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Call of the Night Episode Guide

Episode 1: First Flight

Call Of The Night Episode 1 Review – Best In Show

In Call of the Night episode 1, “First Flight,” one of Kou Yamori’s friends confessed to him. That should be good news, right? It wasn’t. Kou didn’t understand the whole concept, so he was honest with her. Crushed, the young woman confided in her friends, who confronted him, saying he was the “worst.” Something in Kou snapped. He stopped going to school. He could no longer sleep. One night, desperate for a change, he decided to take a walk in the middle of the night. His life would never be the same.

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Episode 2: Do You Do LINE?

Call Of The Night Episode 2 Review – Best In Show

In Call of the Night episode 2, “Do You Do LINE?”, Kou spent a lot of time searching for Nazuna. So much so that by the time she finally found him, he had gotten angry and frustrated. Seeing her helped him get over it, but he had to confront the question: why was he acting that way? What was Nazuna to him? He hadn’t fallen in love with her yet, after all! Could they come up with a way for him to find her more quickly? Or does she not want to be found?

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Episode 3: A Lot Came Out

Call Of The Night Episode 3 Review – Best In Show

In Call of the Night episode 3, “A Lot Came Out,” Kou did not quite know what to make of meeting Akira Asai on his way home from Nazuna’s place. Akira greeted him like an old friend, but that was not possible, was it? She even had the old transceiver that he had thought stolen. How had she gotten ahold of it? Why was she being so nice to him? And what would Nazuna do if she found out?

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Episode 4: Isn’t This a Tight Squeeze?

Call Of The Night Episode 4 Review – Best In Show

In Call of the Night episode 4, “Isn’t This a Tight Squeeze?”, Kou set out to find Nazuna, but when he saw her waiting for him in the park, he realized he wasn’t quite ready to face her. Understandably, he didn’t know what to feel after her kiss in the previous episode. He wondered if maybe he had already fallen in love with Nazuna! Is that possible? Is it already time for him to become a vampire? Does he also have feelings for Akira? And what will Akira say if she finds out he wants to become a vampire?

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Episode 5: Well, That’s a Problem

Call Of The Night Episode 5 Review – Best In Show

In Call of the Night episode 5, “Well, That’s a Problem,” Nazuna felt antsy, so she went to a bathhouse. It was a good thing she asked the attendant to listen for a call on her wrist transceiver, because it wasn’t long before Kou tried contact her. The sight of her fresh from the bath, her hair down, had a profound effect on the young man. So much so that he couldn’t speak for a few long moments. How long will Nazuna tease him about that? How will Kou himself feel about it? And what kind of hotel is just for “resting?”

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Episode 6: Might as Well Have Fun

Call Of The Night Episode 6 Review – Best In Show

In Call of the Night episode 6, “Might as Well Have Fun,” Kiyosumi Shirakawa had just finished another night of drinking with her office buddies. Except they weren’t really her buddies, and she would rather have just stayed at the office to get more work done. Now, on the way home, she decided to stop at Nazuna’s place because her messages could reinvigorate her body and spirit. Except, Nazuna didn’t come to the door. Kou did. Will she trust Kou to give her the message package? Can Kou even pull it off?

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Episode 7: Reproduce

Call Of The Night Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

In Call of the Night episode 7, “Reproduce,” Kou felt pretty good about himself. While out on an evening walk, he came across Kiyosumi Shirakawa, who thanked him profusely for helping put her mind at ease. That really brightened his spirits! Then he saw a girl whose named he would later learn was Seri Kikyou. He thought he saw her reject some random guy’s advances. He felt shocked she went out of her way to introduce herself to him. But then his night went on a different track than he expected. Very different.

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Episode 8: All of Us

Call Of The Night Episode 8 Review – Best In Show

In Call of the Night episode 8, “All of Us,” Kou learned something he would rather not have learned, and it had to do with his desire to become a vampire. But if he thought he felt concerned before, after Akira explained the implications, he got really concerned. Later, Seri found out just how innocent Kou was, so she tried to give him dating advice. But that put Kou in considerable danger. Consider: one of Nazuna’s most hated rivals had just tried to interfere with Nazuna’s love life. Will Nazuna find out? If she does, how will she react? Would Kou be in even more trouble than he already was?

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Episode 9: No Fair

Call Of The Night Episode 9 Review – Best In Show

In Call of the Night episode 9, “No Fair,” Seri Kikyou lamented that her tactics to attract humans had one unwanted side effect: sometimes, one of her tasty treats became obsessive about her. Then, the whole relationship became a burden. While contemplating this, she saw Kou looking for Nazuna, and she thought he might relieve her boredom. She didn’t count on Nazuna’s interruption. Nor did she count on Kou coming to her later and asking what troubled her. A human? Showing non-obsessive concern? Can she figure out how to deal with that? And even if she can, what about the obsessive male who won’t stop texting her?

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Episode 10: Enlarge the Peeping-Tom Photos

Call Of The Night Episode 10 Review – Best In Show

In Call of the Night episode 10, “Enlarge the Peeping-Tom Photos,” Midori Kohakobe had been handing out flyers for the maid cafe where she worked. She received an emergency text: one of the maids had to call off of work! Where could she find a fill-in on such short notice – a fill in who would be less cute than she was (to protect her number 1 position)? That’s when Nazuna happened by! Kou went along just for the experience. The place seemed like a normal maid cafe until the peeping Tom pictures started showing up online. And only of one maid – Arisa! Who’s taking the pictures? Can Kou help find the culprit? And will Midori ever forgive him for not saying she was cute?

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Episode 11: Do You Know What a Vampire Is?

Call Of The Night Episode 11 Review – Best In Show

In Call of the Night episode 11, “Do You Know What a Vampire Is?”, Nazuna Nanakusa got a taste of what a paycheck felt like, having worked as a maid. So, she wanted to expand her cuddle buddy business. She sent Kou Yamori on a mission to scout for new customers with one defining characteristic: they had to look tired. He found one right away: Anko Uguisu. At least, she seemed tired. But then she started asking Kou some startling questions – and being a middle schooler, he didn’t exactly know how to dissemble. Who is this woman? What’s she really after? And where does she get all of her cigarettes?

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Episode 12: My Mom’s Out Tonight

Call Of The Night Episode 12 Review – Best In Show

In Call of the Night episode 12, “My Mom’s Out Tonight,” Kou Yamori wrestled with the aftermath of what happened in the previous episode. What does he really know about vampires? Why does he really want to become one? Mahiru Seki bluntly asked him as much. The question bothered him so much that Nazuna Nanakusa noticed he was troubled without sucking his blood. With Kou in that mental state, how will he react when he next talks to Anko Uguisu, especially given how much she knows about him? Will she even let him make the decision of whether or not to pursue his dreams?

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Episode 13: Call of the Night

Call Of The Night Episode 13 Review – Best In Show

In Call of the Night episode 13, “Call of the Night,” Kou Yamori was on the run from the police because Anko Uguisu’s false report. While hiding in a playground, Hatsuka Suzushiro found him and took him home. Are Hatsuka’s intentions honorable? Meanwhile, Nazuna Nanakusa visited Niko Hirata with startling news: Nazuna no longer thought Kou was going to fall in love with her because of Anko’s machinations. And Nazuna wanted them to let Kou off the hook. Can Nazuna prevail in an argument? Or will things get messy?

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