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Call of the Night Episode 12 – Quick Summary

In Call of the Night episode 12, “My Mom’s Out Tonight,” Kou Yamori wrestled with the aftermath of what happened in the previous episode. What does he really know about vampires? Why does he really want to become one? Mahiru Seki bluntly asked him as much. The question bothered him so much that Nazuna Nanakusa noticed he was troubled without sucking his blood. With Kou in that mental state, how will he react when he next talks to Anko Uguisu, especially given how much she knows about him? Will she even let him make the decision of whether or not to pursue his dreams?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Call of the Night Episode 12

Call of the Night Episode 12: Nazuna is still awkward about comforting Kou

It’s kind of obvious that she’s not really good at the whole comforting thing. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

My favorite quote this week is involved with one of the world’s most awkward back-pats. Kou had just come from a tough conversation with Mahiru. Kou’s friend had basically asked him whether he could have the kind of fun he wanted and not become a vampire. Obviously, the events at the end of the previous episode left a strong impression on Mahiru.

Mahiru’s questions were so honest and insistent that they freaked out Kou. It didn’t help when he put the question in the context of two extremes: did Kou want to trick people into letting him suck their blood, or did he want to refrain from sucking blood until he died that the guy from the previous episode?

Confused, his emotions in turmoil, Kou made his way to Nazuna’s apartment. Once there, he drew her into an awkward hug.

“Wh-what’s the matter, Kou-kun?! Can’t hold in the raging passion anymore?!” she asked, and she seemed honestly confused (08:30). 

He asked if they could stay that way, “just for a bit.”

That’s when she gave him one of the most awkward pats on the back that I’ve ever seen. But I’ll give her points for trying.

Best in Show Moment for Call of the Night Episode 12

Call of the Night Episode 12: Kou is beginning to stand up for himself

Kou is beginning to stick up for himself. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

Setup: Anko’s Trap

Speaking of giving points: I’ll give Anko full points for being convincing – in the way only truly focused people can be. After Nazuna had left Kou’s room, Kou sought out Anko. The poor guy was trying to figure things out. He’s not evil. He doesn’t want to be evil. And he doesn’t think Nazuna and “friends” are evil, either – though Kou no doubt will remember that he had to take drastic action to keep Seri Kikyou from killing Akihito Akiyama.

Let’s just say there might be some ambiguity here.

But Kou wanted to understand Anko’s perspective, so he arranged to meet her. At first, she teased him by pretending to expect he had called her out to hit on her. But that was either her having perverse fun or her trying to soften him up. He eventually got around to asking her why she was so against vampires. And boy, did she answer. 

Call of the Night Episode 12: Anko is borderline deranged

Between the voice acting and the animation, Anko came across as borderline deranged! Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

I’ve always liked Miyuki Sawashirp’s voice acting. She voiced Labyrista, she voiced Daki, and she voiced Shino Asada, among others. But the way Anko answered might represent Miyuki’s best work yet. She nailed the sing/song tone of someone who’s far gone down the path to insanity. She went on about how vampires were plainly evil. About how humans of course had conflicts, but those were human conflicts that were unavoidable, and about how vampires only make people unhappy.

He tried to object, but then she went completely off the rails. She suggested he was asexual, which was why he hadn’t fallen for Nazuna yet. She approached him with a drunken walk, her eyes dilating asymmetrically, and she said that asexuality would be a real problem – because he knew too much about vampires and that they’d kill him if he didn’t fall in love.

But her most cruel statement? She said that the other vampires would also kill Nazuna for getting them into that situation.

Delivery: Anko Doesn’t Respect Kou’s Perspective at All

Kou’s just a kid. He’s not used to this kind of stress. He objected that he didn’t want that, which is of course the truth. Now, Anko was right in his face. She demanded he choose: stay human, or become a vampire. And if he chose the latter, she would kill him.

Kou tried to rally. He suggested that if he decided to stay human, the vampires would kill him. She told him that he need not worry. Because she intended to kill all the vampires.

Up until that instant, she had him against a wall. But that statement was so egregious, and it represented a will so malignant against what he knew of the vampires, that he took a step back. He tried to argue by basically saying they were sentient and that they had feelings.

Call of the Night Episode 12: Anko is trying to manipulate Kou as much as the vampires

With zero subtlety, Anko tried to force Kou to choose sides. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

Now roused by his own convictions, he said (18:56), “Saying that they only ever cause misfortune is a lie! I can’t agree with your reasoning!”

Throughout the series, he has either drifted through events or had things come to him. When faced with the possibility of confrontation, he would walk away, like he did from school. But now, faced with serious consequences, he decided to take a stand. Good for him! I wanted to acknowledge his character development by choosing this as my favorite moment in the episode.

Also: it’s not his fault that Anko is more resourceful – at least for now! This moment sets up interesting possibilities for the final episode of the season!

What did you think of Nazuna visiting Kou’s room? What were your favorite moments in this episode?

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6 thoughts on “Call of the Night Episode 12 Review – Best In Show

    1. I love the contrast between those shots and the shots of Kou having fun at night. It’s very much a case of the art reinforcing the theme!

  1. This is one of those shows I’ve dropped but not given up on, if that makes sense. I’ve read the occasional post of yours, though not all. I don’t mind spoilers, but your posts tend to work best when you’ve actually seen the show. If you haven’t, you have to read between the lines, and it isn’t always easy. For what it’s worth, your posts don’t help me when trying to decide whether to pick it back up or not; I’m getting the same vibes I got from episode, which is all I’ve seen. Stylish, but with character writing that I don’t quite connect with.

    As for Sawashiro Miyuki, I adore her. She’s one of my favourites. And my favourite recent performance would have to be the theatre-producing British Vampire in Mars Red. (Interestingly, another vampire show.) She was also a great Kitaro in the recent Gegege no Kitaro version. She has so many great performances that it’s hard to choose an overall favourite. (Note that when I say performance, I’m not necessarily saying character; just how much I feel she made the character, if that makes sense.)

    1. I appreciate that feedback.

      When I first started this site, my review format was more generic. It had the standard/stock detailed summary of the episode, then a thoughts section. I think that format is more helpful to someone trying to decide whether they want to watch.

      I decided I wanted to bring a distinctive voice to the conversation. So, I focused on celebrating a given episode by picking a favorite quote and a favorite scene. I include a brief plot summary, but it’s really only a teaser.

      You’re 100% right. It works best as a dialogue between me and a reader who has seen the show. I welcome everyone, of course. My imaginary reader, though, is someone who has seen the episode and wants to share the excitement with someone else.

  2. This is undoubtedly the best anime of the season to me. The lightheartedness and fantasy have suddenly evaporated. Kou has made close friends with a vampire but may not actually be able to fall in romantic love. He may die. Naz and the other vampires may die. He can save his own skin but lose his friend. That’s a nasty dilemma.

    Vampires are sentient beings just trying to live in a hostile world and aren’t actually malignant. The detective seems not entirely sane. How will he maneuver through this minefield?

    I am dying for the next episode.

    1. “Vampires are sentient beings just trying to live in a hostile world and aren’t actually malignant.”

      I like that nice, concise way of describing it. The way this series presents that idea is one of the things I really like about it.

      And Anko — I’d say she’s a few cards short of a full deck, but I think she has 52 cards. It’s just about a quarter of them are Jokers!

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