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5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2023 Week 46

Every week, I visit around 280 anime sites looking for posts that celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. These are my five favorite posts for the week. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!

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Confessions of an Overage Otaku


“Seriously?” I can hear you ask. “Another post about Neon Genesis Evangelion? Does the world really need such a thing?” I hear you. I, too, was skeptical. Then I saw the light — by reading this by The Overage Otaku on the site Confessions of an Overage Otaku. This post took my level of appreciation for Misato to a whole new level. Shinji, too. The Overage Otaku sees these things, then describes them in a way that even I can understand. That alone should encourage you to go take a look!

Jonah’s Daily Rants

Attack on Titan is Finally Over

Hard to believe, but the journey that started with Attack on Titan has thundered to its conclusion. I wonder: will we look back on this in 20 years and see AOT as something in the same vein as Neon Genesis Evangelion? It’s tough to say so close to the event in time. But in any event, it was a momentous series. Its ending requires a momentous analysis. And I can think of no one else who could handle it any better than Jonah Hunt from the site Jonah’s Daily Rants. In a relatively small number of words, Jonah Hunt managed to convey a wealth of meaning and perspective. If this post is any indication, AOT well might have a prominent place in our culture. See if you agree!


Ancient Magus Bride: Season 2 – Episode 19 Review

Well, episode 19 certainly packed a lot into a single episode, didn’t it? There were so many little details that after I watched it, even after taking what I thought were careful notes, I felt a suspicion that I’d missed a lot. Then, I read this post by Kvasir369 on the site Kvasir369 — and yep, I’d missed a lot! I was really glad I had this post to bring me up to speed. If you enjoyed this episode, I’ll be you like it even more after reading this review!

Otaku Sinh

The GOAT of Comedic Irony! The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Episode 7 [Review]

You’ve heard folks describe this or that work of fiction as an emotional rollercoaster, right? In this climate of hype-as-a-service, it’s easy to recognize how much that phrase has been overused. In this case, though, I think Otaku Sinh, on the site Otaku Sinh, not only used the phrase in its originally intended glory. Otaku Sinh also made an airtight case that this episode of The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 more than deserved it. Based on my own experience watching this episode, I have to agree! See if you had a similar reaction watching the episode!

Shallow Dives in Anime

High School of the Dead’s Rei Miyamoto: Normal in an Abnormal Story

If I mention High School of the Dead, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Yeah, I know — talk about a low-hanging fruit! The show’s famous for being a sexually charged depiction of the zombie apocalypse — emphasis on the “sexually charged” part. I get it if that’s how you see the show. I mean, ecchi is front and center, isn’t it? But the show’s more than that. A lot more, as it turns out. In a surprising way! Dewbond, on the site Shallow Dives in Anime, brought up something that might seem, on the surface, to be shocking: HOTD had solid characterization! Dewbond makes a likewise solid case — go see if you agree!

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2 thoughts on “5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2023 Week 46

  1. With Petelgeuse being a big part of why Re:zero Episode 22 was named “A Flash of Sloth”, I have been compiling information on character names ever since, and it appears many characters’ names either tell of certain character traits, their role in the story, their relation to other characters, or are immediately relevant to the lore. I believe that for the most part, characters whose names are rich with meaning are more important than those that aren’t. I went with both the actual names and also homonyms as well. Many of the names also have to have planetary objects named after them.

    Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster M45, which is also known as The Seven Sisters. It is located in the constellation of Taurus. The reason there are six stars in the Subaru car logo is because only six of those seven stars are distinctly visible to the naked eye. This could be how the author started his story. He chose the name Subaru and worked the story around that, including having one of the Witches of Sin (the seven deadly sins), as indicated by Beatrice in episode 8, Satella, the Witch of Envy, be sealed. There are eleven stars in the Pleiades star cluster with nine of them having names, making it fitting that there are two extra witches/warlocks based on historical sins in Pandora and Hector. Two of the stars have yet to be named, and as such, I propose there might be two secret witches that have some other concept applied to them instead of sins, or there are two gods/deities in Re:zero that are the counterparts to the witches.Subaru also means ‘unite’ in Japanese. Perhaps this indicates Subaru will never be overpowered and will always need to bring people together or need to amass an army to win. It might also mean he will unite the Witch of Envy with the other witches in death.

    Thanks to someone who has a copy of the light novel, I now know that one of the kanji in Natsuki (tsuki) as used by Tappei means moon whereas (na) the other is a particle used for emphasis, meaning Subaru should be associated with the moon. This makes sense in retrospect given how often Subaru succeeded on nights with a full moon in Season 1. Given how there are many authors who use sun and moon motifs, I think someone associated with the sun will be who Subaru ends up with at the end of Re:zero.

    Wilhelm’s last name at birth was Trias, which means three. It could indicate that the number three is extremely important in Re: zero.

    There are 3 pairs of opposing magical elements. Fire/water, earth/wind, and yin/yang.

    The Pearlbaton siblings are triplets.

    The Sanctuary Graveyard had three trials for taking down the Sanctuary barrier.

    The legendary dragon, sage, and hero that sealed Satella, the Witch of Envy, were three separate entities.

    Something significant happens to Subaru after the third death of each loop in the anime. In Arc 1, Subaru learned that he was looping after 3 deaths. In Arc 2, Subaru learned after 3 deaths that Rem and Ram held his hand when he was suffering even though he reeked of the smell of the Witch and that Beatrice is kind of a little softy at heart, helping him survive longer than he had ever done in that arc. In Arc 3, after 3 deaths, Subaru’s From Zero moment happened. In Arc 4, after dying 3 times, Subaru talked to Echidna about Return by Death, learned about the Three Great Mabeasts and how to defeat the Great Rabbit, and learned about the room that contained the crystal containing the original Ryuzu Meyer.

    Ryuzu means dragon’s head. There’s the Ryuzu Falls in Japan, and it is one of the Three Great Waterfalls of Oku-Nikko. Given the author’s obsession with the number 3, there will either be characters named Kegon and Yudaki in the story eventually or one or more of the other Three Great waterfalls of Oku-Nikko have a significance to the story. Given that the legendary dragon of the story was driven past a great waterfall by Sekhmet according to the lore, I find Ryuzu’s name is possibly a stealthy hint about more about Re:zero’s story. Perhaps either Ryuzu Falls or all Three Great Waterfalls of Oku-Nikko have a direct connection to the great waterfall that the legendary dragon of Re:zero’s story was supposedly driven past. Re:zero’s great waterfall probably has special properties if that is the case. I wonder if you have scuba gear and fall through the Ryuzu Falls in our world if you can get to Re:zero’s fantasy world provided that you survive that dive into the waterfall. I do not think it is a coincidence that Ryuzu’s name means dragon’s head and that there’s a Ryuzu Falls that is a great waterfall. This is likely deliberate from Tappei.

    Meyer means mayor or officer in charge of legal matters, so maybe Ryuzu Meyer was either a mayor of a town or city or a lawyer or something before she knew Echidna.

    Given that Al, Priscilla, and Elsa were the 3 characters who appeared in 3 episodes in Season 1, I took particular notice in their names.

    Al’s true name, Aldebaran, is a star that in the Taurus constellation that follows the Pleiades star cluster in the night sky. In Arabic, Aldebaran means the follower for that reason. While the Arabic meanings for Petelgeuse (named after the Betelgeuse star and Batenkaitos (also named after a star) hinted at a couple of Sin Archbishop’s powers with Orion’s hand indicating that Petelguese’s power would involve hands and Lye’s power would involve eating since Batenkaitos means belly of the sea monster, since Aldebaran isn’t a Sin Archbishop, perhaps it would be better to consider Al’s name in relation to Subaru.

    Since Aldebaran follows the Pleiades star cluster, perhaps he was given that name because he was Naoko and Kenichi’s next son after Subaru, which showed a fixation from at least one of his parents on their first son who disappeared. Al told Priscilla not to call him Aldebaran in Episode 16 of Re:zero, and that might be because that name is a constant reminder that his parents loved Subaru more than they loved him.

    Aldebaran as a name could very possibly also mean that Aldebaran would be the next person to be summoned after Subaru was.

    Aldebaran is pretty much guaranteed to have been summoned to Re:zero’s fantasy world since he recognized Subaru’s attempt at hitchhiking when hitchhiking shouldn’t exist in a medieval society, meaning Subaru’s attempt to catch a ride should’ve fallen flat on his face, and since he literally knew what Subaru meant by the Kansai dialect in Episode 12. This means Al is either formerly a Japanese citizen, an immigrant who had not yet become a Japanese citizen, or a fan of Japanese culture. This is backed up by Priscilla using an English word in Episode 16 when she said she would give Subaru a “chance”, which shows someone who knew English words is in her orbit.

    Priscilla itself means ‘venerable’, ‘classical’, ‘ancient’, and ‘primordial, and ‘venerable’ is very fitting considering her grand and imposing appearance. Priscilla meaning ‘Classical’ might mean we should look to a classic love story to find out how Re:zero might end although this is not an area I have a lot of expertise on. Given that one of the kanji in Natsuki means moon, I believe there should exist a classic story that has some emphasis on the duality of light and dark tht could be relevant to Re:zero. Purishira is how the Japanese say Priscilla. Shira means ‘white’ in Japanese. Puri is the name of an Indian city that is located in the Puri district. In the Puri district, there is a temple known as the Jagannath Puri, which is also called the White Pagoda while the Konark Sun Temple located slightly east of Puri is called the Black Pagoda because of the materials they are made of. This could be a sign to look at Subaru and Priscilla in terms of how they contrast with each other. “Ancient” and “primordial” might indicate that Subaru and Priscilla have history across time and are drawn to another, meaning there could potentially be more than just the period of 400 years ago when Satella had yet to be sealed and the other Witches of Sin had not died yet that will be relevant. The two temples I mentioned are both Hindu temples, and reincarnation is big in Hinduism. Maybe Subaru and Priscilla are reincarnations of past lovers.

    Scilla can be short for Priscilla, and scilla is the Italian word for squill flower. And squills are typically in full bloom during summer. Might this mean that Subaru and Priscilla are a good match for each other since being associated with the summer and a hot sun would contrast with Subaru being associated with the moon? I don’t know how reputable this information is, but I see that the squill is a symbol for money, protection, and the breakage of curses/hexes. Priscilla is very well-off and seems very lucky, so those first two things fit her. I do remember Beatrice saying that curses cannot be stopped after they are activated, but if I am not reading into things that aren’t there, perhaps Priscilla can defy this and stop curses that have already been activated. Scilla is also a genus of bulb-forming plants. And scilla means to excite or to disturb. Perhaps Subaru will be disturbed by the mere thought of Priscilla for a large portion of the series before finding her presence exciting later on.

    The way the Japanese pronounce Barielle is pretty close to barrier, and maybe this is indicative of Priscilla’s virginity being preserved all this time because people who try to take her virginity or do anything to her are stopped by some physical, mental, spiritual barrier, or status barrier. The apple is a symbol of sex and virginity, and I believe Priscilla, who is only ever dressed in red, might not have ever been peeled/had her clothes taken off or taken a man’s clothes off considering she had never seen an unpeeled appa before meeting Subaru, making her symbolically an appa herself.

    Ailsa, a homonym for Elsa, means “island of Alfsigr”. Alfsigr means supernatural victory. She does have a supernatural ability to avoid death. Granhilte is perhaps a mix of “Granite” and “Grimhidlr”. Granite as a rock is very hard, and perhaps this shows that Elsa is hard to kill which we know to be true from her encounter with Reinhard and in Season 2. Grimhildr means “masked battle”, which shows perhaps the mystery behind who Elsa works for will be important in Re:zero. Elsa also means God’s oath, so I wonder how she became a vampire.

    Since Theresia made a big fuss about flowers, that was the reason I looked up Re:zero names for associations with flowers. Aster is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. The aster flower is also associated with Astraea, a Greek goddess of innocence and purity that is closely associated with Dike, the Greek goddess of justice.

    If Wilhelm’s words are to be believed, Theresia never wanted to take up the sword but was probably forced to because she became the Sword Saint as indicated by him saying that the sword loved her more than anyone, which maybe ties into Astraea being innocent and pure. Astraea’s association with Dike may be the reason Tappei made the Astrea family to be the one that produces Sword Saints. I have no proof of this, but I believe that Tappei did not have Reinhard in mind when he first thought up the concept for the Astrea family, meaning he came up with Reinhard after he had decided on the concept and naming of the family.

    In Latin, aster means star. Astraea asked to be turned into a star when the gods fled the Earth. Ram has subtly indicated that she doesn’t believe that gods exist in episode 6, by saying only the gods know and then correcting herself by saying only the dragon knows what the dragon wants. Theresia was certainly a pure girl who never wanted to take up the sword but was forced to anyway, which could show that she was associated with both of those goddesses. Astraea is said to one day return to Earth and usher in a utopian Golden Age. Maybe at the end of Re:zero Astraea will return to Earth and usher in a utopian Golden Age after all.

    Asters are symbols of love. Trias, Wilhelm’s birth surname, is a genus of orchids. Orchids are also symbols of love. That should be obvious how this relates to Theresia and Wilhelm since the two were a part of a love story. The yellow flowers the pair were always looking at were yellow wood sorrels, which are distinctly identified by their heart-shaped clover-like leaves. Wood sorrels are symbols of health and healing. Tappei might have chosen this name to indicate that Wilhelm’s heart would slowly heal after getting revenge on the White Whale and that he would live to a ripe old age.

    Reinhard means mighty, brave, or strong judgement, and given that Reinhard is basically your textbook hero, it suits him well. Wilhelm means resolute protector, and considering how he was always supremely determined in keeping Theresia from fighting, it is very fitting. Theresia means reap. I wonder if this indicates anything in particular.

    Emilia means rival, and I take it to mean that she is Priscilla’s love rival. Emilia is a genus of herbaceous plants in the sunflower family, known as tasselflower or pualele. They can bloom even throughout a significant portion of the year. From what I can see, sunflowers are symbols of fertility, wishes, health and wisdom. So given that Emilia seems to be Subaru’s ideal woman, I can see that being related to wishes and her being the one he’d want to bear his children. Given that that elves are long-lived, I can also see how health and wisdom come into play.

    I learned from someone who knows Japanese, that phonetically, the closest you can get in Japanese to ‘right’ is ライト (‘raito’) and ‘left’ is レフト (‘refuto’). If you take the first katakana letter of each of those things (corresponding to the first two English letters) and add a ‘ム’ (mu) on the end, you can get Ram and Rem. Tappei did say that he named the oni twins after left and right at some point. Rem- names are sometimes used as a short form of Remington, which can also be a girl’s name. E. Remington and Sons was a manufacturer of firearms and typewriters. Given that Rem negotiated away magic stone mining rights to the Crusch camp so that she could weaponize them, it could be a fit if you stretch it. There’s also REM sleep where you dream vividly. This could be a reason Lye eating her name and memories led to Rem being a shell of herself.

    Ram means exalted or supreme in Hebrew. Given that she is always condescending to Subaru, ‘exalted’ is fitting. She also asked to be killed rather than disgraced in episode 23 and gives off an air of superiority. She also used to be exceptionally powerful when she still had her horn, so it was as if she had supreme power.

    Puck means mischievous spirit. Puck has trolled Subaru on more than one occasion. Examples being in episodes 1, 6, and 8, and 9. I remember Emilia calling Puck a great spirit of fire. Pack kind of sounds like Puck. There are reusable hot cold packs that differ from instant cold packs in that they can be either frozen or microwaved. Given that after watching the OVAs and seeing Emilia refer to Puck as the Great Spirit of Fire, it is clear that Puck is the current Great Spirit of Fire after he defeated Arbiter Melakuera, so that is why Puck is associated with the cold and also fire.

    Beatrice means bringer of joy. She has certainly gotten Subaru thrilled in a way none of the other have when she helped him in episode 8 and also when she helped him live to a point he had never previously reached in episode 7. Betty means “God’s oath”, much like Elsa does. The oath part makes sense since she formed a contract with Subaru.

    Perhaps Felt was the named the way she was because she wears her heart on her sleeve as shown by pretty much all her scenes in Season.

    Mathers is a surname of English origin that is an occupational name for a mower or reaper of grass or hay. In South Lancashire where the surname has been widespread for a long time, it is probably a late development of Madder, which is either a metonymic occupational name for a dyer or seller of dye, deriving the Middle English “mad(d)er”, Olde English pre-7th Century “moedere” meaning “madder”, a dark red dye obtained from plant roots, or a nickname for a person with a ruddy complexion using the same element. The suffix “s” indicates a patronymic, a name derived from the name of a father or male ancestor, typically by the addition of a prefix or suffix, so it could mean “the son of Mather” or “descendant of Mather”. This could be why Tappei decided to make Roswaal possess his descendants.

    Kurush (which is closer to how Japanese people would say Crusch) means far-sighted, indicating being able to see far but have trouble seeing things up close. It is a male name, but Crusch kind of dresses like a guy, so let’s just roll with that. Crusch is certainly far-sighted in that she has her eye on her goal, and given that she dresses in her nightgowns without a care about being in the presence of males, it could show that she is otherwise oblivious to her own femininity, which would make her far-sighted indeed.

    Now, I will get to my point. Kurush also means throne in Persian. Karsten means anointed in Greek. I believe when you look at both her names, we are meant to see that Crusch will be chosen to be the person who sits on the throne of the Kingdom of Lugunica given how much relevance names have in Re:zero. I am not saying that Crusch necessarily wins the Royal Selection because it’s possible that she loses, and then the one who gets chosen dies or drops out, leading to Crusch being selected as her replacement. In any case, I believe that one way or another, Crusch will be the rightful ruler of Lugunica in the end.

    Julius can be derived from Latin, meaning “devoted to Jove”. Jove, otherwise known as Jupiter, is the king of gods of Roman mythology and was a divine witness to oaths, the sacred trust on which justice and good government depend. Julius is about as righteous as one can be and also was not happy with all nations ignoring the White Whale, which surely makes him a bastion of good government. The way the Japanese say Juukulius is like ‘yukuri suru’, which means to take it easy. Julius is usually pretty chill when he isn’t bringing out justice, even going as far as calling himself Juli. Juli means young. So if you take all of this at face value, Julius is a young guy who likes to take it easy while also being righteous and wanting government to be accountable

    Betelgeuse means “Orion’s hand” in Arabic and is the second-brightest star in the constellation of Orion and the ninth-brightest star of the night sky. Is “Orion’s hand” an indication of why the Authority of Sloth is “Unseen Hand”? Romanée-Conti has been called “one of the greatest wines of the world and the most perfect as well as the most expensive of Burgundy … with a forceful bouquet of violet mixed with a scent of cherry, a lively and profound ruby robe, a suaveness of exceptional finesse. Maybe that is why Petelgeuse likes to go full ham with some dashes of calm and agreeableness

    The English name meaning of Lye is someone who lived near meadow, pasture, or patch of arable land. Baten Kaitos derived from Arabic means belly of the sea monster, and although Lye is not a sea monster, perhaps this name was chosen to indicate why his powers involve eating things. Baten Kaitos is a star in the constellation of Cetus.

    Regulus means little king in Latin. Regulus is also a star constellation of Leo. With Petelgeuse and Lye, either their first or last name’s Arabic equivalent was an indication of their power, so I’ve looked up Regulus’s Arabic equivalent, which means “heart of the lion”, so his power should have something to do with a lion. Or it indicates his power makes him superhuman like a lion.

    Anastasia means resurrection. The `hoshi` in Hoshin means star. Will this be relevant later? Hoshin Kanri (also called Policy Deployment) is a method for ensuring that the strategic goals of a company drive progress and action at every level within that company. This eliminates the waste that comes from inconsistent direction and poor communication. Hoshin Kanri strives to get every employee pulling in the same direction at the same time. It achieves this by aligning the goals of the company (Strategy) with the plans of middle management (Tactics) and the work performed by all employees (Operations). This is probably why Anastasia was made a businesswoman and also has a mercenary force. Hoshii (with an extra i) means ‘to want’, and Anastasia even indicated she is a greedy gal who wants everything.

    Petra means stone or rock. Perhaps this indicates she is like a rock who is good at keeping a secret and very strong-willed, meaning it would be hard to get information out of her. The other children couldn’t hold back and blab about everything to Emilia while Petra’s lips were sealed. Petra also displayed 0 fear when Elsa got her hands on her.

    Otto is another name for attar, which is a fragrant essential oil. That might be how the author decided to make Otto buy an excessive amount of oil. Does the fragrant smell indicate that he uses a lot of cologne or perfume? Suwen, Otto’s last name, is the first part of an ancient Chinese medical text. Perhaps Otto is well-versed in medicine and has bad body odour which he covered up. The Witch Cult notably took Otto captive instead of killing him, and maybe they need him alive to mask the scent of the Witch.

    Rom means high in Hebrew. Given that he is a giant, I guess that fits. Rom also means curving river in Old Welsh. The movement of a river is often a symbol of life. Perhaps there was an event that changed the course of Rom’s life.

    Russell means red-skinned or of red hair. Fellow means partner or shareholder. This could indicate that Russell is associated with someone who has red hair, someone who gets flustered easily, or someone who gets enraged easily (like a member of the witch cult). Russell can also mean fox (the Anglo-Saxon meaning). Since the Japanese don’t really have the ‘l’ sound, I also looked up Ferrow, and Google showed me Farrow instead, which is derived from ‘fer’, meaning iron. We know Russell is a treasurer, so he’s not an iron worker. But iron is often associated with the colour red (rust, red oxide coating, red-coloured iron ore, etc.), and cell phones typically have iron, if only minuscule quantities. I think Russell fancied himself a bargain by having Subaru trade away his phone because he thought it was useless, and Russell is actually a collector of metia, and if that is the case, metia may have indeed originated from our world.

    Ricardo means powerful, which is fairly straightforward since he is a strong fighter.

    Mimi means “wished-for” child. It can also mean “resolute”. It can also mean “rebellious”. Hetaro might be referring to ‘hetero’, meaning “different” or “other”, making Hetaro Mimi’s opposite in gender and personality. I couldn’t find anything directly for Tivey. Since his name sounds like TV, I looked up television, and ‘tele’ means “far” while ‘visio’ means “sight”. I guess one could say it is meant to mean that Tivey is far-sighted in that he needs a monocle to correct his vision and that he has foresight, making him the smart one among his siblings.

    Satella is probably based off of satellite, and perhaps this indicates to pay attention to satellites in space that orbit larger objects.

    Echidna means viper. And considering she seemingly revealed herself to be a snake in episode 37, that is fitting.

    Minerva means intellect in Latin.

    Daphne means laurel tree in Greek. All plants of the daphne genus are poisonous.

    Carmilla means garden in Hebrew.

    Sekhmet in Egyptian means the powerful one.

    Pandora means all-gifted.

    Hector means tenacious in the US, and this could show he is extremely persistent in chasing Echidna. In Greek, it means steadfast or bully.

    Frederica means peaceful ruler. Her last name, Baumann, comes from the German word, baum, which means tree. Other instances of Baumann could be derived from Bumann, which means farmer. Could Frederica form a society of farmers from the Sanctuary residents?

    Although I couldn’t find a meaning for Garfiel, Garfield is known as an orange cat, and Garfiel has cat-like features. Garfield means from a triangular field. And given that the author is obsessed with the number 3, I assume this is an indication to pay closely to the number 3 since a triangle has 3 sides. Tinsel is a decorative material that mimics the effect of ice. It was originally used as a Christmas decoration. Tinsel means showy, and Garfiel did have a flashy introduction. Garfiel’s beast transformation very much resembles a muscular Garfield, so I think that’s why he was given this name.

    Maylie means resembling a wildflower. In most cultures, wildflowers represent joy, so maybe Maylie can be redeemed in Re:zero. Her last name, Portroute, Portrout, or Portrute, is an nonexistent name, so it might be a combination of two separate names, and I might have to think about what they could be. Maybe ‘port’ and ‘route’ will have to do since that’s what the subs used.

    Archi means genuine, brave, and bold. He was indeed brave and bold in doing what he could to save Emilia when Pandora invaded Elior Forest.

    The Subaru telescope was completed in 1998, and Subaru said in episode 3 that he turns 18 this year, suggesting that the two are highly likely to be of the same age (in 2016) and that perhaps a reason why Season 1 aired in 2016 was due to that. It could be an indication that, in addition to the number three, looking outward towards the stars is absolutely the right idea to have with regards to Re: zero.

    There is an asteroid designated 2137 Priscilla that orbits the Sun. There is also a crater on Earth’s moon named after Priscilla. 8744 Cilla is a Main Belt asteroid that is the same age as Subaru in 2016. There is also Barielle Falling Star nail polish. Maybe there is marketing potential with Priscilla and Barielle Falling Star nail polish in the future.

    18610 Arthurdent was named after Douglas Adams’ radio play and book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. That asteroid is also the same age as Subaru. There were many miscellaneous things (It was referred to as a trilogy even though there were more than three items, certain things released in 3 countries, etc.) related to three regarding that series. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy became an international phenomenon. Whether the same will apply to Re: zero remains to be seen. Douglas Adams himself co-wrote three stories for Doctor Who. Douglas Adams was a devout atheist. Felix Hormuth, the one who named 18610 Arthurdent, is a German astronomer and prolific discoverer of asteroids. 10660 Felixhormuth was named in his honour. There is a Felix De Roy crater on our moon. 1664 Felix is an asteroid.

    I believe that the Subaru telescope, the Cilla asteroid, and even the asteroid named after the Hitchhiker’s Guide being the same age as each other, and notably Subaru himself in 2016
    , show that the author is actually very ambitious. It seems to me that he would like stargazing to be associated with Re: zero and wants Subaru and Priscilla’s journey to be regarded as an epic love story. There are certainly many ways it could gain considerable mainstream relevance considering that Subaru itself is a car company, the possibility of a nail polish line inspired by Priscilla (not an uncommon name at all), many different male and female characters to appeal to as many people’s types as possible, the myriad of adaptations that could be spawned off from the franchise, referencing popular things, etc. There are certainly many sponsorship possibilities. Can Re: zero become the next The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy?

    Beatrice Fossa is a fossa on Pluto. It is named after Beatrice Portinary, who was the principle inspiration for Dante. Dante knew very little of her but put her on a pedestal much as Subaru does. Dante’s Divine Comedy, is seen as one of the greatest works of world literature, and the number three is made use of throughout it. The Divine Comedy is divided into three canticas, and the last word in each of the three canticas is stelle (“stars”). 83 Beatrix is a large Main Belt asteroid.

    There is a 159 Aemilia, a main-Belt asteroid. Emilia is also a crater on Venus.

    Felt is an improv show at iO Chicago, the improv theatre, that is performed by the Comet, an improv ensemble that performs iO’s the Harold. A Harold has three acts (or “beats”) that each have three scenes. I don’t know if this improv show is still ongoing.

    The alternative rock band, R.E.M., disbanded shortly before Nagatsuki Tappei started writing Re: zero. R.E.M. During 2011’s Record Store Day, the band released R.E.M. Three, a package of three 7-inch vinyl (three and seven are both important in Re: zero) singles from Collapse Into Now, the band’s final studio album. Ram is the name of an album by Paul McCartney of which also had three singles released.

    5 Astraea is a large Main Belt asteroid. 295 Theresia is a Main Belt asteroid. There is a Wilhelm crater on our Moon. A Wilhelm von Biela was the first to be credited with identifying Biela’s Comet to be periodic. There were three people who made claim to that, and considering the importance of three in Re: zero, one might think this was intentional. At the time, Biela’s Comet was also only the third comet known to be periodic. Reinhard Genzel is known as the man who revealed the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.

    Russell is a crater on our moon and also Mars. 83P/Russel 1, 89P/Russel, and 94P/Russel 4 are comets. Comet McNaught–Russell is a long period comet. 1762 Russell is a Main Belt asteroid. Rusty Schweickart is an American aeronautical engineer, a former NASA astronaut, a co-founder of the Association of Space Explorers, and a co-founder of the B612 Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to defending Earth from asteroid impacts. Russell’s teapot is an analogy used to illustrate that the philosophic burden of proof lies upon a person making scientifically unfalsifiable claims, rather than shifting the burden of disproof to others, specifically in the context of religion.

    There’s a Julius Caesar crater on our moon. Caesar’s Comet was perhaps the most famous comet of antiquity.

    182 Elsa is a Main Belt asteroid.

    Puck is a moon of Uranus.

    There is an impact basin on Mars called Argyre (instead of Argyle. No ‘l’ sound in Japanese).

    Karsten Homes are ENERGY STAR qualified homes.

    824 Anastasia is a Main Belt asteroid.

    There’s a Petra Moon Hotel.

    There’s an Otto Struve crater on our moon.

    42355 Typhon I Echidna is a moon of 42355 Typhon, a scattered disc object.

    93 Minerva is a large trinary main-belt asteroid.

    41 Daphne is a large asteroid from the asteroid belt.

    107 Carmilla is one of the largest asteroids from the outermost edge of the asteroid belt.

    5381 Sekhmet is an Aten asteroid whose orbit is sometimes closer to the Sun than the Earth’s.

    Pandora is the name of one of Saturn’s moons. 55 Pandora is an asteroid part of the asteroid belt.

    624 Hektor asteroid is the largest Jupiter trojan.

    The constellation of Aries means ram in Latin.

    3739 Rem is a main-belt asteroid.

    19 Fortuna is a main-belt Asteroid.

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