Episode Guide

Alice & Zouroku Episode Guide

Alice & Zouroku Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Red Queen Escapes

Alice & Zouroku – A Chilling Escape and Mayhem in the Streets

Episode 2: Dreams of Alice

Alice & Zouroku – Giant Pancakes and Flying Piglets

Episode 3: Cards

Alice & Zouroku – Back into the Fire

Episode 4: Something Not Human

Alice & Zouroku Ep 4 – Gunfire and a Stern Talking To

Episode 5: Home To Return To

Alice & Zouroku Ep 5: A Tenacious Enemy and a Beautiful View

Episode Recap

Alice & Zouroku Ep SP: What Has Passed, What Is to Come

Episode 6: The Kashimura Family

Alice & Zouroku Ep 6: The New Family and a Considerate Stranger

Episode 7: Friends

Alice & Zouroku Ep 7: Feeling Frazzled and a Chance Meeting

Episode 8: The Evil Witch

Alice & Zouroku Ep 8: A Loyal Friend and More Frazzled Feelings

Episode 9: Where the Cheshire Cat Smiles

Alice & Zouroku Ep 9: The Lonely Witch and Vengeful Queen

Episode 10: The Little Queen

Alice & Zouroku Ep 10: A Sorta Accepted Apology and the Collapse of Wonderland

Episode 11: The Queen and the Witch

Alice & Zouroku Ep 11: A Rescue Mission and Purpose Rediscovered

Episode 12: I’m Home

Alice & Zouroku Ep 12: Zouroku’s Authority and Sana’s New Friends

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