Beta Test of New Nest of Sites!

Beta Test!

I’m reviewing a new WordPress plugin to make the Nest of Sites easier to use and more attractive! At least, that’s my goal. I’d like to run it by you before I switch.

If you’d like to compare, the production version of the list is here.

Here are some of the new features:

  • Searching should look better and be easier and faster
  • You can use the checkboxes to mark sites to visit or sites you’d like to visit; the checks should last until you clear your cookies
  • The list shows the site’s favicon, so it should be more recognizable
  • You can see when the list was last changed/updated

So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments!


We’ve had a number of inquiries about what sites we regularly review for Other Posts to Crow About.

Here’s the list!

If you don’t see your site listed, please do let me know in the comments!

Seriously: If you don’t see your site listed, we really want to know! I hate the idea that there are interesting posts out there that I don’t know about!

And if you don’t see excerpts from your site show up in Other Posts to Crow About, please be aware there are a few of common causes:

  • You’re reviewing a series that I haven’t watched yet, and I don’t want to risk encountering a spoiler.
  • Your post is great, but it didn’t strike a chord with this reviewer. Truth be told, if I noted every good post, I’d note most of the posts. You all are posting a lot of intriguing stuff!
  • Your posts are embarrassingly good: There’s a chance that simply linking to your site would make this site look terrible. If that’s the case, please try to be understanding! I’m only human…
  • Your post is far too advanced for me to understand. This is no joke: I’m (usually) pretty smart, but some of you are are pushing the boundaries of human intelligence!

Honestly, I am humbled by the variety and quality of the posts I read every week. Just knowing that there’re so many informed and interesting perspective on anime is reassuring. To every writer who contributes to every site in this list: Thank you for your work.

Note: During our weekly series reviews, we often link to other blogs posting reviews of the same series. The idea is to help readers find content relevant to their favorites series. If you see that we’re reviewing the same series you are, and if we don’t link to your site, please drop us a comment!

Second note: I realized this is an English-only list. I apologize! Maybe I’ll use Chrome’s ability to translate pages the the fly to extend the list to other languages, but until then, please know that I recognize this a deficiency that I hope to remedy!

Without further ado:


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16 thoughts on “Beta Test of New Nest of Sites!

  1. Looks nice and easy to navigate! I like how you include blogs outside of WordPress as well (at least I think I see some blogger ones).

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Glad you noticed the non-Wordpress sites, too. I like WordPress, but I want to have a complete list. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Will do! So far, CM Curated List Manager Pro is doing a pretty good job. The free version has solid basic features; the Pro version has the checkboxes, and I thought they might help my readers!

  2. “To every writer who contributes to every site in this list: Thank you for your work.”

    No, we should be the ones thanking you for the things you do for this community, and for giving so many different bloggers a chance to get more recognition!

    1. Thanks! We’ll all in this together, you know?

      This reminds me of Rush’s song Chain Lighting:

      Reflected in another source of light
      When the moment dies
      The spark still flies
      Reflected in another pair of eyes

      Spreading the excitement fire everyone up!

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