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Cat Planet Cuties Episode 13: Favorites

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Cat Planet Cuties Episode 13 – Quick Summary

In Cat Planet Cuties episode 13, “Come Drop By,” now that Kio, Aoi, Manami, Antonio, and others helped save the Catian ship, Eris could turn her attention to the really important matters: culture. Aoi and Manami insisted that Eris learn competitive gaming. What kind of games did they play? What were the stakes? And why does Durel seem almost invincible at human games?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Cat Planet Cuties Episode 13

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 13: Maki may never see an alien she likes

I really felt sorry for her! Capture from the Blu Ray.

In the end, I feel sorry for Maki Itokazu. She tried to take science fiction seriously, to the extent of her knowledge. When her students Aiko Ishimine and Arisa Oshiro proposed a science fiction story with aliens, Maki got all excited.

She talked about different kinds of life forms they could use. She wanted them to think about different kinds of DNA, or life forms based on silicon instead of carbon. Maki even suggested beings composed of plasma.

She was completely aghast when Aiko said, “But that stuff isn’t realistic.”

Maki’s spirits sagged even more when Arisa said, “It’s unscientific.”

Aiko drove the final nail into Maki’s imagination’s coffin when she said, “Yeah, not after you’ve seen the real thing, right? When you think ‘alien,’ you think of someone like Eris, right?”

That was too much for Maki. She said (17:06), “This is doing untold damage to sci-fi literature.”

Even though I laughed, I had to admit: she’s not wrong!

Favorite Moment from Cat Planet Cuties Episode 13

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 13: Kio came to Manami and Aoi's rescue

Manami and Aoi couldn’t believe how nice Kio was being. Capture from the Blu Ray.

Setup: Good Natured Gaming

This episode is technically not part of Cat Planet Cuties. It’s an OVA called Cat Planet Cuties: Come Drop By. I’ve followed in the tracks of other reviewers who called it the thirteenth episode. My reasoning was, I think, simple. It fit. It feels like the final episode. Also, it fulfilled Eris’ original purpose in coming to Earth, which was to learn about us and experience our culture.

She did it by getting naked, but hey, naked is part of the human condition, right? And speaking of which (nakedness, not the human condition), this episode sure had a lot of nudity, didn’t it? Much more than the other twelve episodes.

But in all seriousness, I think it fit with the show’s mission. So I included this episode in my review.

I will mention one complaint: Durel won far too many of her games. Surely she could have experienced a losing streak? I think it would have helped her better understand the human perspective.

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 13: Durel was disappointingly good at games

Durel is missing out on so much by winning all the time! No, I don’t have an ulterior motive – why do you ask? Capture from the Blu Ray.

Okay, I had other reasons for wanting her to lose, but I wanted to make it look good.

On to my favorite moment. It’s a simple thing that’s very much in character for the series. It gives Kio a moment to shine. It also gives him a chance to act in a way that endears him to Aoi and Manami, which is cool. I prefer harem situations where it’s plausible that the lead would attract someone. Yes, I used the word “plausible” in the context of Cat Planet Cuties.

Delivery: Kio, an Unexpected Ally

Manami and Aoi had been fighting, and fighting hard, to win a specific prize: their movie debut DVD. They accidentally made the video back in episode 5. That’s when they tried to “borrow” the powerboat by pretending to be actresses. They had worn really skimpy swimsuits, which was bad enough. But they didn’t know the director had packed the boat with cameras that caught them from all angles.

Flattering angles, yes. Modest angles, no. So, both of them were highly inspired to win that prize. Unfortunately, they lost again and again. Even the last game, Strip Rock Paper Scissors (which I did not know was a thing), was beyond them. Kio won the prize.

Cat Planet Cuties Episode 13: Mamani and Aoi thought they were doomed

They’d fought hard to protect their dignity! Fortunately, they had a solid ally. Capture from the Blu Ray.

They felt mortified. But they didn’t need to. Kio walked up to them and gave them the DVD.

“Here,” he said (24:42). “You wanted this, right?”

Of course, he didn’t quite understand why they wanted it. He thought it was because it was their debut, and they’d want to see it first. But the key is, he thought of their feelings, and he wanted to do something for them. I like stuff like that.

And a final note: it was sad to see the final end card, which read, “I wish there was a Next Time on Cat Planet Cuties!”

What did you think of their mahjong costumes? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Cat Planet Cuties Episode 13: Favorites

  1. Durel was far too good at those games and it’s criminal that there isn’t more. The most underrated ecchi sci-fi show going.

    1. It’s part of a select group as far as I’m concerned. I can’t think of a sci-fi ecchi that I enjoyed any more. Heck, even among ecchi series, it’s still among my favorites. I think I enjoyed it more than Demon King Daimao, and not quite as much as High School of the Dead, but that’s still rarefied territory!

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