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5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2023 Week 38

Welcome to My 5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2023 Week 38!

Every week, I visit over 285 anime sites looking for posts that celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. These five posts are my favorites for the week! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!

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Fall 2023 Previews

Anime blogs have started their Fall 2023 previews! Here’s the one I saw this week:

5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts

I Drink and Watch Anime

ZOM 100 – Episode 8

Beatrix is here! I’d read some bloggers talking how much they were looking froward to the fourth member of our plucky band of zombie survivors. After seeing episode 8 of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, I know why! And do you know who else knows why? Irina, that’s who! And she proves it on this post on her site I Drink and Watch Anime. Reading her thoughts on this character, I couldn’t help but get swept up by her enthusiasm. See if the same thing happens to you!

Jonah’s Daily Rants

Main Character in Another World: Rudeus Greyrat (Mushoku Tensei)

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Season 2 has presented a remarkable cast. Even among those distinctive and vital characters, one stands out. I really what to say that’s Roxy, but that would botch the intro for this post, so I’ll say Rudy. And though Roxy’s story honestly moves me more personally, I have to say, Rudy’s story is compelling. Jonah’s post on Jonah’s Daily Rants is one of the most insightful treatments I’ve read of the topic. It’s part of Jonah’s series on isekai characters. Can you guess where Rudy rates against the other characters he’s already talked about, like Subaru Natsuki?

The Otaku Exhibition

Re:Creators: The Death of All Authors

If you’ve read my Caw of Fame induction for Re:CREATORS, you know the esteem in which I hold this series. It’s my favorite. Period. All genres; all mediums. There is no series I like better. So you might think that I’ll celebrate any post that says nice things about Re:CREATORS. Nope. Just the opposite. My standards for articles about this series are very, very high. And guess what? perseus54321, on the site The Otaku Exhibition, exceeded all of them. This post is insightful, fun to read, and well-researched. And, IMO, spot on in all aspects. Go see if you agree!

Shallow Dives in Anime

Moriarty the Patriots: Oh No, He’s Hot!

I often joke about my backlog’s terrifying growth. So, let me try a different shtick. When my kids were growing up, SpongeBob SquarePants was at its zenith. It was funny, it was engaging, and it had some great quotes. Like “Oh, no, he’s hot!” Of course, that quote in this post’s title captured my attention! Then Dewbond, in his typical lucid, entertaining, and thought-provoking way, talked about Moriarty the Patriot in such a compelling way that, yes, it’s now on my backlog. And I had already consciously decided the series wasn’t for me! Is that the result of a great review or what?

Umai Yomu Anime Blog

Samurai Champloo Review (Spoiler Free)

Samurai Champloo is one of those series that I think everyone should watch at least once. There are a lot of reasons for that, from resourceful characters like Fuu to the art to the… well, you know this is where I direct you to the post I’m celebrating! This time, it’s Yomu’s post on the site Umai Yomu Anime Blog. Yomu writes a series of “no-spoiler” reviews, and honestly, I don’t know how keeps the review entertaining while avoiding any major or even minor spoilers. But he does! So if you think you might be interested in this series, this review is perfect! It’s also perfect if you want to relive your own enjoyment. So check it out!

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4 thoughts on “5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2023 Week 38

  1. TCrow, I now believe that Ram’s horn could potentially be fully restored by the end of Re:zero either through Minerva’s Authority due to her future resurrection or a similar power. Why do I believe this? It’s because during the White Whale battle in Season 1, White Fox deliberately included a scene when the Night Banisher dimmed sometime after Rem started using her horn, which shows that demon horns draw mana from the atmosphere. Previously, this was not outright stated but was implied for being the reason Ram could not fight as long as Rem. There has to be a reason that this scene made the cut, and I will go into how I came to this conclusion.

    I have long thought about what the purpose of this scene was since as an anime-only, it makes no difference in understanding the White Whale fight since we didn’t visibly see the battlefield darken or anything like that, so there must be a reason that the animators deliberately wanted anime-onlies to figure out that demon horns draw mana from the atmosphere as it wasn’t essential to know this to understand the battle. Something like Ricardo losing his footing while attacking the whale had a direction implication on the battle while the Night Banisher dimming moment didn’t.

    I get that that detail being based on established lore could mean it isn’t foreshadowing, but considering there was no explanation on how magic stones are formed or work in the anime, I don’t see why viewers NEEDED to know that demon horns draw mana from the atmosphere. From what novel readers have indicated, there were a lot of cuts of Re:zero’s lore, so is this something truly essential that anime-onlies just HAD to know? Thus, I conclude that it was perhaps considered essential material and thus something meant to foreshadow a happening in a future arc.

    If you are following this line of reasoning, since Rem and Ram are the last two demons, I believe that this Arc 3 scene is a hint to the eventual restoration of Ram’s horn. Perhaps the final battle will involve Reinhard and a full power Ram as well as all the weaker characters facing off against Satella and those who happen to be on her side such as the last remnants of the Witch Cult. Ram is very strong given when she taps into her demon powers without her horn she is stronger than beast form Garfiel, so her full power must be pretty impressive if she’s that strong with a fraction of her power.

    1. That’s a well thought-out theory. Now that you pointed it out, I can see how that scene is important. I can’t say with any conviction that I can project it forward. But I can’t find fault with your reasoning.

      The most I can offer in return is to reflect on how well-crafted this show it. A small detail like that carries weight, and it could go in a variety of ways. I’m pretty sure however the writer realizes that potential will be interesting, too.

      I’m looking forward to seeing if your theory matches the direction the show takes!

  2. Yeah, Shallow Dives in Anime’s review of Moriarty the Patriot was really good! Personally, I didn’t really like this anime very much the first time I tried watching it. I ended up dropping it after just a few episodes. But after reading this review, I’m now thinking of giving it another try. SDA pointed out that it was unusual to have a Sherlock story told from the villain’s point of view and that Moriarty and Sherlock are more like rivals rather than hero and villain in this series. I had never considered that the first time I tried watching this anime. Yeah, I definitely think Moriarty the Patriot is going back onto my To Watch list!

    1. I didn’t really agree with that review. In the anime, Sherlock was always portrayed as being a step behind Moriarty rather being his equal. Given what actually happened, I feel the animators didn’t have faith that they could make Moriarty a compelling character without shorthanding Sherlock time after time again.

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