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Call of the Night Episode 11 – Quick Summary

In Call of the Night episode 11, “Do You Know What a Vampire Is?”, Nazuna Nanakusa got a taste of what a paycheck felt like, having worked as a maid. So, she wanted to expand her cuddle buddy business. She sent Kou Yamori on a mission to scout for new customers with one defining characteristic: they had to look tired. He found one right away: Anko Uguisu. At least, she seemed tired. But then she started asking Kou some startling questions – and being a middle schooler, he didn’t exactly know how to dissemble. Who is this woman? What’s she really after? And where does she get all of her cigarettes?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Call of the Night Episode 11

Call of the Night Episode 11: Akira gave the boys a chance to be courteous first

I wonder if she paused to give them a chance to do the courteous thing without being asked? Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

I really enjoy Akira Asai’s level-headed, sensible attitude. Mahiru Seki had asked her and Kou to meet him near their school. They weren’t sure why, so he told them when they arrived: he said he wanted to enter the school for some adolescent fun.

In a quote that was almost my favorite, she said (08:20), “Don’t suggest illegal trespassing like it’s nothing!”

But my favorite quote showed that not only is Akira sensible. She’s also quite willing to advocate for herself. Which, given how emotionally obtuse I can be, is a trait I strongly admire in the women in my life.

Mahiru easily climbed the fence to get onto the school ground. Kou leapt over just as easily. But Akira was wearing a skirt. She climbed onto the top of the fence and paused.

Looking at the two boys, she said (09:00), “For starters, could you turn away for a sec? I’m wearing a skirt.”

I might have been imagining it, but I think she might have been hinting that they should have turned around just out of courtesy. And based on their expressions when they did turn away, I suspect they felt a little embarrassed that she had called them out!

Best in Show Moment for Call of the Night Episode 11

Call of the Night Episode 11: Anko smiled serenely as the vampire disintegrated

Sleep well,” she told the vampire who had just disintegrated. Look how serene she looks! Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

Setup: Anko’s Here!

Okay, confession time. Would you like to guess what was my first thought when Anko said (07:00), “And hey, you might as well hit on me properly next time, okay? If you don’t mind older women, that is.”

It was this: “Say, I don’t mind older women…”

Yes, I know it’s an anime. Yes, I know she’s a fictional character. And yes, I’m married. I was as surprised as any of us that I was still even capable of that kind of reaction. It was fun, it was unexpected, and it shows how skillfully this show builds and presents its characters.

And wow, what a character she is. Damn.

Can you check my math? I think that Anko put a silver ring into the male vampire, and that plus exposure to sunlight is what turned him to ash. I saw a similar theory from Reddit user Se7en Sinner.

Call of the Night Episode 11: The silver ring caused the vampire great discomfort

The silver clearly caused him great pain. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

In fact, I think the silver itself burned him. It happened at the beginning of my favorite moment. When Anko showed up at the school, a lot of clues began to make sense. She seemed to know a lot about the young man who Seri Kikyou had turned into a vampire. She had a whole Columbo-vibe going on, too. But I was not prepared for what happened about she enticed the male vampire to attack her.

She bent backwards with almost vampire-speed. Before I could even mentally process that she had expected the vampire to do exactly what he did, she had embraced him and pulled him down on top of her – even allowing him to sink his fangs into her neck!

What do you want to bet that her cigarettes have something to do with her blood tasting bad? Because only a moment later, he pushed himself away in agonized revulsion.

Delivery: Anko Believes in Her Mission

“There we go,” she said, rolling to her feet, acting like her bloody collar was routine. Nothing unusual! That was when I realized she had been in near absolute control of events since she had met Kou. She was even orchestrating what was happening – and what was about to happen.

Anko comforted the vampire. She comforted him! Telling him she had suspected he had never fed on human blood, she got him to open up to her. He said he’d been tricked, so she enfolded him in her arms. In tears, he told her how terrible he felt for falling in love with a vampire; how that vampire had tricked him. Still in soothing tones, she told him she understood how he had been in agony. 

“I’m so glad I found you today,” she said (18:41). “So here…”

She dropped the ring into his palm.

She held his hand tightly, wrapping his fingers around the ring, when he screamed in pain.

“I’m going to let you die as a human being.”

Call of the Night Episode 11: Kou, Akira, and Mahiru seemed traumatized

The sight had to feel traumatic to Kou, Akira, and Mahiru. Especially Kou. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

She calmed his screaming with more praise, saying that he had things so rough. She kept it up as the sun cleared the horizon. Finally, she said (19:23), “I alone will praise and recognize you.”

The sun touched him. The vampire’s body turned into ash and disintegrated.

I don’t know whether to praise her resolve and technique or revile her for so easily killing another sentient being. My reaction was to solid story craftsmanship. Vampires are evil. I should be cool with seeing one dispatched (I said ‘killed’ before, but vampires are undead, aren’t they?). But whatever I feel about what she did: she thinks she did something not only good, but laudable. Even obviously reasonable. And that makes her an interesting character!

What did you think of Kou and Anko’s first meeting? What were your favorite scenes? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Call of the Night Episode 11 Review – Best In Show

  1. I think Anko is the hottest female on the show. I wish she didn’t smoke so much because it actually made me care about her health! But maybe she has to in order to taste bad. Like eating large amounts of garlic.

    This late in the season and Kou suddenly has an entirely different view of vampires. This has to shake his resolution.

    Vampires are technically dead already. But they are intelligent creatures. From the way it went down, I’d call it voluntary euthanasia or assisted suicide. He didn’t fight, he just let it happen. From the way he talked I got the impression he was going to go out with the sun anyhow that morning. She just helped him along the way. I’m cool with what happened.

    The ring… She said something about how he could go out as a human. The ring wasn’t necessary to kill him, just the sun. I think the ring had something to do with the human part. Just a tiny bit of explanation would have helped.

    1. “From the way it went down, I’d call it voluntary euthanasia or assisted suicide. He didn’t fight, he just let it happen.”

      That’s interesting. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but now that you mention it, I could see that being right. It does change my reaction to the scene. It’s also consistent with her apparently sincere “Sleep well.” She really does think she’s doing the right and probably merciful thing!

      “Just a tiny bit of explanation would have helped.”

      I don’t need a whole paragraph — just some indication would have helped! I researched vampires and silver, and different lore says different things. So it’s not like I could have prepared for this ahead of time!

      1. Some lore doesn’t even mention silver. Other lore has it causing burns. I’ve never seen lore where silver somehow drew out a vampire’s humanity or where just touching it was lethal.

        All she had to do is say “Here. This will (fill in the blank).”

    1. I’d love to know how the writers and animated pulled that off — because from the second she appeared on screen, she had my attention.

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