The Asterisk War Episode 24: Hydra Attack! Claudia’s Dad Did What?

The Asterisk War Episode 24 In The Asterisk War Episode 24, Reunion, the the last episode of the second season, Julis Riessfeld, Amagiri Ayato, Sasamiya Saya, and Toudou Kirin face off against Gustave Malraux; Claudia Enfield takes care of a pressing family matter affecting them all; Jolbert Riessfeld makes a surprisingly kingly decision. What Happened (Spoiler Free) in […]

The Asterisk War Episode 21: Ernesta is happy with AR-D's performance

The Asterisk War Episode 21: The Climatic Phoenix Festa Battle

The Asterisk War Episode 21 In The Asterisk War episode 21, Clinching Victory, Amagiri Ayato and Julis Riessfeld complete their match against AR-D. We learn Toudou Kirin’s fate. Dirk Eberwein and Ernesta Kühne discuss opportunities for future collaboration. We learn a little more about the past of Yabuki Eishirou, Ayato’s mysterious friend. Finally, we see a shocking revelation about Ayato’s […]