I’d be a grumpy old man saying everything sucks and yelling at kids to get off my lawn”

    this. there are always going to be some details about an anime that i don’t necessarily like. but if the positives outweight the negatives, i kinda end up just… not caring too much

    i love how you mentioned “articulate bloggers” related to my post while in the post itself i wrote that “I wish I could find the right words to convey and articulate” xD

    1. Sometimes the most articulate thing you can say is that you’re trying to be more articulate. I mean, sometimes that’s the perfect way to describe your position!

  3. I am happy that I’ve earned your trust on my reviews. I would’ve just been happy to make your list on any given post! So thanks for that comment.

    I love the whole “it’s Dr. Stone’s fault” thing with you and reviewing Vivy. I totally get that. There’s definitely a certain level of “convenience” in almost any time travel plot, and I thought it bugged me a lot, but I see now that it bugs other people even more! And in ways I couldn’t imagine too.

    1. You’re welcome! Glad you’re enjoying the series!

      Sorry for the mistake — I usually check that sort of thing, and your Twitter account is clear! I’ve made the corrections, but if I’ve missed anything, please do let me know.

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