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In C3 episode 11, “The Fanatic is Somewhere,” Fear forces a confrontation over the recent murders with Kuroe Ningyouhara, who seems all too willing to allow herself to be “confined.” Alice Bivorio Basskreigh launches the next stage of her plan, and our heroes realize they’re still at least two steps behind — especially when Alice takes Haruaki YachiKirika Ueno, and Kuroe hostage. Can Fear and Konoha Muramasa rescue them? And what part is Kirika’s “partner” trying to play?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

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3 Favorite Moments

Fear’s still coming to grips with the idea that a curse can be lifted. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Moment 1

I recognize that sometimes it’s necessary in fiction to show a character solving a psychological problem once, and then that’s it. It’s solved. I know from experience that it’s not so simple as that, so I appreciated Fear’s reaction to Kuroe’s professed innocence in this episode. Haruaki and Konoha brought Kirika to their home to hear Fear’s evidence and to hear Kuroe’s defense. First, I thought it was funny how Kuroe just sat there and smiled, apparently not at all angry at the accusation. She even offered to confine herself (in fact, she was a little too happy about that!). Fear’s temper eventually got the best of her, and she let slip the real reason she was so upset: Despite Haruaki’s assurances to the contrary, Fear still couldn’t believe that these curses could be broken (3:28). She’s still struggling with the idea of her own salvation, and that, plus her inability to help in this situation, upset her. I liked that realism.

Kirika had finally had enough of Himura. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Moment 2

After having to watch Sunao Himura treat Kirika so poorly pretty much every time we saw him, it was nice to see her finally declare her independence. She’d put up with his lewd jokes and his sexual assaults as part of whatever agreement she’d had to make in the past. But when he refused to save Haruaki and then tasered her into unconsciousness, she’d had enough (18:41). Trusting in her Worse and its curse to heal her, she intentionally caused the car Himura was driving (and she was riding in) to crash. Bleeding and injured, she walked away from the wreck saying that if she couldn’t save the man she loved, then there wasn’t any point to any of it. 

Kirika was able to discern Haruaki’s super power before either Konoha or Fear. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Moment 3

Kirika had her way back to Haruaki’s home, where Konoha and Fear were trying to decide their next move. Fear asked “Cow Udders” to hit her for being so wrong about Kuroe, and Konoha responded as if that were just her name. Their banter was so natural that Kirika laughed and asked what they thought Haruaki’s power was (20:37). Fear guessed it might be his shameless behavior or immunity to curses; Konoha guess his kindness or his cooking prowess. But that wasn’t what Kirika had in mind. The three of them — his friends (and presumably Kuroe, too) — were his super power (20:58). There’s something in how Haruki treated them that encouraged them to get along — even Fear and Konoha. 


This show has some interesting villains, doesn’t it? We started out with a villain that we would more or less have expected in this world:  Peavy Barroy, someone who hated the Worse and wanted to eradicate them for what one of them had done to her family.

She represented a typical villain pattern. Peavy was simply out for revenge! It wasn’t anything complicated. It was straight-forward, realistic, and understandable. It got to the point where I almost admired her dedication. Her fighting skills were certainly impressive — if a little fanatical.

Alice represents a type of villain very different from Peavy. Capture from the Funimation stream.

In this episode, we learn Alice’s motivations in pursuing Fear (25:00), and they’re 180 degrees away from Peavy’s. Alice doesn’t want to do away with the Worse. She wants to celebrate them! She’s built a dedicated following who will indulge the Worse’s curses. A curse wants to murder people? They say go for it — even offering some of their own “family” as victims (though not, apparently, Alice herself!). 

What does Alice get out of it? She seems to have this idea that she can somehow become a Worse, in a progress the opposite to what Fear’s trying to accomplish. Alice wants to be cursed again and again in the hopes she’ll gain immortality.

After conveniently building a following who will support and encourage her at every turn!

This makes Alice a more dastardly villain. Where Peavy might have caused collateral damage in her quest to rid of world of beings she saw as a scourge, Alice wants to inflict indiscriminate damage so she can gain power and everlasting life. 

I felt a tinge of sadness when our heroes vanquished Peavy. Pretty sure I won’t feel anything like that when they take Alice down!

What do you think of this show’s villains? What were your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments!

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