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Fairy gone Season 1 Cour 2

Episode 1 (13): Rain Sound’s Crime and White Snow’s Punishment Review: Fairy Gone Episode 13 Best In Show In Fairy gone episode 13, “Rain Sound’s Crime and White Snow’s Punishment,” we learn more about Ray Dawn’s motivations for destroying the Suna village — and for killing his brother, Jurgen, who had raised Marlya Noel from a baby. We also learned […]


Review of Fire Force Episode 22: Practice Makes Perfect and Memories of Childhood

Quick Summary In Fire Force episode 22, “A Brother’s Determination,” Shinra continued to battle against Sho as Victor Licht watched in alternating terror and fascination. As the fight wore on, Licht made a startling observation about the nature of Sho’s powers — and it’s not good news for Shinra. Shinra, meanwhile, tried everything he could do […]