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5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2022 Week 25

Welcome to My 5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2022 Week 25!

Every week I check around 330 anime sites, looking for posts that celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. I can tell you that the ani-blogging community constantly produces a lot of amazing posts. I hope this list helps you find some of them!

You can see a list of the sites I check here: Massive List of Sites!

Anime B&B

[Review] Ya Boy Kongming!

I would lament not picking Ya Boy Kongming! to review this season, but by now, I’m used to it. No matter what series I pick, there will always be others that I would have enjoyed. That just means I get to watch them later! Well, it means I get to add them to my ever-growing backlog. Hmmm. Maybe I’m as used to it as I think!

Regardless, Ya Boy Kongming! sounds like a fantastic show. I know this based on the OP (which is one of those songs I can listen to over and over again) and posts like this one by MARINA on the site Anime B&B. This post talks about some of the series’ high points, like Eiko’s development arc and how the title character, Kongming Zhuge contributes or doesn’t contribute, as the case may be. The review got me excited to watch the series, and that’s my gold standard for reviews. See what you think!

Check out the post here!

Beneath the Tangles

Ya Boy Kongming, Ep. 11: The Parable of the Shrewd Manager

Every once in a while, I read a post that threatens to unlock a frustration I’ve tried to suppress. This post is one of those. If you don’t want to read a mini-rant, please do skip the next paragraph. I’ll resume our regularly scheduled program there.

I have a real problem with the theological degree I earned, and it’s this: it worked. The degree helped me understand the topic. Or more precisely, it helped me understand the topic’s boundaries. For example: Christian Scripture fits together into a coherent whole. The things it says matter — or they should. I look around the political scene in the USA, and I see people claiming to be preachers screaming about how we have to stop the devil and all, and apparently the way to do that is harm other humans. The problem with studying theology is that you come across phrases like, “I give you a new commandment:* love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another” (John 13:34). And you realize, all those folks preaching hate? Yeah, they fly in the face of that commandment. It’s just really annoying that those folks thrive!

Having a college degree in one of the world’s major theological traditions makes me a bit picky in terms of what I look for in posts claiming to talk about those topics. And this week, I found a post that would earn the Crow’s World Seal of Theological Approval, if I were to actually offer such a thing. Claire wrote the post on the site Beneath the Tangles, and it applies a nuanced understanding of Western scripture to episode 11. As in, Claire read and understood the relevant scriptures in context, then showed how episode 11 demonstrated those concepts! Talk about a breath of fresh air! I could do with more theology being applied in the sense it was intended! See if you agree!

Check out the post here!

Confessions of an Overage Otaku

Character Analysis: Re-L Mayer

Ergo Proxy is one of those shows that reveals something different about itself every time I watch it. I think it’s because of how tightly the narrative weaves character and themes. Depending on what I pay attention to, I see something new and interesting. And even then, I still don’t see everything, as this post by The Overage Otaku on the site Confessions of an Overage Otaku proves. The Overage Otaku often posts professional-grade character studies, which talk to me both as a writer and as a viewer. This post has a take on Re-L Mayer that I found original and fascinating. See if that’s your impression, too!

Check out the post here!

D&A Anime Blog

One-2-One with D.J. Lewis: Stella Vermillion

Chivalry of a Failed Knight had a lot going for it, not the least of which was the chemistry between the two leads, Stella Vermillion and Ikki Kurogane. That relationship seemed very better when I watched the series to review it. Do you know what’s vital for good chemistry between two characters? The individual characters! That’s what I liked about this post by D.J. Lewis on the site D&A Anime Blog: it delved in Stella’s character and helped her come alive in an entertaining and delightful way! I particularly enjoyed how the post talked about her swordsmanship, which was one of her defining characteristics — both the fact she was at the top of her game and how she got there. See if the post talks about why you liked the character!

Check out the post here!

Never Argue with a Fish

Anime Corner: Sabikui Bisco Review

What did you think of Sabikui Bisco? I watched it as it aired, and I looked forward to watching the new episode every week. I didn’t review it, though, and in a sense I’m glad. It’s one of those shows that was, well, unconventional. At least, that’s one way to put it. I find it to be a difficult show to describe! That’s why I liked this review from neverarguewithafish on the site Never Argue with a Fish. This post found a way to not only describe the show, but to describe it in an interesting and entertaining way! I found myself reliving some of my favorite scenes as I read it. See if it mentioned what you liked about the series!

Check out the post here!

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  1. Thank you for the shoutout! Glad you enjoyed the piece, and can I say I’m most delighted to accept the Crow’s World Seal of Theological Approval!! 😀

    1. You’re welcome! It was honestly a relief to see that someone knew how to read and apply Scripture in its intended spirit! That’s so rare nowadays!

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