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5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2024 Week 24

Every week, I visit over 260 anime sites looking for posts that celebrate amazing moments in anime or otherwise blow me away with their wit and charm. These are my five favorite posts for the week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

You can see a list of the sites I check here: Massive List of Sites!

Anime Evo

Hibike! Euphonium 3 – 10

Sound Euphonium Season 3 is just that good. That’s hardly a controversial statement, either in the context of the wider anime fan community or in the context of FlareKnight’s reviews (like this one) on Anime Evo. So that’s not why FlareKnight’s post struck me this week. Of course, the post showcases his usual level of entertaining insight into the story and its characters. But this week, he went above and beyond — and it had a lot to do with what he said about Asuka Tanaka. Remember her? Red glasses? Big scene with Kumiko “The Floof” Oumae near the end of a previous season? You’ll need to read the post to see what I mean. Let’s just say that I approve of FlareKnight’s opinion of Asuka!


Grandpa And Grandma Turn Young Again Episode 10 Review – Grandparents’ Daily Lives

There’s something really wholesome about Grandpa And Grandma Turn Young Again. I get a great vibe from the show. I get a similar vibe from ecargmura’s posts about the show on the site ARUM JOURNAL. ecargmura has been able to capture the show’s whimsy and its adorable relationship between Ine and Shouzou. This review is a great example of that light and humorous touch!

Lost in Anime

Dungeon Meshi (Delicious in Dungeon) – 24 (Season Finale)

This might come as a shock to some of you, but I actually watched a series that had been on my back log: Delicious in Dungeon. In retrospect, maybe I should have warned you to sit down before reading that sentence. That had to come as quite a shock! But what did not come as a shock was Guardian Enzo’s post in Lost in Anime. Guardian Enzo has a keen analytical eye — an eye he turned on Delicious in Dungeon over its 24 episode run. Did he think it nailed its landing in episode 24? Based on the idea that I celebrate posts that celebrate anime, you can probably guess! But there’s only one way to know for sure!

Mechanical Anime Reviews


One of the things I enjoy most about the anime blogger community is its depth of experience. I’ve watched a lot of series across a lot of years, so I think it’s delightful when other bloggers not only find and enjoy series I’ve never heard of — they also share that enjoyment with us! Here’s an excellent case in point: Scott’s post on Mechanical Anime Reviews about the series Sand Land: The Series. I’d seen images from it, but I didn’t know its name. And now I do! What’s more, I want to see it based on the strength of Scott’s description! See if you have a similar reaction!

Merlin’s Musings

My Top Ten Saddest Scenes in Anime

I have to say, Merlin’s on a roll with his top 10 lists on the site Merlin’s Musings. Last week, it was a top ten list dealing with mech anime. This week, it’s a list of the top ten saddest scenes in anime. I remember number 6 feeling like a punch in the gut — the kind you see coming but can’t stop. Number 4 hit hard, too. Number 2 was no emotional walk in the park. But his top pick? Damn. I got sad just seeing the graphic. The first time I saw that scene, damn. Just damn. If you watched the episode he’s taking about, see if you had a similar reaction!

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10 thoughts on “5 Favorite Anime Blog Posts from 2024 Week 24

  1. TCrow, for the last season of Demon Slayer, I got overly carried away with trying to extrapolate the situation with Tanjiro to everybody else who developed a mark and also Genya.

    To recap things, after Tanjiro had a near-death experience defeating Gyutaro, the Upper 6 at the time, he lost his superior sense of smell and his above average vitality. It’s only after another near-death experience with the Yoriichi Type Zero doll that he had a vision/visit to the astral/spiritual plane where he was being carried across the river to death but decided to jump when he saw something shiny, picking up a shiny blue rock that gave him back his superior sense of smell and vitality, which saved him from death.

    Given when Tanjiro’s mark appeared it showed his mark matching with Yoriichi’s, I speculated that Tanjiro was born with the essence of Yoriichi, which allows him to tap into Yoriichi’s power ’cause Yoriichi for some reason didn’t reincarnate and ended up as a special essence due to unfinished business, which might have been the elimination of Muzan, which would eventually bring about the end of demons given he once defeated but didn’t completely eliminate Muzan.

    Genya revealed implicitly in last week’s episode that the reason for his regenerative powers is because he ate demons and became demon-like, which is why he can’t die unless his head is cut off can can transform into a demon temporarily, not because he had the essence of a demon that didn’t reincarnate.

    While I was off about the reason for the marks and Genya’s traits, I still believe Tanjiro still has the essence of Yoriichi in him which allows him to channel Yoriichi’s power.

    1. I still have to start watching this season. Since it kicked off late, it fell off my radar. Hard to believe I have a Demon Slayer season in my back log! I used to review it!

      1. The season is pretty mediocre to be honest. There ways to make a training arc engaging, and Demon Slayer has given viewers the most boring training tasks to watch available.

  2. Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again really is underrated! It’s so wholesome. I can’t believe tomorrow is the finale.

  3. TCrow, now I make the case that Priscilla telling Subaru she loves him will be the catalyst for Emilia trying to take the next step in her relationship with Subaru.

    I believe Emilia continuing to keep Subaru out of important meetings based on Arc 3 will cause some friction between them. While it made sense for Emilia to set boundaries between her and Subaru since Subaru is an outsider and ’cause she has no recollection of her helping him in an alleyway that Subaru so fondly remembers, I believe continuing to do this in the long run could potentially hurt their relationship.

    Yeah, Emilia probably needed to set boundaries between her and Subaru after he called Roswaal, (her backer in the Royal Selection and whose home she lives in) a clown (and if you say he only said it to Roswaal once, Subaru was still calling Roswaal a clown in Arc 4, so I don’t consider it a stretch that Subaru called Roswaal a clown in every loop of Arc 2 especially since one the plot points of Arc 2 was that he was trying to reproduce what happened in the first loop. He just disrespects Roswaal that much for his makeup) and after his disrespect to Julius and his outburst at the castle, but if she still excludes Subaru from further meetings, that shows she might be keeping Subaru out from too much despite their relationship improving in Arc 4.

    Emilia’s first real impression of Subaru outside of a life-threatening situation being Subaru calling Roswaal a clown has most likely set the tone of her relationship with Subaru in that she sees him as being very much like a child. When coupled with Subaru’s detestable behaviour during his first meeting with Julius and his outburst at the Royal Castle, it only served to further show that Subaru is a child in Emilia’s eyes.

    Even Subaru drawing all over the Sanctuary trial chamber, while very well-meaning, probably reinforced to Emilia that Subaru is a child. Yes, I know Subaru intended to give Emilia support in doing that, but from Emilia’s perspective, she probably would’ve personally preferred Subaru staying with her through the night rather than what he actually ended up doing. Yes, even if you think Subaru objectively made the right decision, I’m saying Emilia can still prefer it if Subaru had done something else.

    And yes, Emilia was absolutely treating Subaru like a child in Arc 3 with how she was holding his hand ’cause she was afraid of what he’d do if he was alone. It was quite disrespectful on some level.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking… Why on Earth would it be Priscilla of all people who is the spark to changing the dynamic between Emilia and Subaru? I can think of a reason why Priscilla of all people would be the catalyst for forcing Emilia to confront what she feels for Subaru. It would be that Priscilla’s standing as a Royal Selection candidate makes Emilia see Priscilla as more of a threat to her and Subaru’s relationship than somebody else of lesser standing.

    Emilia made a point that she wants all people to be equal, but I sense she wants all races to be equal and isn’t arguing for the elimination of status outright. I haven’t read the novel, so I may not be on the right track, but if Emilia makes remarks that hint at or draw attention to Subaru’s status as HER knight (to highlight her higher status), it’d be a sign I have the right idea about this.

    Even if Rem were to wake up (or an outsider pursued Subaru), she would still be Roswaal’s servant much like Subaru is (or of possibly even lower status), resulting in Emilia potentially not taking Rem (or the outsider) as seriously as she should as a threat to her relationship. Emilia notably has self-esteem issues, and one way she might cope with that is thinking herself as being special for her status as a Royal Selection candidate.

    This could be one of the reasons she takes Subaru for granted. Priscilla, unlike Rem, is a Royal Selection candidate, and I suspect Emilia seeing Priscilla confess to Subaru would make Emilia feel threatened given she would see Priscilla as being someone of the same status at her, and if Subaru is good enough for Priscilla, it would increase the urgency of the situation and make Emilia feel that she needs to act.

    I do consider what I described as being a legitimate avenue Tappei can explore with Emiiia’s character, and it might be the next stage in Emilia’s character development even if won’t happen for many more arcs.

    1. Season 3’s still starting in October, right? So we might not have long to wait.

      I think I followed your logic, and I don’t see any flaws. I’m not sure if Emilia sees Subaru as a child, but there’s no doubt he’s culturally unsophisticated. Maybe that’s a distinction without a difference, but my suspicion is that she sees him as a potential romantic interest (i.e., not a child) but a potential liability from a political perspective.

      Maybe. Subaru has mended a few fences along the way. But it’s clear he’s not diplomatically savvy.

      1. I believe seeing Subaru as a potential romantic interest and seeing him as a child are not mutually exclusive things. Emilia did hold Subaru’s hand in Arc 3 ’cause she was afraid of what he might do on his own.

        Subaru may now be her knight with their relationship having improved, but from her perspective, Emilia may still see that she is at least 100 years older (perhaps even more) than he is despite being frozen for most of that time.

        We’ll see whether Subaru will still be diplomatically unsavvy in Season 3, but I feel the point of Arc 3 was learning to negotiate and not treat people as NPCs, which is how the alliance with the Crusch camp is formed.

        As such, I see it as potentially being character regression for him to still be diplomatically unsavvy given he was taught to think about other people’s motivations aside from his own in Season 1.

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