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5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2024 Week 08

Every week, I visit over 290 anime sites looking for posts that celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. These are my five favorite posts for the week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

You can see a list of the sites I check here: Massive List of Sites!

Chikorita157’s Anime Blog

Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete – Episode 8 – The Division of Enormetta

It’s hard to say this and have confidence I’m going to be taken seriously. But I trust y’all, so here goes: Gushing over Magical Girls is dealing with some less than mainstream topics with narrative grace. Still here? Cool! Almost any story dealing with sexuality runs the risk of being treated poorly because of the content matter alone. But dealing with the kind of sexuality that Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete deals with is even more fraught with challenges.

The courage to take a look at Utena Hiiragi’s unique view of the world impressed me. The show impressed me even more when it happily went beyond that to show Azure’s plight. Then, in this episode, the show politely asked me to hold its beer and watch. Naturally, as someone who lives in Ohio, that got my interest! Something else that caught my interest is this post by chikorita157 on the site Chikorita157’s Anime Blog. My favorite part? Chikorita157 treated the episode as another narrative to be examined — without getting hung up on some of the content. I respect that mature perspective, and I think you will, too!

The Infinite Zenith

Welcoming Dewbond Back For a Retrospective Collaboration On Infinite Stratos, or, That Ridiculous Harem Show Masquerading as Science Fiction

There are a handful of shows that I can watch over, and over, and over. Infinite Stratos is one of them. Season One. I do not speak of Season Two. But Season One? One of my favorite series to watch if I just want to smile and get away from the world. Yes. That’s often. And yes. I can still watch this show that often.

I could try to tell you why (which I did in my reviews of the first season episodes). You might not believe me. Which is fine; I readily admit my bias. But I found what might be the definitive discussion of the series, which in my really-not-humble-at-all opinion, exonerates me entirely. The post I’m talking about is a combined effort between two anime experts, infinitezenith and Dewbond, on the site The Infinite Zenith. I think this might well be the most in-depth, enjoyable, and informative post I’ve read about Infinite Stratos. And that’s saying a lot, because I’ve read a most of them. See if you agree!

Lita Kino Anime Corner

Akebi’s Encouragment Power

Akebi’s Sailor Uniform earned a spot on my backlist on the strength of its visuals alone. The show looks stunning! But I might have to watch it sooner than later, based on this post by Lita X on the site Lita Kino Anime Corner. There are certain character tropes that speak to me, and Lita X’s description of Komichi Akebi’s role in the story captured my interested. Until I can watch it, at least I can read Lita X’s perspective on the matter! And so can you!


Go! Princess Precure 02: A Wild Ojou Appears

At first, I joked about there being a conspiracy to get me to watch shows like Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure. And now, it’s like I can’t turn around without bumping into one of the apparently infinite number of series and movies in that franchise! This time, it’s Go! Princess Pretty Cure. And — this comes as no surprise –the writer is pkemner on the site Paul He makes no secret that he wants to convert us all to franchise fans. I mean, just look at his site’s tagline: “– especially Precure, because it’s excellent and nobody talks about it.” Full disclosure: I’ve started watching Soaring Sky! And yes — I’m enjoying it. So it seems like pkemner has been right all along!

USA Anime

The Apothecary Diaries, episode 19

I really have to start watching The Apothecary Diaries. The art looks gorgeous, and the Maomao, the main character, is all kinds of interesting. But based on this post by Theron on the site USA Anime, the show has something else going for it — a well-crafted narrative. Not in an academic sense, where a professors lectures about the merits of how the writer timed the emotional beats. But in the visceral sense, where the story draws the viewer into a world that, for the duration of the story, feels very, very real. Theron’s post impressed me so much I’m thinking about how I can juggle my work load to start watching this show sooner than later! See if you have a similar reaction.

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14 thoughts on “5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2024 Week 08

  1. My main takeaway from this latest episode of 7th Time Loop is that Arnold probably has connections to the mafia or a criminal network, and that is how he has set the stage for a world war in all of the previous 6 lives Rishe lived before making it to this loop. That criminal network would be how he has spread his name as being one of a ruthless terror on the battlefield to foreign countries while keeping his policies that benefit commoners unnoticed.

    That would be why the proprietor of the jewelry in this episode doesn’t visit the palace, and the entrance to her property is in a back alley. I suspect that Arnold ensured that he and Rishe were wearing hoods to prevent people from noticing that they were looking to do business with an unbecoming establishment.

    1. I still need to watch it, but that makes sense. Arnold’s plans are still very mysterious, to the point where I suspect there is, as you’ve suggested, something nefarious going on.

  2. I should work in some other shows on the blog, at least for short mentions.
    Thanks for the mention! Seeing Princess Precure a second time, after learning about Takahashi’s vision for Precure is a real trip, and I’m more used to looking for sakuga tricks now. Noticing more connections with Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete as it goes along adds an extra dimension.

    Akebi’s a sweet series with an iyashikei vibe. It could easily have been a set-up for bullying, but they avoided that entirely. One of the stories has a girl bringing her dad’s guitar to her dorm room as a prop, and Akebi is excited to hear her play. The girl learns guitar from scratch, and finally plays a song for Akebi. Pure gold.

    I enjoyed the start of Apothecary Diaries so much I’m on book 3 of the light novels.

    You’re in Ohio? Come up to Penguicon in Ann Arbor, and I’ll put you on a bunch of anime panels!

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for finally convincing me to watch Precure.

      You’re involved with Penguicon? I just looked it up, and it’s described as “science fiction fandom and Linux user groups.” Those are two of my favorite things! And the next one is in April 2024? I can’t make it this year (just changed jobs), but I’ll think about it for 2025. Thanks for mentioning it!

      Not sure I want to be _on_ panels, but I’d love to attend them! And maybe in a year, I can sell enough books that I might register in the “science fiction fandom” category!

      1. The literature track isn’t anything to be sneezed at either. Lately I’ve been doing more anime panels there, but Amal El-Mohtar, Mary Anne Mohanraj, and Charlie Jane Anders, have been on panels I’ve pitched and moderated. And had some chats with Brandon Sanderson before he got super-famous. They have a “writers block” bookstore that sells the books of attending authors- even mine have sold there.

        It started out SF/Open Source, but now it’s expanded to just about anything people are passionate about. We’re building back from the COVID, but take a look at the 2019 schedule:

  3. TCrow, I surmise there is a reason that Witch Cult Gospels are only understandable to their owners, and I believe that whatever the mechanism behind the Gospels’ magic Gospels are only understandable to their owners ’cause the creator of the Gospels doesn’t want anyone finding out their true purpose, which I speculate to be to shepherd the world to the desired future of Echidna, Pandora, Satella, the other Witches of Sin aside from Hector, Subaru from 400 years ago, and whoever else was involved from that time period.

    Whether it be individual Witch Cult members or people opposed to the Witch Cult, only the owners of the Gospels can understand the text from their Gospels because this magic is meant to prevent anyone from interfering with the plan by finding out that Gospels are meant to develop Subaru’s (and sometime Emilia’s) character so that he makes the choice his past self didn’t do 400 years ago, which is to kill Satella, and Emilia makes the choice to allow Satella to possess her when the time comes in order to save the world.

    I believe the ultimate goal of the Gospels, which I believe are Echidna’s creations and linked to her mind, (possibly due to them being partially made from strands of her hair much like her tea is made of her body fluids) is to as much as possible, guide Witch Cult members to keep the world on the path to their desired future. Slight straying from the path can be fixed with Pandora’s ability, which I speculate allows her to undo events she was directly involved with. I believe these characters had no faith that the world would reach a good path on its own since at least some of them peered through Echidna’s Tome of Wisdom, which required this very heavy-handed approach.

    There is a basis to believe this in the anime when Minerva said that sometimes good things happen from Echidna’s evil plots, which shows that the dead Witches of Sin are in on Echidna’s plans, whether they be stopping Subaru from accepting Echidna’s contract even though Echidna strongly favoured Subaru rejecting her contract or other things. I believe a large group of characters from 400 years are trying to steer the world away from destruction with the Seal in the Elior Forest one day being open under unfavourable conditions, so they plan to forcefully open it under their own terms using Subaru and Emilia and that everything that has happened so far in Re:zero is meant to push Subaru and Emilia to that very specific future.

    I believe if this Seal is opened that there will be droves and droves of creatures that cause AoE damage just from existing and that not our current heroes, not even Reinhard, could prevent the world from being destroyed in that case, which would require Satella to possess Emilia since Satella’s power is necessary to counter this threat that emerges from the Seal, most likely because powerful yin magic is needed to handle said threat. I believe Satella knows full well that she needs to be put down after she takes care of the threat from the Seal, and that is part of the reason she requested that Subaru come kill her since she will not have full control of herself and because this is one of the final pieces of the plan those characters from 400 years ago came up with.

    The reason I believe Satella will possess Emilia is because I believe the Gospels’ purpose is to guide the world to one specific future, and if that is the case, when Petelgeuse said in Episode 24 that if Emilia proves to be a suitable vessel that they will put the Witch in her, and she will return on the coming fated day, that shows that that is the desired future that the characters from 400 years ago have been working toward for centuries.

    1. You’ve assembled a self-consistent narrative here. It makes a lot of sense.

      I have to ask, and it’s same question i’d ask the writer: if Satella must come back to counter the Seal’s threat, it makes sense she’d possess Emilia. But why does she have to die afterward? Why not just banish her from corporeal form when she’s done?

      The answer might be there and I just don’t see it. It’s something that’s been bugging me, though. Not about your theory. I think your ideas are consistent with the foreshadowing the series has given us. My question is to the narrative.

      1. As for why Satella couldn’t just be banished from corporeal form when she has countered the Seal’s threat, maybe the pieces just aren’t there for that to happen in the present. We know that 400 years ago, Satella was sealed by 3 entities, the legendary dragon everybody in Lugunica knows, a hero, and also a sage. Although the dragon still exists, we have no idea whether there is an equivalent hero and a sage today who along with the dragon can make a seal powerful enough to hold Satella.

  4. Oo, I haven’t read these yet, thanks for the heads up! Lita’s post looks particularly good. Oh, have you seen any new posts from Irina’s I Drink and Watch Anime blog? I haven’t seen anything pop up on my WP reader from her in a while. Did something happen and I just was totally out of the loop? I thought if anybody knew, it would be you Tcrow. You read a lot of posts!

    1. You’re welcome!

      I haven’t seen anything from Irina’s site since January 22. I expected her to throttle back after this March 2023 post of hers:

      She had been posting daily for years. Until recently, I had only done it for four or five years, and it was a monster. She’d done it far longer.

      I remembered reading that she might watch some shows with friends, which might make it had to manage the review cycle (planning when to write/write/publish):

      That was in the second week of January.

      I don’t know anything for sure. I _suspect_ she’s taking a well-deserved break. My only worry is that she usually warns her readership if she’ll be away. That said, I hope it’s that she’s enjoying watching anime with friends.

      I’m sure she’ll be pleased you thought enough of her work to ask!

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