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Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 8: Favorites

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Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 8 – Quick Summary

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 8, “Not Enough Love Appeal!,” Seiya Kanie fell prey to the dreaded anime summer cold! He seemed to be in stable condition, but he remained bed ridden. He didn’t want to miss school. So Sento, Macaron, Tiramie, and Moffle used a magic suit to take turns appearing to be Kanie. When they’re done with his reputation, he will likely wish the cold finished him. Or will he get an assist from an unlikely source?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

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Favorite Quote from Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 8

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 8: Sento was serious about not letting Tiramie blow up Kanie's school

It’s funny that everyone just accepts this from Sento. Capture from the Blu Ray.

It’s commendable that Sento and the others wanted to help Kanie not get in trouble for being absent. But even without knowing the details, it was pretty clear from the inception that something was going to go wrong.

At first, I thought that maybe there’d be normal kinds of mischief. Wacky misunderstandings, for example. That seemed to be where things were heading. Sento and Macaron had finished their days, and while both said they had nothing in particular to report, we knew better. 

Tomorrow would be Tiramie’s turn. He said he was looking forward to it, and he mentioned the school he had gone to. Macaron expressed surprise. The school in question had high academic standards. Sento, on the other hand, remembered something about a bomb.

Feigning embarrassment, Tiramie said that was him. He tried to sound contrite about it, but Sento wasn’t buying it. She pulled out her rifle (where does she keep that thing?) and shoved it (not subtly) into Tiramie’s face.

“Make sure you don’t blow up Kanie’s school,” she said in her level tone (12:25).

We can usually count on Sento to get right to the point.

Favorite Moment from Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 8

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 8: Chuujou saved the day!

Chuujou tried to be cool as Kanie thanked her. Capture from the Blu Ray.

Setup: Some Humor Wears Thin

As I get older (and older and older) I noticed that my tolerance for some kinds of humor has worn thin. This episode started out epitomizing that kind of humor. And to be honest, it was hard to watch after the first few minutes. I was afraid it would be a rare Amagi Brilliant Park episode that I didn’t like.

It took me a few minutes to figure out why. I mean, Sento, Macaron, Tiramie, and Moffle pretending to be Kanie should not have carried any drama at all. It’s all played for fun, right? It started out well enough: Sento made an honest attempt to get through the day without wrecking Kanie’s reputation. Heck, even Marcaron pulled it off. Sure, the fairy could have skipped mentioning his divorce (though it was hilarious), but by and large, the two did fine.

It’s when we got to Tiramie that I got uncomfortable. First, I felt bad for Kanae Tsuchida. She was a highschooler trying to figure out her feelings, and I don’t remember that ever being easy. Seeing Tiramie start hitting on her bugged me.

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 8: The way Tiramie treats women sucks

I didn’t like the way he toyed with her, and I didn’t like what it did to Kanie’s reputation. Though the “toying with” part was the more problematic. Capture from the Blu Ray.

It was more than that, though. I felt annoyed on Kanie’s behalf. I couldn’t figure out why. The guy has narcissistic tendencies (though I don’t think he’s an actual narcissist). He’s brusque. He’s acts as empathetic as a cinder block.

That indirectly turned out to be the key. I tried empathy. I tried to think how this would all look from Kanie’s perspective. And it hit me: a good reputation is tough to build, but easy to wreck. Kanie would never try to take Kanae to the roof to make out. He also would not have brushed aside Shiina Chuujou to do it. Yet, Tiramie tried to do both. In the process, he just about destroyed Kanie’s reputation.

Chuujou called him on it. She’d looked up to him. Now she thought he was scum. “That’s filthy! I’m totally mortified!” she said (14:33). Worst of all? She was going to tell Sento.

Delivery: Amagi Brilliant Park Elevates Even Worn Out Humor

That whole situation seriously pissed me off the first time I watched this. So much so that even when I rewatched it for this review, I couldn’t remember how it ended. Heck, maybe I had given up before the end, because the resolution turned out to be my favorite moment.

Moffle was in the Kanie suit when Kanae’s friends took him to task. If that situation had played out, Kanie’s reputation might have been destroyed. That, in turn, might have affected his position at Amagi Brilliant Park. I mean, think about it. If it got out that Kanie was a letch, it could depress ticket sales. And goodness knows their ticket sales don’t need to be any more depressed!

The surprise arrival of Kimura, a boy interested in Kanae, looked suspicious. I mean, the guy was holding onto the top of his head for some reason. But he showed up and said that Kanie had come up with the idea to make Kanae hate Kanie so she could explore a relationship with Kimura. That explanation satisfied Kanae’s friends. It satisfied Kanae. Mostly, anyway.

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 8: Chuujou and Kanie's plan put Kanae's mind at ease

The plan satisfied Kanae’s friends and put Kanae’s mind at ease. Capture from the Blu Ray.

It was cool that Kimura was actually Kanie in a Kimura suit. He’d held the top of his head so the zipper wouldn’t show. Yeah, the suit had a zipper. Just roll with it! But the best part was that Chuujou was behind it all. She’d gone to Kanie (either because she told him instead of Sento, or Sento understood the situation and forwarded her to Kanie). When he thanked her profusely, her response was adorable.

“Not at all,” she said (19:48). “I knew something had to be wrong. I’m glad I knew how to contact you.”

The show could have blithely left Kanie’s reputation in tatters. It could have left Kanae upset and alone. Instead, it recognized that the situation needed fix and fixed it. I felt more relief than anything! Reputations are so fragile, and we live in a world where it’s easy to destroy them from afar. It was nice seeing friends work together to preserve one for a change!

What did you think of the number of times someone said, “Don’t worry about it?” What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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  1. Oh, this sounds like such a fun episode with an unexpected ending, and for some reason I totally don’t remember this episode at all! I’ve seen the whole series, how could I not remember this? Hmm, looks like I need to rewatch this series.

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