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Call of the Night Episode 10 – Quick Summary

In Call of the Night episode 10, “Enlarge the Peeping-Tom Photos,” Midori Kohakobe had been handing out flyers for the maid cafe where she worked. She received an emergency text: one of the maids had to call off of work! Where could she find a fill-in on such short notice – a fill in who would be less cute than she was (to protect her number 1 position)? That’s when Nazuna happened by! Kou went along just for the experience. The place seemed like a normal maid cafe until the peeping Tom pictures started showing up online. And only of one maid – Arisa! Who’s taking the pictures? Can Kou help find the culprit? And will Midori ever forgive him for not saying she was cute?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Call of the Night Episode 10

Call of the Night Episode 10: I think we see what motivates Kou now!

Given the input to Kou’s insight, I think Nazuna made a fair point. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

Well, that was a fun little episode! Kou got to be a detective, which is something he apparently enjoyed — mostly. He was trying to solve the mystery of how someone could have taken voyeuristic pictures of Arisa while she changed. Inside a second floor room. Whose only entrance was padlocked.

As Kou assembled the clues, I had to laugh at the animation of his genius-thought-process. It was a parody of the mental montages we see every so often. But it was a gentle parody. The show may be about vampires, but it doesn’t have the fangs to viciously parody other shows. They’re much more laid-back about it.

Kou’s conclusions appeared to impress Nazuna. But in typical Nazuna fashion, she was impressed with a barb.

“You’re like a genius detective,” she said (13:42). Then she went on to say, “… whose IQ bumps up only when peeping Tom photos are involved!”

Honestly, Kou should have see that coming.

Best in Show Moment for Call of the Night Episode 10

Call of the Night Episode 10: Midori is surprisingly insightful

I guess there is an upside to vampires like Midori having such clear insights into the human condition. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

Setup: Freedom is a Really Good Idea

I’ve been thinking. Yes, I know that’s an alarming statement. But take it as a sign of how much I trust you! Specifically, I trust you not to run away. At least until I prove that I’m really unhinged. Which is not impossible.

But I’ve been thinking. I suspect that the majority of all human problems can be blamed on those folks who insist on making others live in ways those others don’t want to live. Now, I’m not talking about society preventing individuals from harming others. We design laws against murder, for example, to keep people alive. In fact, the theory is that we should only have laws intended to prevent harm. We should only accept the power of the state curtailing individual freedom if that freedom is being used to cause harm or death.

Call of the Night Episode 10: Arisa was surprised at Midori's understanding

Arisa’s expression reminds me of what I get when I try to explain this idea to folks who are busily campaigning for laws that restrict freedoms. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

That’s the key: there should be a presumption of freedom. If a given act doesn’t harm anyone, it should be allowed. Period. There should be no need to justify any non-harmful action. There should be no inclination to judge it. People should mind their own business and get on with their lives.

That’s why I say most human problems boil down to those who want to exert force over others – specifically, in a way to curtail non-harmful activities. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that anyone who wishes to control others in that way should be recognized as social pariahs and expelled from the community until such time as they can grow up and become responsible adults.

Delivery: Midori’s Insight Was Spot On

But I’m getting off track now. The point I’m making is that Midori, of all people, seems to agree with me. And she did so in my favorite moment of the episode.

Midori had just gotten done berating Arisa for pretending there was a “peeping Tom” had tried to take pictures of her. She even said that Arisa had a mental illness! Midori’s words upset Arisa so much she almost quit. That’s when Midori changed tactics. I suspect she has such a keen insight into human psychology that she broke Arisa down until she was ready to hear a truth.

Call of the Night Episode 10: Arisa did not like it when Midori said she had an illness

Midori’s contention that Arisa had an illness hit Arisa pretty hard. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

To communicate that truth, Midori admitted that she was a maid because she wanted “ordinary people to fawn over us.” She wanted the attention, in other words – just like Arisa!

She ended by saying (20:01), “Humans are pretty much all sick in their own ways, you know? We just have to learn to live with that.”

That’s it. That’s how we should live. We’ll all in this together. Ain’t none of us perfect. If we’d learn to live with it, how much better would the world be?

Midori brings to the equation another factor that I had known, but had not included in my thought. That is: we are all sick in our own ways. And the people who want to control us? They’re suffering from a sickness, too. We need to figure out how to live with it – and help those people heal! 

In other words, I need to stop being judgemental of them and turn my energies to figuring out how to help them. Without trying to control them. Which won’t be easy. But it’s a worthy goal!

What did you think of Kou’s diminishing certainty that he had cracked the case? What were your favorite moments in the episode? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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