C³ – CubexCursedxCurious Episode 6: The Case of the Cursed Doll

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In C3 episode 6, “Weak, Like a Spherical Glass,” Fear gets to judge another cooking contest between Haruaki Yachi and class president Kirika Ueno, and you can guess who won! The principal interrupts their idyllic school days with a mission: a cursed doll has disappeared from its confinement, and they’re starting to find students trapped in comas all over campus. Can Fear, Haruaki, and Konoha Muramasa find and capture the cursed doll before more students fall prey? And just what kind of powers does this doll possess?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

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3 Favorite Moments

Fear’s all fired up and ready to help! Capture from the Funimation stream

Moment 1

At the beginning of the episode, we get to see Fear enjoying a normal day at school. It’s a happy moment, because that’s part of what she wished for — to be a typical student at a typical school. But it’s not all she wished for. Fear wants to contribute. She wants to break her curse, and good deeds are a means to that end. When the principal asks Haruaki and Konoha to search for a missing cursed doll, Fear literally steps up and says she’ll solve it herself (5:31). She looked so proud, too, though she needs to work on her posture (and wear a longer skirt), because she flashed everyone. Seriously, the show could do with fewer loli panty flashes… But it was still a triumphant character moment for Fear, and that was cool.

Fear tried to hide it, but she had no idea what she was doing. But at least she’s trying! Capture from the Funimation stream

Moment 2

Ever get fired up about something and plunge into action — then realize you have no idea what you’re doing? My second favorite moment celebrates Fear having that same experience, just moments after declaring that she was going to catch the cursed doll. She dashed out of the principal’s office in pursuit. Haruaki and Konoha ran after her, all the while trying to tell her that she didn’t need to do it alone. That is, they were running until Konoha said, “Yeesh! By the way, where are you running to?” (6:51). I’ll give Fear credit: She realized instantly that she had no idea and skidded to a stop so abruptly that her two friends raced right past her. Sometimes, enthusiasm alone just isn’t enough! What struck me about this scene, and one of the reasons it’s one of my favorites, is that it’s realistic. Fear’s new at this, and as excited as she might be, she has a lot to learn. Since the show’s main dramatic arc follows her path to self redemption, I thought this was a great moment. 

No one expected the stuffed animal inquisition… er, army… Capture from the Funimation stream

Moment 3

Not every show can pull off the absurd and still feel legitimate. Turns out, C³ – CubexCursedxCurious is one of those shows! Our heroes see a movement in a room across the courtyard. They arrive to find Sovereignty Perfection Doll, the cursed doll, almost seeming to wait for them. She says she hates all humans, but she doesn’t really seem to hate Shiraho, whose father had tried to send Sovereignty to the principal. After a brief verbal confrontation, the cursed doll tries to leave, and of course Fear objects. Sovereignty begins an incantation (in rather broken English) (10:05), and it’s in that moment that Fear, Haruaki, and Konoha realize they’re surrounded by stuffed animals — whose eyes suddenly begin glowing red! Not since I saw a Teddy Bear fired from the Junk Jet in Fallout 4 have I seen such murderous toys! I have to say that I appreciated the stuffing that filled the air after their battle! They literally knocked the stuffing out of their enemies!


So, who’s the “hot dude” that asked Haruaki to meet him at the drinking fountains? How did Sovereignty attach Konoha if the doll was talking to Haruaki at the same time? Why is Shiraho so klutzy? Is it an effect of having owned Sovereignty? And why is Sovereignty siphoning energy from the students?

This isn’t my favorite episode in the series, and I don’t think that Sovereignty is going to be as menacing a villain as Peavy Barroy was, but putting Fear in position to help break the curse of another Worse seems like a good way to help her develop.

In fact, that’s what I enjoyed about this episode. We got to see Fear grappling with her feeling of responsibility and her desire to break her own curse by helping break others’ curses. I loved the energy she showed in the principal’s office and during the initial pursuit. I liked her readiness to fight the murderous stuffed animals. But what I liked most might seem a little surprising.

Remember, near the end, how Fear reacted to the doll striking again (19:04)? She was frustrated that she couldn’t fulfill her promise to Shiraho to find the doll and break its curse. But she wasn’t despondent! She was upset; she was on the verge of tears. But at no point did she seem to be even slightly inclined to give up. This shows great progress compared to what we saw in episode 3. Remember how she tried to end it all in a fit of despair? I really enjoy characters that grow over the course of a series, and it looks like we’re getting a good bit of that with Fear.

What do you think of Fear as a character? What were your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments!

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