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Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 5: Favorites

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Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 5 – Quick Summary

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 5, “Not Enough Money!,” Kanie has to own up to a consequence of his thirty yen plan. They were now out of cash. He could not make payroll. His team has no good ideas. Tiramie’s suggestion of a “red light theme park” was obviously a non-starter. Finally, Macaron thought he had a flash of genius. They could use the treasure in Dornell’s Cave! But there was a catch. A big one. Dornell had gone looking for the treasure ten years ago and had never returned. Is trying to retrieve a cursed treasure the best idea they can come up with? Will they go in prepared for a dungeon adventure? Or will they just waltz in and hope for the best?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

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Favorite Quote from Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 5

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 5: Tiramie has extensive knowledge of explosives

Tiramie was bummed he couldn’t find any fertilizer. And not to grow crops. Capture from the Blu Ray.

I love the humor in this show. Kanie, Tiramie, and Moffle had just fought back the first wave of orcs. Yes, orcs. It’s that kind of show. Kanie’s body arched from swinging the shovel he had been granted as a weapon. Moffle seemed to have stopped using his weapon – a stun gun – opting instead to rely on his fists.

And Tiramie? He had just run out of molotov cocktails.

Did I mention it was that kind of show?

Sadly, Tiramie examined the empty satchel. He looked around and said (11:38), “You don’t suppose there might be any chemical fertilizer just lying around? I could quickly put together an explosive or two.”

“That’s not something a flower fair should be saying!” Kanie said (11:44).

I did mention it’s that kind of show, didn’t I?

Favorite Moment from Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 5

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 5: The dragon was mostly harmless

I Kinda felt bad for the dragon! Capture from the Blu Ray.

Setup: Well Worn Doesn’t Mean Boring

Years and years ago, I remember reading an editor’s advice to aspiring writers. I’ve forgotten the editor’s name, but I’m sure you’ve heard this advice, even if you’re not a writer. That editor said, “If you want to sell a manuscript, give us something new and interesting.”

I am here to tell you that, 99% of the time, that is a bald-faced lie. Editors didn’t want new. They want marketable. We can debate what that translates into now that writers have more autonomy (though, arguably, that’s not true, if those same writers want to sell books), but one thing is clear to me. I have to agree that new isn’t always better. Things are called tried-and-true for a reason. A plot twist might not be new, but if the character interactions that get us there are enjoyable, then far from being a problem, a well-worn trope might be the perfect end-cap. That’s the case with my favorite moment.

It was pretty obvious what was going on as soon as the cave doors closed behind Kanie, Sento, Moffle, Macaron, and Tiramie. That means instead of fearing for their safety, I could sit back and enjoy the jokes.

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 5: Nothing much gets under Sento's skin

Not much phases Sento. Capture from the Blu Ray.

First, nothing phased Sento. Moffle, Macaron, and Tiramie – even Kanie, to some extent – freaked out when the door slammed behind them. Sento just said, in her oh-so-pleasant monotone (05:32), “I suppose we’ll have to press on.”Though she did look a little alarmed when the rumbling behind them turned out to be an enormous, perfectly spherical boulder (right out of Raiders of the Lost Ark).

Delivery: Room to Breath

My favorite joke was when Sento saw an oversized spiked ball heading right for Kanie. She knocked him out of the way. One of the spikes caught her uniform and hurled her onto a trap door. She disappeared into the blackness. Kanie threw himself onto his hands and knees and screamed “Sentooooo!” into the darkness.

The spikes also caught Macaron. He suffered a similar fate. Kanie stared after him for a moment, then returned his attention to the trap and front of him and yelled (09:03), “Sentoooo!”

I adore that kind of humor.

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 5: Kanie severely disappointed Moffle and Tiramie

Moffle and Tiramie were not pleased with how Kanie responded to Macaron’s fate. Capture from the Blu Ray.

When Moffle, Tiramie, and Kanie met the dragon, I was ready for the reveal that the whole adventure was “just” an attracation. When Kanie read the dragon’s mind and answered its supposedly unanswerable question, the dragon balked. It said they could not leave alive. That’s when Moffle pummeled it. Which was itself hilarious: the comparatively tiny Moffle hurling himself at the dragon was a lot of fun to watch.

The dragon’s facade broke. Whimpering, nursing a bruised jaw, it complained that Moffle didn’t need to get violent. “Sure,” it said (17:11), “I know I got worked up because you were the first customers I’ve had in years, but…”

The whole adventure had been an attraction that had never gone live due to lack of funds. And the treasure? A decidedly not dead Dornell, who had been hiding since he went missing ten years ago, had spent it all on otaku merchandise.

If I would have been worried for the characters’ safety, the jokes would not have been as funny. So, using an obvious trope or plot device enhanced the episode’s enjoyability! At least, I had fun with it. Did you?

Also, what did you think of how Kanie decided to address the budget shortfall (and Dornell’s reaction to that decision)? What were your favorite moments? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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  1. OMG, yes! I loved this episode. I remember the first time a watched this episode, cackling on my couch so loud my roommate came out of their room to check on me.

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