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Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12: Favorites

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Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12 – Quick Summary

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 12, “Nobody Knows What the Future Holds!,” Kanie and Sento started at the counter in shock. Even after all of the soccer fans came through the gates, they were still 252 guests short! And they only have three hours left. Does Kanie have any friends he can call? Does Moffle have any acquaintances outside of the park? Are there any wives with whom Tiramie cheated who he can trick into tracking him down – on the park side of the admission gates?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

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Favorite Quote from Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12: Sento was surprised at Kanie's candor

Of all the people there, Sento probably had the best chance of understanding where Kanie was coming from. She had tried to do his job, after all. Capture from the Blu Ray.

Kanie went on quite a journey of personal development in this series, didn’t he? He went from getting lost in admiration as he looked at a reflection of himself in the mirror to my favorite quote. All in the space of twelve episodes!

They had done it. The cast and crew had pulled together to break the 50,000 minimum number of park attendees. They had, in fact, exceeded the count – by three moms. I still feel bad for what Sento had to endure to get visitors 49,998, 49,999, and 50,000.

After the park had closed, Kanie stood before the assembled cast and crew. His opening remarks sounded a lot like the Kanie we first met, albeit with a more refined sense of humor. Then, he practically broke down in tears.

He said (11:48), “But… In the end… I was powerless to do anything. W-we reached out target… thanks to every single one of you. Y-you have my thanks!”

Sento was astonished. And very, very appreciative.

Favorite Moment from Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12: Latifa felt shocked to realize she could remember

And that’s how you do a happy ending. Capture from the Blu Ray.

Setup: Emotionally Effective Scenes Take Work to Set Up

Attention to detail is what made my favorite moment so special to me. Kyoto Animation has this way of evoking emotion from wonderfully fluid animation. Between that and making me care so much about the characters, I’ve found that this studio has delivered some of the most powerful moments I’ve experienced in anime. 

It’s not just the animation and characterization, though. It’s the dramatic setup. In true “it’s darkest just before the dawn” form (which is weird way to say it, if you think about it, because it’s clearly darker in the middle of a moonless night), this episode drove home just how cruel the sorcerer’s curse was for Latifa

Moffle and Sento had said their goodbyes and had gone off to wait for midnight. That left the princess alone with Kanie. She had tried to put on a brave face. She had tried to stay strong for the three of them. But in the moments before midnight, she faltered.

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12: Near midnight, Latifa's facade began to crumble

It was tough watching her try to stay strong. Capture from the Blu Ray.

I think it was because she saw Kanie as someone strong enough to bear her tears. Because I’ll tell you what – it had to take no little amount of strength to witness that. Especially since those tears represented Kanie’s nightmare. He had failed before. Now, he was on the verge of failing again.

It’s not my favorite moment, but Latifa’s words set it up. To Kanie, she said (15:41), “Actually… Actually, this isn’t what I want! Not after I got to meet you, not after the days I spent with everyone! Not after such a wonderful miracle happened tonight! I can’t bear that in just a few minutes, I’ll forget all of that!”

He listened to her. He faced his own nightmare. And then he did the only thing he could to do help her: he pulled her into a hug.

Delivery: Pulling Us into a Moment

“This is all I can do for you,” he told her (16:16).

Even then, even when she’d given up hope, she still thought of his feelings. “It’s lovely,” she told him.

Then came my favorite moment. Moffle and Sento had been on the princess’s garden terrace. They had tried to deal with the feelings as best they could. Sento finally noticed that a nearby tree was blooming profusely. “Has it ever bloomed this much?” she wondered (17:08). 

Kanie came onto the terrace. In his arms, he held Latifa. It was now ten minutes after twelve. The three of them looked at her unconscious form. Kanie announced that he had failed, once again. That was when Latifa stirred. She looked up at the man holding her and said, “Kanie?”

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12: Latifa had muttered Kanie's name before she realized what it meant

She remembered his name. Capture from the Blu Ray.

Moffle realized it first. She remembered! She remembered Kanie’s name! Remember everything I said about Kyoto Animation’s awesome animation? They made it look like magic. I didn’t sit here thinking, “Wow! Great animation!” I thought, “Oh, my God, she remembered!”

Comprehension dawned on her, to be replaced by sheer joy. She gasped and brought her hands to her mouth (17:44). The voice acting, the music, the animation – it all came together. The whole series had been building to this moment. And it was beautiful. 

Moments like this are why I watch anime. It’s why I read fiction. Almost every series and almost every episode has something special about it. But this moment stands tall among those that have affected me the most.  

What did you think of Tiramie putting his life on the line to bring in just a few more visitors? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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  1. OMG, yes! I loved the ending of this series! It’s one of the few series that after the credits roll on the last episode I think to myself, “Yeah, this is how a story should end.” There are a lot of anime that at the end I can think of at least a half a dozen different ways that the story could have ended and it would have been just as good or maybe even a little better. But with Amagi Brilliant Park, I honestly can’t think of a way that would have been as fulfilling, joyous, and compete as the ending that we got.

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