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Call of the Night Episode 4 Review – Quick Summary

In Call of the Night episode 4, “Isn’t This a Tight Squeeze?”, Kou set out to find Nazuna, but when he saw her waiting for him in the park, he realized he wasn’t quite ready to face her. Understandably, he didn’t know what to feel after her kiss in the previous episode. He wondered if maybe he had already fallen in love with Nazuna! Is that possible? Is it already time for him to become a vampire? Does he also have feelings for Akira? And what will Akira say if she finds out he wants to become a vampire?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Call of the Night Episode 4

Call of the Night Episode 4: Akira put a positive spin on Kou's dream

Akira didn’t quite know what to think about Kou’s dream. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

The character Akira is really growing on me. She speaks her mind. She’s not afraid of Nazuna, who is from Akira’s point of view either a nut-job or an actual vampire. And she tries to support her friend Kou, who didn’t even know she was a friend.

And this is only what, her second episode?

Kou really tested her friendship when he admitted that his goal was to become a vampire. She was initially taken aback, which I think is completely understandable. Then she put a really positive spin on it.

She said (16:46), “It’s great you have a dream for the future, I guess?”

Talk about a supportive friend! Not any friend could support such an unusual dream!

Best in Show Moment for Call of the Night Episode 4

Call of the Night Episode 4: Kou opened up to Akira

Kou opened up to Akira – with Nazuna lying right beside him! Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

Setup: A Light Hand with Relationships

Of all the aspects of this show that I enjoy, I think this impresses me the most: its honest portrayal of how relationships play out in intimate situations. In the previous episode, I really enjoyed the argument between Nazuna and Kou. Plus, the emotional effects of the “kiss” she gave him reverberated into this episode, which is exactly what we expected, given who we’ve learned Kou is.

This episode gave us another intimate scene with very different implications. At least, potentially different. Nazuna finally convinced Akira to lie down until the rain ended. Akira protested and said that as soon as the rain let up, she’d leave. The vampire and the school girl went back and forth until Nazuna suggested that if she lay there, she just might fall asleep.

Call of the Night Episode 4: Nazuna suggested Akira relax and enjoy herself

Nazuna suggested that if Akira just relaxed, she might fall asleep. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

I have to say that Nazuna’s being pretty nice to Akira, given how often the latter has called Nazuna a monster! Is Nazuna being kind? Aloof? Considered with her apparent lack of experience with relationships, I’m really not sure what to think about her!

Delivery: Kou Opening Up to Akira

When the silence became protracted as Akira stared at the ceiling, Kou rolled over apologized to her.

“Akira, sorry I kinda dragged you into this,” he said (18:25). “It’s just, I thought I should at least show you what kind of stuff I’m doing at night. Because I guess I made you worry.”

Think about the situation for a second. Nazuna was curled up on the left side of the futon. Kou’s in the middle, and Akira was on the right. All three are packed tightly onto a futon that was really meant for one but could accommodate two. That’s physically intimate, and in this moment, Kou turned it into something emotionally intimate.

Call of the Night Episode 4: Akira responded well to Kou's gesture

Akira responded positively to Kou’s apology. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

When she smiled back, I had a real sense of her affection for him. She genuinely appreciated his gesture. That warmth alone made the scene stand out to me. But giving it an unusual twist was how Nazuna was right there beside them. Neither could have been under any illusions that she was really asleep. They had to know she could hear them! It almost seemed like Nazuna was a voyeur with two willing subjects!

And if there’s a voyeur in the vicinity, I guess I’d want the exhibitionists to be willing! Otherwise, that’s just creepy.

What did you think of Kou’s hope that he was on the verge of vampire-ness? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Call of the Night Episode 4 Review – Best In Show

  1. Yeah, I’m a fan of Akari. Good friend to have. I also like Kou’s casual attitude towards becoming a vampire, though I get the appeal. My question now is how Nazuna deals with her own feelings if she actually turns the guy into a vampire considering what that would mean — but I’m not expecting that to happen, or at least not anytime soon. Still love the OP and ED themes too.

    1. I really can’t get a handle on Nazuna. She’s almost profane when it comes to talking about sex. But when it comes to talking about feelings? She rolls around on the futon and seems to steam! I think she’s really inexperienced, which makes your question even more interesting.

      And that OP and ED… Good stuff!

  2. Look at all the plot they’ve extracted from only three characters.

    I’m hoping they all turn into vampires. The two girls here are really special and Kou is as bland as any other harem protagonist – but he may develop. Does it count as a harem if it is only a triangle?

    1. Three characters — in only four episodes! I care more about these three than I do about some protagonists after an entire season!

      I’m pretty sure that between the two of them, Nazuna and Akira could turn Kou into someone more memorable!

      A harem with three? It’s close, isn’t it? I feel like saying “I’ll allow it!” just to see what happens!

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