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Spring 2016 Anime Slate: Funimation Edition

Hard to believe the Winter 2016’s season already done, and the Spring 2016 season’s underway! Though the number of series I’m watching this season on Funimation is lower, there are some gems here: Note: Ordinarily, I review one series from Crunchyroll and one from Funimation every season. This time, though, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, streaming […]


Winter 2016 Recap: Funimation Edition

The Winter 2016 season is just about wrapped up! It’s time to look back at the Funimation series I said I’d follow and see if the series I picked to watch were enjoyable! Warning: May be minor spoilers ahead! Dagashi Kashi Kokonotsu “Coconuts” Shikada wants to be a manga artist when he graduates high school. His father wants him […]