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Call of the Night Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

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Call of the Night Episode 7 – Quick Summary

In Call of the Night episode 7, “Reproduce,” Kou felt pretty good about himself. While out on an evening walk, he came across Kiyosumi Shirakawa, who thanked him profusely for helping put her mind at ease. That really brightened his spirits! Then he saw a girl whose named he would later learn was Seri Kikyou. He thought he saw her reject some random guy’s advances. He felt shocked she went out of her way to introduce herself to him. But then his night went on a different track than he expected. Very different.

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Call of the Night Episode 7

I’m pretty sure she wasn’t expecting Kou’s answer. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

Here’s the scene: Kou has been kidnapped by Kabura Honda, a hot vampire. She brought him before Niko Hirata, another hot vampire who seemed to be the vampire leader. With her were Midori Kohakobe (a hot vampire) and Hatsuka Suzushiro (yet another hot vampire).

See the pattern?

Okay, patterns. They’re all vampires, and they’re all hot.

In this world, it seems vampires have evolved to push all of the right buttons to make a human male fall in love. Little leading questions, tilts of the head, tones of voice, those sorts of things. While they all were after Kou, Midori in particular made a blatant attempt. He talked him into letting her sit beside him. Then she played a card I’ve seen played dozens of times. She pretended to be interested in his “type”. Then she went for the kill. She asked if she was his type, then stopped him from answering. She said she would be devastated if he said no.

The other vampires thought for sure she had clenched it. No one had ever said no to that little pout before.

But Kou is a unique individual. He, like me, is nearly oblivious to normal tactics.

“Well, if I had to choose,” he said in a happy, conversational tone (15:45), “it would be a ‘no.’”

I think he broke Midori.

Best in Show Moment for Call of the Night Episode 7

Turns out the very mention of romantic emotions is Nazuna’s kryptonite. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

Setup: Kou, Immune to Normal Vampire Tactics

This episode changed things up, didn’t it? In a good way, too. Turns out that Nazuna isn’t the only vampire in the vicinity. What did you think of the massive difference between the personalities of the vampires under Niko and Nazuna’s personality? I really liked the contrast, and I liked what it meant for Kou.

Which is to say, even if he had known ahead of time that there were more vampires, I think he would still have hung around Nazuna. He and Nazuna are both unsure of this whole romance thing. That means they can learn together! Though her life experience gives her a concerning advantage, I still think she’s a better fit than Niko and her crew.

All of the female vampires have their own tactics. It was great seeing their running commentary of each other’s performance! Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

Which brings us to my favorite moment. It highlights Nazuna’s thoughts on romance. Even romance that’s pretty much under her control!

Niko tried to explain Kou’s predicament to him, because it was clear to her he wasn’t getting it. If he didn’t feel attracted to Nazuna (or one of her group), they’d have to kill him. They didn’t necessarily want to. They don’t seem to be vicious or cruel. But it appears that humans who aren’t under their control would be a big problem.

That’s when he realized they had all misunderstood him. “But I do want to become a vampire,” he told them (16:35).

Delivery: Kou Accidentally Embarrasses Nazuna

The vampires were shocked. Like, a lot. They hardly seemed able to believe him given what they knew about Nazuna. Niko even asked if Nazuna knew anything about this.

The camera changed to a shot of Nazuna flying like mad to join them. Kou said (16:52), “I mean, that why I want…”

Nazuna touched down in perfect 3-point hero-form landing just meters away. Just as Kou added, “… to fall in love with Nazuna-chan!”

Nazuna absolutely froze. Debris from her landing were still settling around her. A moment passed. She still didn’t move. Hatzuka approached, trying to see if Nazuna felt furious or what. 

“No good!” Hatzuka told them (17:12). “Her face is all red. She won’t be doing any talking for a while!”

Hatzuka confirmed that yes, Nazuna had locked up. Capture from the HIDIVE stream.

The idea of a powerful vampire like Nazuna reacting that way is just so cool. She’s trying to act like she’s in complete control of the situation. With a young man like Kou who himself sees romance differently from most humans, Nazuna seems normal. But only from his context. I really like characters who see the world more like I do. It’s not that we’re a-romantic. It’s just different. Watching this show is a nice change of pace!

What did you think of Nazuna’s fight against Seri Kikyou? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Call of the Night Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

  1. This was perfect. I like the trope of vampires who are slightly insecure and not particularly terrifying. They were literally competing for the approval of a 14-year-old mortal boy.

    We learned that Nazuna is the most powerful, at least as far as brute force. We have not yet figured out what “falling in love” is as far as vampire conversion. We already know that Kou feels jealous. Isn’t that one of the standard signs of love? To be upset at the thought of them with another person?

    And where are the male vampires?

    1. I like that perspective — even though his life was on the line, Kou was the center of their universe in that moment.

      I’ve never settled the question of jealousy in my mind. I tend to think it’s a sign of a lack of trust rather than of love. On the other hand, it seems commonly associated with love — at least romantic love. That’s a long say of saying “I don’t know, either!”

      And there’s the whole cliff-hanger thing, which I think you alluded to in terms of vampire conversion. How’s that all work?

      Good question about the male vampires! I wonder if this world has any Tom Cruises or Robert Pattinsons in this world.

      1. I suppose jealousy could be a lack of trust. But why would romantic trust even be an issue if you didn’t love someone? If I’m just friends with someone I wouldn’t be jealous if they found a romantic attachment or had attachments in the past.

        I’d be bummed if suddenly we couldn’t be friends anymore but that’s not jealousy. There has to be more than friendship here.

        1. It’s just tough for me to figure out. Maybe it’s more a lack of confidence? But in any event, I think you’re right that there would have to be some element of interest there for the process to start at all.

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