Campione! Episode 13: Godou can still shock Ena, Mariya, Liliana, and Erica!
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Campione! Episode 13 Best In Show Review

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Quick Summary of Campione! Episode 13

In Campione! episode 13, “Tale of the God-Slayer,” Godou Kusanagi and his team face off against Metis. That ancient goddess, mother of Athena, is bent on regaining her original form and consuming the heavens. Unfortunately, that would mean the death of all life on Earth. Erica Blandelli knew that Godou was still recovering his avatars from the battles in the astral plane, so she convinced him to pull back with Athena while she and the other knights, Liliana Kranjčar and Ena Seishuuin, delayed Metis. Can they buy Godou enough time to get a shrine that might offer at least a little protection? And even if they do, can Godou fight a major ancient goddess all alone, with only a partially broken Athena as a companion?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best in Show Moment for Campione! Ep 13

Campione! Episode 13: Erica told Godou to take Athena and run. And you know what? He listened.

Godou did not like Erica telling him that he should take Athena and run. But he needed to hear it. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Godou Wants to Follow His Heart

This is the series finale, so the final battle took up a lot of its time. But for my Best in Show moment, I’m going to go with something that is a little more personal. It’s also another example of one of the themes that the show developed since the first episode. I’m talking about how good an influence Erica has been on Godou. So much so that I honestly don’t think he would have survived his first battle without her.

As the episode opened, Godou recognized immediately that Metis was the real threat, not Athena. That’s because Seishuuin’s grandfather, Susanoo, had warned Godou, when he’d been on the astral plane, that he would face Metis. Susanoo also said her goal was to swallow the sky.

Metis attacked with lightning. Team Godou remained unscathed, but the attack had ignited Godou’s protective instincts. He was all for attacking Metis, right there and there.

Campione! Episode 13: Godou still worried about Erica, even though she was plenty touch.

Despite how ridiculously tough he knows Erica is, Godou still worries. It’s kind of endearing. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Delivery: Erica Knows Now is Not the Time for Godou for Follow His Heart

During a convenient lull (Metis lunged at them and missed to slam into a temple), Team Godou pulled their resources to understand Metis’ goal: It was to consume Athena and restore Metis to her original and very powerful form.

“Godou,” Erica said firmly (02:49). “Take Athena and run.”

He was shocked and began to argue, but Erica explained that if Metis consumed Athena, it would be all over. He tried one last time.

“Can you fight her?” Erica asked, remembering that Godou had used his golden sword on the astral plane in the previous episode. That meant it needed to reset. Then Erica, the woman who has proved again and again how much she loves Godou, also proved how honest she was willing to be with him. “I doubt you can deal with her, as you’ve already used your Golden Sword.”

Campione! Episode 13: Erica said what had to be said.

I think it pained her to say it, but she’s an honest enough woman that a little discomfort wouldn’t stop her. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

She concluded by telling him that they would exhaust ever other option before playing their “trump card” — Godou himself.

He got it. The Campione God-Slayer listened to his knight, for two very simple reasons. She was right, and he trusted her. Moments like that are among my favorites. There’s just nothing better than earned trust. And it’s just a lot of fun to watch!

What did yo think of the final battle? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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