The Asterisk War Episode 21: The Climatic Phoenix Festa Battle

In Clinching Victory, the 21st episode of The Asterisk War, Amagiri Ayato and Julis Riessfeld complete their match against AR-D. We learn Toudou Kirin’s fate. Dirk Eberwein and Ernesta Kühne discuss opportunities for future collaboration. We learn a little more about the past of Yabuki Eishirou, Ayato’s mysterious friend. Finally, we see a shocking revelation about Ayato’s sister, Amagiri Haruka. […]


Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 6: Head for the Light!

In Gathering Light, the sixth episode of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, Mumei comes face to face with her limitations; Ikoma shocks everyone when he tries to fight alone; and Sukari does the unthinkable: he proves that he’s sometimes good to have around! Amazon has some great Kabaneri merchandise. Here’s a sampling: What Happened (Spoiler Free) Mumei remembers being in the […]


The Asterisk War Episode 15: Mini Saya! The Li Twins Attack!

“Breaking the Memory Barrier,” the fifteen episode in The Asterisk War, shows us what happened when Sasamiya Saya and Amagiri Ayato tried to tag team Amagiri Haruka when they were younger. Plus, Li Shenhua and Li Shenyun begin their match against Ayato and Julis Riessfeld. Turns out the twin’s reputation was well-deserved! Amazon, as usual, has some interesting merchandise you […]

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Spring 2016 Anime Slate: Funimation Edition

Hard to believe the Winter 2016’s season already done, and the Spring 2016 season’s underway! Though the number of series I’m watching this season on Funimation is lower, there are some gems here: Note: Ordinarily, I review one series from Crunchyroll and one from Funimation every season. This time, though, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, streaming […]