Alice & Zouroku Episode 6: The New Family and a Considerate Stranger

Quick Summary of Alice & Zouroku Episode 6

In Alice & Zouroku episode 6, The Kashimura FamilySana enjoys some quiet time after the traumatic events of the last episodes. She kind of tries to fit in, but she’s so accustomed to using her powers that following Zouroku Kashimura’s rules remains a challenge. She’s supposed to wait for Zouroku after a haircut, but what do you think she does? Will she use her powers to find her way home? Or will she follow the rules? And what was in the envelope that Ryuu Naitou gave to Zouroku?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious!

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What Happened in Alice & Zouroku Episode 6

Sana’s Habits Work Against Her

Sana’s trying to fit in, but some of her habits are pretty ingrained… Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Sana enjoys living with Zouroku and Sanae Kashimura, but little things frustrate her. Because Zouroku tells her she can’t just use her powers all the time, she has to brave the cold to turn on the light or retrieve the newspaper. As Sanae fixes her hair, Sana asks why she can’t use her power. Sanae explains that Zouroku’s worried about her and doesn’t want her to neglect her physical health and stamina. Sanae goes to school and Sana follows Zouroku to the flower shop.

Sana starts the walk with high energy, to the extent that Zouroku suggests she might look into a career as a singer. Ten minutes later, she runs out of energy and tries to use her Mirror Gate to levigate. Zouroku chews her out, saying that she should think before using her power. She’s exhausted by the time they arrive at the shop, but a juice box helps her recover. Her hair’s so long that she trips over it as she tries to throw away the juice box. 

Sana accompanies Zouroku and his two employees to their a job site, which is an engagement party for the crime boss Zouroku delivered a flower arrangement to in the first episode. Apparently, the flower arrangement did its job! Sana almost trips over her hair again before she talks to the young woman engaged to the mob boss. They talk about what it means to be a family. That night, she and Sanae talk about family, too, but by the time she goes to bed, Sana is still confused about what a family really is.

Sana’s New Haircut

The future bride startled Sana, but they soon talked happily about what it meant to be family. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Because she loves styling it every morning, Sanae’s distraught that Sana’s decides to get her hair cut, but she takes some solace that Sana’s hair will eventually grow back. Zouroku drops Sana off at a beauty shop, while he runs some errands that include picking up an envelope from Naitou. The latter complained mightily about the effort he had to expend, but he still seemed happy about it. Meanwhile, Sana is delighted by her new “bob” haircut. She tries to wait for Zouroku, but since he was a few minutes late, she, being Sana, goes looking for him. A cat distracts her, and she ends up lost. Zouroku nearly panics when he finds her missing, and he tries to retrace her steps. The nearby shop keepers help him, but none of them saw her after she started chasing the cat.

By the time she gives up on the cat, Sana realizes she’s lost. She’s about to use her power when she remembers Zouroku telling her to think first. A salaryman walking home sees her alone and calls the police. They pick her up and call Zouroku. As he’s carrying her home on his back, the two apologize to each other — her for not waiting, him for not being on time. He tells her to use her power to summons him next time. She’s amazed, because she thought he wanted her to never use her power. He tells her he just wants her to be wise about about it.

He admits it’s part of what makes Sana Sana. That night, when they get home, he calls her to a family meeting with Sanae. He shows her what was in the envelope that Naitou had given him: adoption papers for Sana. He asks if she wants to become an official members of the Kashimura family. Sana’s so happy that she asks Sanae to join her in a happy dance. That night, she practices writing her name until she gets it right. The next morning, when she retrieves the newspaper, she reveals the Kashimura name plate. The name Sana’s been added to it.

Sana’s happy that Zouroku accepts her powers — he just wants her to use them wisely! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

What I Liked about Alice & Zouroku Episode 6

Zouroku is a Good Boss

After the high-stakes combat in the last episode (and the gunshot in the one before that!), the slow pacing throughout this episode was pleasant. For example, watching Sanae’s major struggle being trying to reach the sugar while staying under the kotatsu was a lot easier on my heart than seeing Sana shot in the leg!

Sana’s still a terrible liar. She’s standing in the bathroom, soaked head to toe, and she tried to convince Zouroku that the pipes somehow malfunctioned. He’s a lot more patient with her than I expected; maybe, as Naitou later suggested, he’s mellowed a bit!

So Sana’s good at math? How cool is that? I also thought it was neat that Shizuku Ichijou was the one supplying homework to Sana. I think Ichijou’s going to be a great role model.

The series continues to nail Sana’s little girl-ness: she’s easily bored, she just blurts out whatever she’s thinking; she has absolutely no tact (but she’s not mean). I’m continuing to enjoy Hitomi Ohwada’s voice acting work with Sana.

Zouroku seems like a good boss. He gives our deserved praise, and his staff seems to appreciate it! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Zouroku seems like a good boss. He’s exacting, but when his employee got her first bouquet right, he gave her the thumbs up. The good thing about his approach? When he delivers praise, it’s an auspicious occasion!

Sana and Flower Arrangements

I wonder if I was the only one who half-expected Sana to wreak havoc on the flower arrangements while they setup for the engagement party (Yuino?)? When she gestured at the lilies and asked what they were, I expected her to accidentally destroy the stand or something!

I laughed at the noise Zouroku made when Naitou said he’s eaten the little pig Sana had created a few episodes back. Of course, Naitou was kidding (or so he said!).

Zouroku’s usually very calm and measured, but when he discovered Sana wasn’t waiting for him, he seemed on the verge of panic. It was a nice little gesture of how much he’s come to care about her.

Zouroku tells her to use her power to call him next time she gets lost (of course, he knows she’ll get lost again!). He also tells her he’d rather not end up on a cargo ship next time, but he still encouraged her to use her powers. I think it’s great that he’s not asking her to not be herself; he’s asking her to learn to control herself while strengthening her body. I think it’s amazing that we see an example of such a good father-figure in Zouroku. There are so few such examples! Each one is precious!

I couldn’t tell for sure, but I think Sana was happy about becoming a Kashimura. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I think Sana’s always trusted Zouroku, especially since she could read his mind. But I think even she was surprised that he recognized that her powers were part of what made her unique. I think in that moment, she gained an even deeper appreciation of the safety and security she had found in Zouroku.

Sana’s reaction to the adoption papers was precious. After everything she’s been though, having such a happy moment that was not only the result of Zouroku and Sanae’s work, but also of Ichijou and Naitou, was very satisfying.

What I Liked Less about Alice & Zouroku Episode 6

This feeling of peace and calm? This appreciation of a family coming together? I like those. What I don’t like is the memory of Minnie (Miriam) C. Tachibana putting a bullet in Sana’s leg. This series has the potential to throw a wrench in all this domestic peace, and I don’t like the feeling that it might end. One episode of peace, and I’m already thinking it’s the status quo! What’s wrong with me?

Thoughts about Alice & Zouroku Episode 6

Sana doesn’t like being lost, but faced much worse before! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This episode was a huge change of pace from the first 5! The biggest danger Sana faced this week was getting lost. After escaping from that horrible search facility, dealing with human strangers while being lost would be no trouble for her at all. It’s no wonder Zouroku didn’t immediately go to the police. Sana was less in danger and more simply inconvenienced!

As pleasant as this is, though, I can’t shake the feeling that this world’s not done being cruel to Sana. Now that she’s finally part of a family, the stakes for her, not to mention Sanae and Zouroku, are higher. She’s gained more, so now she has more to lose. After seeing her smile when Zouroku accepted her powers as part of her, I’m not really inclined to see her in serious danger again!

Well, it is classified as mystery/adventure, so I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of danger yet.

What do you think? Would you welcome a respite from the stress? Are you willing to see large-scale Mirror Gate combat again? Let me know in the comments!

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