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5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2024 Week 02

Every week, I visit about 280 anime sites looking for posts that celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. These are my five favorite posts for the week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

You can see a list of the sites I check here: Massive List of Sites!

Anime Evo

Banished from the Hero’s Party S2 – 01 [First Look]

I changed jobs near the end of December, so I have like zero time to do watch anime. Well, not zero. But my time is wildly constrained. My new job’s with a great company, and I want to give it all the time I can. That’s why I’m only reviewing one new show this season.

My point here is that I really, really wanted to watch Banished From The Hero’s Party, I Decided To Live A Quiet Life In The Countryside Season 2. I enjoyed the first season, particularly the warmth Rit and Red showed for each other, as well as the dilemma Ruti found herself in. Well, it sounds like this is yet another candidate for my backlog, based on this review by FlareKnight on the site Anime Evo. What does FlareKnight say about this episode? I’ll give you a hint: it has a lot to do with Ruti! And does this show like its characters names starting with “R” or what?

Anime Feminist

Metallic Rouge – Episode 1

Since I have such limited time this season, deciding the single show I can review is torture. Well, not torture — I’m being hyperbolic. But it’s tough. I get one shot this season, and I want to get it right. I’ve watched a handful of new shows, among them Metallic Rouge. I struggled with this one. I’m a science fiction writer, and Metallic Rouge is a science fiction series. Am I going to like what they do to the tropes — the same tropes I’m using as building blocks? I’m pretty sure I was over-thinking it. But I didn’t need to, and Vrai Kaiser on the site Anime Feminist just spelled out the way to look at this episode. What was the deciding point? You’ll know it when you see it!


Here Are My Thoughts On The First Episode Of Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling was another show that made it to my short list of review contenders. The show has a lot going for it — so much that it made my decision very difficult! What was so appealing about the show? I’m glad you asked, because this review by ecargmura on the site ARUM JOURNAL tells it like it is. Or close to “like it is” as I saw it. Which I hope was like it was. Or something. It’s been a long week, you know? But posts like this make it all better. Go see what I mean!

Beneath the Tangles

First Impression: The Witch and the Beast

This is “Taunt The Crow with New Shows He Doesn’t Have Time To Watch” week on My Five Favorite Anime Blog Posts! This time, it’s Claire’s turn, on the site Beneath the Tangles, and the show is The Witch and the Beast. It sounds fantastic. I could describe what I read in Claire’s post, but we all know that’s just not a good idea in these posts. So, if you want to get excited about the show, head on over and read Claire’s post. But, please be careful: I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll want to add the show to your watch list if you do!

Merlin’s Musings

Her Happy Soon-to-Be Marriage

Finally! A review that doesn’t remind me how little time I have to review a new anime series! Oh, wait a second. It does remind me that my ever growing backlog is about to get even bigger! Well, we all want to live forever, right? So, why not plan for it!

What’s the show this time? It’s My Happy Marriage. The culprit? Merlin from Merlin’s Musings. I’m kidding, of course. The only thing Merlin is guilty of is writing an engaging, delightful review. Which is hardly a capital offense. Quite the opposite, in fact! Does that mean it’s a debt aid? You know, because debt’s the opposite of capital and… Okay, I’m a merciful man, so I’ll cut that nonsense short so you can go read Merlin’s post!

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11 thoughts on “5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2024 Week 02

  1. My favourite new show (non-sequel or spin-off of an existing title) this season is 7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy! I like strong female leads, and Rishe has lived many lives and has an abundance of confidence and lived experience. I look forward to finding out the reason or reasons for the start of the war that has inevitably killd Rishe in every loop so far.

    1. Thanks for suggesting the show! I’m half way through the third episode, and I think I’m getting a feel for where it’s heading — and it’s kinda cool. Appreciate you bringing it up!

      1. After the first three episodes, I’m wondering whether this series will have a happy ending for the leads. Arnold has already made it clear he hates his country, the Galkhein Empire, in both Episodes 2 and 3. In Episode 2, he made it clear he dislikes that Galkhein bills itself as a meritocracy when people of low social status/humble origins are looked down upon. He also said to Rishe: “This country doesn’t possess anything worth your admiration or longing.” In episode 3, Arnold said to Oliver that he didn’t bring Rishe here to be my wife to benefit the imperial family or the nation, which shows he has no intent of helping the Galkhein Empire out materially in every way.

        I wouldn’t call it the show’s subtext as it isn’t really hidden, but I believe the author wants readers and viewers to know that Arnold absolutely detests monarchies. Perhaps the whole reason for the world war that has killed Rishe in every loop so far is that Arnold wants to annihilate every monarchy in the world and start a worldwide revolution/reformation. He may have said during his negotiation with Rishe if it was for her that he’d be willing to do anything, but I wonder how true this will end up being if Rishe pushes back in any meaningful way upon learning about the utter contempt he has for his country and its ruling class.

        This show could end up being a clash of worldviews, and either Rishe forces Arnold to look at the world from a different perspective other than his own, or Rishe will have to kill him by exploiting his old wound from his younger days. I see it fitting Rishe’s character to try to reform Galkhein peacefully after Arnold has died to honour his desire for the world to change. I have never read any light novels, but I think this story’s climax (the light novel is still ongoing) will be Rishe going up against Arnold and trying to beat him in a battle of wills. Maybe a different approach will be taken, but what I described makes sense to me given how early in the show we are finding out what kind of man Arnold is.

        1. I’m wondering if it’s going to be happy as well!

          I get a sense you’re right about the narrative wanting us to understand that Arnold hating the monarchy. I also have a sense he’s in a state of despair. When he saw him kill Rische in a previous loop, he didn’t have the eyes of someone who hated those he killed. He killed because he was empty inside.

          Rische makes him laugh. She challenges him. I wonder if between the two of them, they could remake the kingdom. She’s resourceful enough. He’s powerful enough. The only question is whether this is a tragedy or a romance! Trope-wise, anyway.

  2. I totally agree! The review of Metallic Rouge by Anime Feminist was really good. They has some really good insights on the sci-fi anime genre, and brought some really interesting points up! It’s a good read.

    1. I was serious — the Anime Feminist review helped me re-frame my thinking about the show. I was being overly negative about it because I’m getting a bit too serious about my writing.

      Which is a problem. Serious Crow is no fun.

      So that post came at a good time for me!

  3. I’m glad that you thought my Solo Leveling review was good enough to be featured as there were a lot of reviews.

    I hope that you do well at your new job!

    1. I enjoyed reading your perspective of Solo Leveling! The show had a lot of hype, and I appreciated reading your honest opinion about it.

      Thanks! So far, so good!

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