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12 thoughts on “6 Examples of Women’s Armor That Might Actually, You Know, Protect Them!

  1. That was an interesting list. It’s so true with so many female characters having impractical armor in battle in anime, comics, and movies. It’s amazing that you found that many characters who would qualify for this list.

    1. Thanks! It took me awhile — months, actually! I even had to cheat with at least Mikasa… Still, it was fun to write. Glad you thought it was interesting!

  2. I am amazed you found six examples for this list. When I saw the title I couldn’t think of any off the top of my head. Great list and we definitely need more women in armour that actually works as armour.

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it! Candidly, it took me about 3 months to come up with the first 5 — and then Centorea just occurred to me as I was writing about Mikasa. railgunfan75 suggested Darkness from Konosuba and Saber/Arcturia; Curiously Dead Cat suggested Bort (not so much having armor as being armor!).

      But I agree — I’d like to have more examples!

  3. Don’t know about Centorea: that breasts-plate seems like a nightmare that would hurt her even just running. You want to fix big breasts while moving around a lot, not squeeze them into metal, where they automatically hit something if they bounce. You don’t want to take a full frontal blow with that armour. (Not an expert; I may be wrong.)

    1. Interesting point. Maybe there’s leather cushioning under her armor? And Zeke Changuris (@zekechanguris) shared an interesting Youtube video:

      Centorea’s armor might be more realistic than we give it credit for!

      Well, excepting that’s she’s a centaur and all…

      1. That’s an interesting video, but it doesn’t really address my point. Note that both Katalina’s and Alicetelia’s armours have emphasised, aesthetically, the breast area, but the armour desing makes sense. They’re different approaches: Katalina’s armour simulates bound breasts, or a sports bra, if you will, while Alicetelia’s armour has the top-down approach. Centorea’s armour is only one of those designed to have the breasts hang inside the armour. With this design, you can’t tie your breasts to stop them from moving around, you have to “lift them in”. Basically, the armour enhances breast mobility by design (this is not a sentence I ever saw myself typing).

        1. I was a little out of my depth in this conversation, so I consulted with the women folk in my life. The consensus is that a) you’re right, she absolutely needs support and b) the screen cap I used for Centorea “could work.”

          The only other thing I’d add is that I don’t think Centorea would have a lot of movement in the armor as is, because I think she’s likely fill it. But without more analysis than I think it healthy, it’s hard to say for sure!

  4. The whole unpractical armor has been a thing which certainly has perplexed me since I started watching anime. This is a list of amazing characters. I had honestylr forgot of Emi’s battle gear until you mentioned it. I have no qualms about Mikoto beings on the list for obvious reasons. I mean it is practical and smart what she is wearing. I think Darkness from Konosuba would qualify for the list. Yeah you would think she wouldn’t wear armor because she likes to take a beating but there she is with a full set.

    1. Good point about Darkness! I didn’t include her because I think I focused on how much she likes pain. So maybe she self-selected poor choice in armor! I had stuck in my mind the idea that a skirt meant the armor was less practical, and that’s why I excluded Arturia/Saber, too. I might have to rethink that, and if I do, Darkness will likely make the next post.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      1. Yeah Saber has occurred to me as a possibility as well. I think in both cases the armor is far more practical than many you see. It’s certainly an interesting topic where you can debate whether a bunch of characters would qualify.

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