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5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2021 Week 32

5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2021 Week 32

Welcome to my 5 favorite anime blog posts from 2021 week 32!

Every week I look for posts that celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. I check hundreds of sites, and I can tell you that the ani-blogging community constantly produces a ton of amazing posts. I hope this list helps you find some of them!

Here’s the list of the sites I check!

Anime Madhouse

Hell Girl: Three Vessels | Episode 21: Right in Front Behind You Review

I’ve been thinking about the kinds of series I review. Do they represent the range of series that I like? I hope it’s obvious that I enjoy the series I do review. But I suspect there’s a whole segment of shows I haven’t reviewed. In particular, I’ve stayed away from the more challenging or dark series like Elfen Lied or Ergo Proxy. I’m trying to celebrate anime here at Crow’s World of Anime, but celebration doesn’t always mean the subject matter has to be upbeat. Shows like Ergo Proxy are well worth celebrating because of the difficult themes they explore.

Another such series was Hell Girl. I started that series back when I watched Blood-C, but I didn’t finish it. I can’t remember why; maybe I just lost track of it! But based on this review by fiddletwix on the site Anime Madhouse, I think I should pick it back up again. As I read this review, one thing became increasing clear: Hell Girl was dark. Not just like, “Wow, that’s depressing!” No, it was “They can do that in fiction?” There are times I want to watch something mindless, and there are times I want my perceptions of boundaries to get a good workout. This review convinced me I need to take a look at this series. See what you think!

Check out the post here!

Animehead’s Retroworld

Action figure review: Fist of the North Star Kenshiro “Super action statue”

I don’t often talk about my figure collection. I’ve posted a few times about figures like Altair from Re:CREATORS, and I wonder from time to time if I shouldn’t write more posts like that. I like figures. They represent another creative way to celebrate a series I enjoyed. Though I do remember some strange looks some of the parents gave my collection when I hosted my daughter’s high school graduation party! Well, I’ve never cared about my reputation, and I didn’t see any point in starting then!

Maybe one of the reasons I don’t post more about my collection is that I don’t feel like have a good handle on how to talk about a piece. That’s why I really enjoyed this post from animeheadsretroworld on the site Animehead’s Retroworld. This post talked about a figure of Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star. At first glance, I thought the figure looked cool! Then I read the post, and it significantly increased my appreciation. Not only that, the photographs showed off the figure in many different posts, and that reminded me I really need to up my photography game! Be careful reading this article — it might make you want to expand your own figure collection!

Check out the post here!

Confessions of an Overage Otaku

How to Build a Series: Toradora

Toradora is one of those series I feel like I’m always on the cusp of reviewing. It’s one of my all time favorites for a variety of reasons, but so much has been written about it that I’m not sure what I could add. Well, this week I came across this post by The Overage Otaku on the site Confessions of an Overage Otaku. If I felt like there wasn’t much I could add before, now I’m certain. This post is probably the best description I’ve ever seen of what makes Toradora what it is. The post is a spritely conversation about how the show’s characters and plot play off each other to give us a romantic comedy masterpiece. If you’re not sure if you’d like the series, I’m pretty sure this post will convince you. And if you have watched it like I have, you’ll have a good time remembering how much fun it was to watch. See what you think!

Check out the post here!

I Drink and Watch Anime

The Unique Dystopia of Psycho Pass

I talked earlier about how I’m wondering if I should celebrate more dark and/or challenging series. They often present amazingly well-designed worlds and feature characters that are more flawed and vibrant than other series. Well, this week, I came across a post by Irina on the site I Drink and Watch Anime about the series Psycho Pass. Turns out it’s another perfect example of why I should seriously think about expanding my horizons. The way she described the dystopian aspects of the show particularly attracted my attention. In my experience, lots of writers user the term “dystopian” almost as a throw-away to simply set the tone. In this post, Irina explains why the word fits so well, and it plays right into the show’s themes and characters. So, I guess I’ll add another show to the list of series I want to review! See if she talked about what you liked most about the show!

Check out the post here!

Shallow Dives in Anime

Infinite Stratos: On the Wings of an Idiot

I finally figured out why I so enjoyed Infinite Stratos, despite it featuring one of my least favorite character-types. That type is the lead harem main character who’s density provokes the envy of neutron stars. I’m talking about Ichika Orimura. The reason I like the series is because I really like strong female characters, and infinite Stratos is packed with them. In fact, the only thing questionable about these women is why they fell for this complete idiot of a MC. Don’t get me wrong. He’s a nice guy. He’s just cruelly dense. It’s really no wonder that Houki Shinonono is angry all the time!

I’d felt a bit on the periphery for liking this series (which, on reflect, is where I usually am!). But then I came across this post by Dewbond on the site Shallow Dives in Anime. This post is an enjoyable romp through what makes the series so appealing. With a focus on what’s probably my favorite part — the women-folk who unbelievably vie for Ichika’s attention — the post covered pretty much everything I liked about the series. I also reminded me that I need to be less self-conscious about talking about the shows I like. Yeah, the show’s silly at times, but that’s okay because it fits what the show’s trying to do! It also reminded me that I really liked Charlotte Dunois’s shoulders. That’ll make more sense when you read the article.

Check out the post here!

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