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5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2022 Week 08

Welcome to My 5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2022 Week 08!

Every week I look for posts that celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. I check about 340 sites, and I can tell you that the ani-blogging community constantly produces a ton of amazing posts. I hope this list helps you find some of them!

Here’s the list of the sites I check!

Anime Herald


What makes an anime successful? We can talk all day about different styles of animation, or even about the fundamentals of storytelling like plot, character development, theme development, and the like. At the end of the day, though, I think there’s a more simple way to gauge success, and it has nothing to do with argument. It comes down to a simple question.

That question is what attracted me to this post by Patrick O’Loghlen on the site Anime Herald. The question is this: How did you feel after watching the series? Put another way, did the series touch you in some memorable way or did it remind you of something important? Patrick answered that kind of question from his perspective on the series K-ON!. The show is more than merely a slice of life comedy, as Patrick’s commentary proves. See if the show affected you in the same way!

Check out the post here!

The Infinite Zenith

Terrible Anime Challenge: Ishuzoku Reviewers as an Unexpected Commentary on Accepting Diversity

You’d think that a degree in the theology associated with one of the largest Christian faiths on Sol III would give me a common view with people who call themselves Christians. But, oh boy, is that not the case. If I had to use a compass to measure how far I was from the most publicized versions of Christianity, for example, I think the average would be one hundred and eighty degrees. I am constantly amazed (and dismayed!) by the number of ways people in power who, in the name of Christianity, find ways to justify mistreating humans.

That leads me to Ishuzoku Reviewers. Did you know Anilist doesn’t even list it? It only lists the visual novel versions. Is it because of the sexual content? That’s hilarious to me, having a degree that included Moral Systematic Theology, because… Well, you know what? I think that rather than me spoil the surprise, I’m going to direct you to this post by infinitezenith on the site The Infinite Zenith. Infinitezenith excels at in-depth and thorough reviews, and he nailed what this show is really about. See what you think of his analysis, especially if you didn’t watch the show!

Check out the post here!

The Magic Planet

Let’s Watch SABIKUI BISCO Episode 6 – Companions and Prey

Reading this review of Sabikui Bisco by Jane the Anime Witch on the site The Magic Planet made me realize something. That’s kind of rare. I can’t remember exactly when it was, but after a certain age, the rate at which I realized new things about the world declined. I wonder if that’s what some folks mean when they talk about getting set in one’s ways? Regardless, the insight made me pause to consider something very, very important. And that is just how precious some perspectives can be.

What I realized was this: It’s easy, profoundly easy in fact, to become cynical as you’re exposed to more and more of the world — or, in the case of discussions on this blog, more and more anime series. It’s easy to feel jaded because of the perceived lack of innovation. What’s hard is to maintain an openness to the possibility of wonder in spite of understanding the sparsity of story elements. Several of my favorite bloggers have managed to do that, and it turns out that Jane the Anime Witch has this talent. That became obvious as I read her review of Sabikui Bisco episode 6. With the world seemingly intent on increasing the weight on my spirit, it’s nice to find a little oasis here and there, even if it’s for just a moment.

Check out the post here!

Never Argue with a Fish

Anime Corner: The Aquatope on White Sand Review

There’s another common trait among the bloggers whose posts I often feature in my 5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts series. That trait goes hand in hand with the ability to rise about cynicism. In fact, it might well be the trait that enables the ability. When you consider the kind of environment we bloggers — or any artists, in fact — operate in, it’s shocking that anyone manages or dares to cultivate this trait. At the same time, it’s a trait that’s essential to a humans connecting to one another in a healthy and supportive way.

I’m not saying that correctly. I just learned I’m very used to describing negative things, so when I try to describe something positive, I sound hoakey (and no, I don’t mean like Houki Shinonono). So let me switch to just-the-facts mode. I think it’s a powerful skill when a writer can be honest about their strongly positive reaction to a series. For example, take a look at this post by neverarguewithafish’s on the site Never Argue with a Fish. 5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts is all about finding great example of other sites’ posts celebrating anime, and neverarguewithafish’s post is all about that! See if you enjoyed the positivity as much as I did!

Check out the post here!

Shallow Dives in Anime

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion: Viva le Revolution! (Sponsored by Pizza Hut)

Sometimes, nostalgia can tint my memories. I used to love Space:1999, for example. Maybe this is an example of the cynicism I just talked about, but today, if I watch it, the fact that a lunar-sized body could travel so fast through space offends my hard science fiction-ness. If only they’d said something like, “Gosh, the nuclear explosions destabilized our connection to this universe and now we’re skipping hundreds of light years at a time.” Then I could have sat back and enjoyed the actors and fantastic model work. Because damn, those were some great models!

I often wonder if nostalgia has infected my memories of the early anime series I watched. I’m terrified to go back and watch Mach Go Go Go/Speed Racer, for example, because I’m not sure I want to mess with those memories. Dewbond, on the site Shallow Dives in Anime, is apparently more brave than I am, because this week, he reviewed Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Was the show everything I remembered it to be? I’ll let you read Dewbond’s post to get his take, but I’ll just say this: He mentioned C.C. in a positive light, and that’s one of my standard measurements for quality in a Code Geass review. If only he had talked more about Kallen

Check out the post here!

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2 thoughts on “5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2022 Week 08

  1. Thanks Crow. I’m glad you liked the review, I was a bit worried I’d gone overboard with the gushing and the personal detail this time, but I’m glad I managed to get how this show made me feel across properly.

    1. You’re welcome!

      I read reviews because I want to know what other people really think about a show. I’m looking for authenticity, and that’s what I got from your review!

      Writing positive reviews all the time isn’t possible, but when it is, it’s a lot of fun to write and read, so it’s a win-win!

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