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Amagi Brilliant Park Episode Guide

Episode 1: Not Enough Visitors!

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 1: Favorites

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 1, “Not Enough Visitors!,” Isuzu Sento must really have wanted to visit an amusement park with Seiya Kanie. Why? Because she asked him out at gunpoint. And then when he tried to back out of it later, she renewed the threat. Why did this woman want him to with him? Why would she go to such lengths? And why does the park mascot seem to hate Kanie even more than Kanie hated being threatened with a musket?

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Episode 2: Not Enough Time!

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 2: Favorites

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 2, “Not Enough Time!”, Sento forced Kanie to attend a business meeting – at gunpoint, of course. There, he met Takaya Kurisu, a representative of Amagi Development. Sento referred to Kurisu as “the enemy.” With good reason, too. He said if Amagi Brilliant Park didn’t bring in 250,000 visitors by August, it would have to close. And it was May. Is there anything Sento can do to convince Kanie to help them? Even if he agreed, what could he possibly do? And why does Kurisu think he recognized Kanie?

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Episode 3: Not Enough of a Boost!

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 3: Favorites

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 3, “Not Enough of a Boost!,” Seiya Kanie earned Moffle’s fury not only by just being Seiya, but by closing the park, unannounced, so the cast and crew could clean up. But that was only the first source of friction as Seiya tried to turn things around. Will his ideas work? Will Moffle even give them a chance? And just how many rounds does Sento’s muzzle-loader hold?

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Episode 4: Not Enough Secretary Competence!

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 4: Favorites

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 4, “Not Enough Secretary Competence!,” Sento took Kanie on a whirlwind tour of the park. All of the departments seemed to have insurmountable problems. Sento tried to make some suggestions, but it seemed that Kanie was always one – or more – steps ahead of her. Sento seemed crestfallen and went off to meet Moffle and some others. That’s when Muse and the other fairies of Elementario visited Kanie. They seemed terrified. What were they scared of? Why had they come to Kanie? And what had gotten into Sento?

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Episode 5: Not Enough Money!

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 5: Favorites

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 5, “Not Enough Money!,” Kanie has to own up to a consequence of his thirty yen plan. They were now out of cash. He could not make payroll. His team has no good ideas. Tiramie’s suggestion of a “red light theme park” was obviously a non-starter. Finally, Macaron thought he had a flash of genius. They could use the treasure in Dornell’s Cave! But there was a catch. A big one. Dornell had gone looking for the treasure ten years ago and had never returned. Is trying to retrieve a cursed treasure the best idea they can come up with? Will they go in prepared for a dungeon adventure? Or will they just waltz in and hope for the best?

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Episode 6: Not Enough Staff!

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 6: Favorites

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 6, “Not Enough Staff!,” Kanie had to drop another problem on his team: Amagi Brilliant Park did not have enough staff! So, they had to start recruiting. Toriken, in an attempt to lighten the mood, made a joke about Sento’s overly serious approach, but she took it to heart. Macaron made matters worse by slipping her some kind of drug. What does the drug do? Why is Sento freaking out over some of the applicants? And how many different definitions does AV have?

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Episode 7: Not Enough Pool Safety!

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 7: Favorites

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 7, “Not Enough Pool Safety!,” Kanie and Sento came up with an idea for a new attraction set in their pool area. MoffleMacaron, and Tiramie were onboard. Eiko Adachi was ready to narrate the new adventure – even the fairies of Elementario were ready to do their part. The crowds seemed to enjoy the show. But then a great white shark showed up in the pool and things got out of hand. Where’d the shark come from? What does it want? And what’s with the water leaking out of the enormous subterranean gate?

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Episode 8: Not Enough Love Appeal!

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 8: Favorites

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 8, “Not Enough Love Appeal!,” Seiya Kanie fell prey to the dreaded anime summer cold! He seemed to be in stable condition, but he remained bed ridden. He didn’t want to miss school. So SentoMacaronTiramie, and Moffle used a magic suit to take turns appearing to be Kanie. When they’re done with his reputation, he will likely wish the cold finished him. Or will he get an assist from an unlikely source?

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Episode 9: Not Enough Teamwork!

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 9: Favorites

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 9, “Not Enough Teamwork,” KoboriMuseSalama, and Sylphy, the members of Elementario, were a singing and dancing group that had two problems: they could not sing and they could not dance. On stage, they literally fell over one another. Princess Latifa came up with a plan to help them – but the might might end up destroying the park! Can Elementario pull together to overcome the effects of the Princess’s idea? Or will there be no park left?

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Episode 10: Nothing Can Be Done!

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 10: Favorites

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 10, “Nothing Can Be Done!,” Kanie found himself becoming more and more desperate as the deadline approached. He saw no way to achieved the goal of 50,000 attendees. And then he learned something that made all other considerations irrelevant – and his stress much, much higher. What did he find out? And what did Sento tell him, despite Moffle’s prohibition?

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Episode 11: Nothing to Worry About!

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 11: Favorites

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 11, “Nothing to Worry About!,” Kanie announced a bold new plan: they were going to host a soccer match! Sure, their stadium was run-down, but it was the only way to attract the needed number of guests. First, they had to convince a skeptical team to book with Amagi Brilliant Park. Second, they had to get the stadium ready. Can Toriken close the negotiations? Will the prospective team listen to Kanie, since he was just a high school student? And even if the team signs, how will Kanie and company get the stadium ready?

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Episode 12: Nobody Knows What the Future Holds!

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 12: Favorites

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 12, “Nobody Knows What the Future Holds!,” Kanie and Sento started at the counter in shock. Even after all of the soccer fans came through the gates, they were still 252 guests short! And they only have three hours left. Does Kanie have any friends he can call? Does Moffle have any acquaintances outside of the park? Are there any wives with whom Tiramie cheated who he can trick into tracking him down – on the park side of the admission gates?

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Episode 13: Not a Good Promo!

Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 13: Favorites

In Amagi Brilliant Park episode 13, “Not a Good Promo!,” Toriken had the unenviable task of bringing a new promotional video for Kanie’s review. Kanie, of course,didn’t like it, but he didn’t have time to oversee a remake. So, Kanie gave the job to Sento. To her credit, she pointed out she had no idea what a PV should look like, and Kanie suggested they interview the rest of the cast and crew for ideas. How badly did that go? What did the end result look like? Will the park immediately be in danger of not meeting next year’s 50,000 visitor goal?

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