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5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2023 Week 20

Welcome to My 5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2023 Week 20!

Every week, I visit over 300 anime sites looking for posts that celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. These five posts are my favorite for the week! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!

You can see a list of the sites I check here: Massive List of Sites!

Anime Evo

Hirogaru Sky! Precure – 15

I like a review that makes me add something to my backlog. But what about reviews that go beyond mere Back Log Expansion? What if a review makes me consider putting a show I had dropped back into the back log? I don’t remember exactly why I dropped the older Precure series. But FlareKnight’s review on Anime Evo made me consider re-adding Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure to the backlog I already kicked it out of. In other words, FlareKnight’s review made me reconsider my opinion. And that hasn’t happened in years! I’m kinda set in my ways, you see. That gives you an idea of how enjoyable the review was! See if you have a similar opinion!

Anime Feminist

Akiba Maid War and the rare representation of disabled joy

Do you remember when I talked about wearing fake hearing aids after I found out my son had been born deaf? I wanted to see if people would treat me differently. They did. Very, very differently. And I thought that helped me understand my son’s perspective. It did — a little. It helped me experience my interpretation of prejudice through the lens of being a hearing adult emulating a deaf child.

Yes, it gave me greater empathy. But it didn’t help me understand clearly from my son’s perspective. I’m not getting my idea across — and it’s partly because don’t know exactly how. That’s why I was so glad to find this post by Borealis Capps on the site Anime Feminist. She presents a more authentic perspective than I can, and she uses Akiba Maid War to do it. That’ll make more sense if you’ve seen the last episode — but whether you’ve seen that episode or not, you’ll be glad if you check out the post!

D&A Anime Blog

The Sad, Sad Story of Genya.

Demon Slayer – Swordsmith Village Arc is certainly keeping my attention. If you know that ufotable is animating it, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that the animation is gorgeous. Now, I’m not saying Demon Slayer’s characters aren’t its strength, but, well, Demon Slayer’s characters aren’t it strength. In episode 6, however, the writers surprised me — in a good way. How? Well, this post by Roderick J “Jay” Friz on the site D&A Anime Blog explains it with enthusiastic clarity. If Demon Slayer is something you enjoy at all, you’ll get a kick out of this article.

I Drink and Watch Anime

Watching Anime in Theaters

After reading literally every anime blog I can find ever week since 2018, I’ve gotten a feel for the kinds of stories folks write. Most of the time, when I read a title, I have a sense of the direction a given writer will take, and I look forward to reading their perspective on that topic. This week, Irina, on the site I Drink and Watch Anime, took her topic in a delightfully different direction than I expected! The post was not only fun to read; it made me think. Surprises like that are a great way to end the week! See what you think!


Ancient Magus Bride: Season 2 – Episode 7 Review

I’ve really enjoyed reading Kvasir369’s reviews of the latest season of Ancient Magus Bride on the site Kvasir369. There are several reasons. For example, I like how Kvasir369 provides a detailed synopsis, an analysis of the episode, and then a discussion of how the manga and anime differed. Plus, the review are just fun to read! Kvasir369 continues that tradition in this post, a review of episode 7. I always come away from Kvasir369’s reviewed with a deeper appreciate for the episode. See if you do, too!

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2 thoughts on “5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2023 Week 20

  1. As you know, TCrow, I believe that multiple characters from 400 years ago, including Echidna, came to an agreement to steer the future to a good ending because Re:zero’s fantasy world was headed towards certain doom.

    I now propose that Kenichi, Subaru’s father, was one of those characters. Why do I believe that? It’s because he asked Subaru whether there’s a girl he likes. It would be very peculiar for Kenichi to think that Subaru stopped going to school because he liked a girl, and not only did Kenichi ask this once, he asked it twice. Why is this significant? I believe Kenichi asked Subaru this because he knew whether firsthand or secondhand from Re:zero’s fantasy world 400 years ago that Subaru would like Emilia, making him privy to whatever agreement may have been reached during that time period. Kenichi probably also peered through the Tome of Wisdom, much like I proposed the Subaru of 400 years ago did.

    I have always believed it was strange that Kenichi would ask Subaru that given the circumstances even if he’s a sex-obsessed freak since it’s weird to ask someone who is bedridden outside of exercising a lot this question, but if he knew about Emilia all along, then that line of questioning suddenly becomes very purposeful and not because of what he personally thinks about in his day-to-day life. With how I’ve reinterpreted that moment with a different lens, I now believe that Kenichi travelled to Re:zero’s fantasy world as an adult and eventually came back to Earth.

    1. “Why do I believe that? It’s because he asked Subaru whether there’s a girl he likes.”

      I’m not sure. I’m not arguing the point, but I think a father is naturally interested in whether his children have romance in their lives. It’s a sign of maturity in some cases, for one thing; for another, it might be something Kenichi feels like he could give Subaru advice about.

      “I now believe that Kenichi travelled to Re:zero’s fantasy world as an adult and eventually came back to Earth.”

      That would be a very interesting development, wouldn’t it? I’ll be interested to see if anything like that plays out.

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